Defense announces the outcome of the first day of the security operation in Hawija



Friday, January 5, 2018 01:25 PM
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The Ministry of Defense announced on Friday that the 9th Armored Division was briefed on the first day of the large-scale security operation launched in Hawija .

The ministry said in a statement received by “Iraq News”, that “the Ninth Armored Division was able within the axis of the Armored Brigade 34 and Brigade 3 popular mobilization of the inspection of the villages (hawaiyat, pink, tree, Gharib Lower, Central Ghraib, knife and total tattoos) Armored brigade 35 and the 11th Brigade, a popular crowd that was able to search the villages of Sabti Hamid, Hassan Subaih, Ali Sultan, Asakra, Hamda, Salman, Saleh Shalgam, Al-Asfar .

“The previous inspection resulted in the destruction of a house, the destruction of a tunnel, the seizure of the K-type wheel inside it RBG7 , the seizure of the Kowsky shuffle without numbers .”

She added: “Within the axis of the 36th Infantry Brigade and the 2nd Brigade, a popular crowd was searched in the villages of Al Karamah Al-Asriya, Daoudah, Lower Mohammed Hassan, Tuba Villages, Yasin Mohammed Khader, Hassan Naim, Shereem Matar, Saadia, Ja’fariya, , Talab al-Zahab al-‘Aliya, ‘Urbban, Qasamiya,’ Ali Mustafa, ‘Ubaydiyah,’ Al-Awashir, 18, Jassimiyah, Muradiyah, Muqba ‘,’ Abdulla Hasan and Abu al-‘Asfar .

He pointed out that “the villages of (Rifaiat, Awash, Scorpio, Sayed Hassoun, Saadah) were inspected within the axis of the 37th Infantry Brigade and the 10th Brigade,” confirming that “operations are still ongoing .”

It is noteworthy that the Joint Operations Command announced last Thursday, the launch of large-scale operations in areas west of Kirkuk and the south to clear the elements of the “Daash.” Finished 2


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