URGENT Kurdistan government hands over border crossings to Baghdad

Editorial Date: 2018/1/1 23:41 • 706 times read
Informal news reported the approval of the Kurdistan Regional Government to hand over border crossings to the federal government in Baghdad to start dialogue with them.
A source close to the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, on Monday, revealed new developments on the negotiations between the federal government and the Kurdistan region to resolve the crisis that arose between the parties against the background of the referendum on the independence of the province and its consequences.
The adviser to the Prime Minister, Ihsan al-Shammari, through a publication on the site, “Facebook”, on Monday, that “based on the acceptance of the province constitution as a ruler and the desire to end the crisis, with internal confusion as a result of the salary crisis, reached several letters about these developments, Take several decisions “.
According to Shamri, these decisions are: the receipt of international borders with Turkey and Iran, and the formation of the High Commission to regulate the work [land crossings, customs and airports], and the Commission established working papers in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution and the federal powers of the government, [A second] to check the names of the education and health sector in the territorial government, and the distribution of salaries of water resources, and call the federal affiliates in the region to come to Baghdad and meet them each according to his ministry. ”
Relations between Baghdad and Erbil, deteriorated after the referendum held in the region on 25 September last, where Dr Lt. federal forces to Kirkuk and disputed areas 16 last November to impose security in which, after the withdrawal of the Peshmerga forces of them.
The prime minister, Haider al – Abadi, called on 14 of last November ‘s Kurdistan region hand over border crossing points to the government , “stressing that it” do not wait forever to receive. ”
Ebadi said , ” I do not say that our patience is implemented towards the Kurdistan region to hand over border crossings, but we will take measures to impose control ” .
“There is no invasion operations , but the spread of the federal forces in accordance with the Constitution and our forces have been very careful to prevent the collision, but the other side carried out the bombing to push into a military conflict.”


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