Abadi: He is continuing to build a strong national army that defends its land and its citizens and preserves the sovereignty and prestige of the state

Release Date: 2018/1/6 8:23 • 23 times read

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the move to build a strong national army to defend the land and all its citizens without exception and preserve the sovereignty and prestige of the state.

“We recall with pride and honor the 79th anniversary of the founding of our vast Iraqi army, which, in all its formations and ranks, marked the most heroic national epic of the country and its people,” he said in a statement to his office.

“Today, we celebrate together the blessed and eternal celebration of the Army Day and the Victory Day. We extend our deepest congratulations and congratulations to our Iraqi people and their heroic army, which restored the country’s prestige and preserved the land of its country and made precious sacrifices in the most difficult stage of our beloved country. And preserve the prestige and sovereignty of the State. ”

Abadi continued, “This occasion coincides with the victory of the terrorist gangs and the security and stability witnessed by our country, thanks to the blood provided by this generous army and the rest of the formations. We take this opportunity to emphasize the continuation of building a strong national army defending its land and its citizens. All without exception and preserve the sovereignty and prestige of the state and carries the slogan of security and freedom belongs to a unified Iraq and does not represent a party or a sect or a specific entity.

“Our heroic army has proven that it is above all affiliations and names and fought a fierce war to save its people and citizens and liberate its land from terrorism.

Abadi concluded by saying, “I can not but thank our armed forces in all their formations and their generosity to what they have provided and presented to our people, our homeland, our country, Iraq, and each year and our brave Iraqi army with a thousand good.”


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