Parliamentary services: the budget of 2018 will go mostly to the Kurds this argument

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Most of the financial allocations in the 2018 budget will not be for the central and southern federations, the parliamentary committee said on Sunday, pointing out that most of the financial allocations in the budget will go to pockets of Kurds in the Kurdistan region on the pretext of helping the displaced and reconstruction of liberated areas.

“The budget of 2018 does not have any change from the budget of 2017 because of the lack of annexation of service projects to the federal provinces,” said the member of the Committee Emotions blessing “for Iraq News”, pointing out that “the largest allocations in the budget will go to the Kurds in Kurdistan on the pretext of helping the displaced and reconstruction Liberated areas “.

Nima added that “the Kurdistan region currently controls the border crossings and airports civil air,” asserting that “these ports have significant financial resources go to the territory without being monitored by the federal government and is supposed to be delivered to the Iraqi state.”

“The southern provinces produce about 4 million barrels per day of crude oil, but the financial revenues for the export of oil goes to the Kurds without any benefit to the central and southern provinces.” Finished


Baghdad is witnessing the largest celebration of New Year’s Day near the Baghdad Tower in the safe

31-12-2017 03:41 PM

The Municipality of Baghdad has announced the decorating of a large number of streets, public squares and Christmas trees in several areas of the capital in preparation for Christmas and New Year’s Day celebrations.

In a statement, the Secretariat said that its departments are close to completing their preparations to receive holiday revelers by setting up several recreational activities such as the Christmas tree in a number of squares and within large parks, especially the Zora Park, which will include the largest birth tree.

This will be the first New Year celebration, following the great victory over a hasty organization.


Deputy: The government did not respond to the parliamentary objections on the budget


Political situation

Sunday 31 December 2017 | 12:31 pm
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Baghdad / … Revealed the National Alliance MP Rahim Darraji, Sunday, the latest developments concerning the budget for the year 2018, and how to adopt them under the dome of parliament.

Al-Daraji said in a brief statement received by “Iraq News” that “the presidency of parliament did not authorize the parliamentary finance to discuss the government on the budget of 2018, but authorized to gather objections by the political blocs.”

He added that “the committee collected the objections of all political blocs, and handed them to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, and then sent by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri to the government, stressing that no response by the government has not responded so far.” Finished


These roads will close New Year’s Eve in Baghdad

 Journal News

BAGHDAD – The Baghdad Operations Command announced on Sunday the streets and roads to be cut off for New Year’s Eve in preparation for the celebrations.

The command said in a statement that “the security forces will start cutting off the spring road in two directions in the next few hours along the road leading to Mall Harthiya and Mall of Babylon.”

“The road will also be cut off from the Baghdad International Fair towards the olive grove because of the celebration held this evening in the Grand Plaza.”

“The forces will also cut the Karrada road and Palm Mall,” it said.

She noted that “there are tight security measures with the activation of the intelligence effort in order to protect the revelers.”

Dhi Qar Teachers Union: Salaries will be disbursed through Master Card through the Development Bank early next month


The Dhi Qar Teachers’ Union announced on Saturday that the Dhi Qar Education Directorate will adopt a MasterCard credit card to pay the salaries of teachers and teachers from the beginning of next January through the Development Bank.
“The instructions of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Central Bank of Iraq provided for the need to settle the salaries of employees of the Directorate of Education teachers and teachers and payment through the card MasterCard ATM, indicating that the mechanism of exchange for members of the Directorate of Education will be working from the beginning The bank will provide a cashier to every 500 teachers and teachers distributed in the districts and areas of the province. He pointed out that the adoption of the mechanism of payment of salaries through the ATM will contribute to the process of facilitating the distribution of salaries in the specified times and Without delay, and Saidi said that the new mechanism will be applied initially to the employees of the headquarters of the Directorate of Education and then be circulated to the rest of the sections of education in the districts and areas of the province.



‏The government issues an important statement on the overall reconstruction of Iraq

Release date: 2017/12/31 15:34 • 101 times schedule

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced that the reconstruction process includes all the provinces and not only liberated areas.

A statement issued by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “The Council of Ministers issued Resolution No. 438 of 2017 by assigning the ministries and provinces concerned to take the necessary executive procedures in terms of reconstruction and development in the provinces affected by terrorist operations and the war according to the document framework of the general plan approved by the Council of Ministers In previous resolutions “.

He added that “this comes in order to commit those parties to abide by the contents of the plan, which was based on accurate extrapolation of the damage in all provinces affected by the terrorist attacks on the economic facilities, infrastructure and housing, which is not limited to the liberated governorates only.”

“However, the government’s efforts, and the continuing directives of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to ensure the return of displaced people, who are still almost half of them (2.5 million) in the camps or in other areas, Drinking water, electric power, education services, health services], as well as the removal of mines and explosives that threaten the lives of citizens in many areas, the so-called “Stabilization Support Program”.

“I have confirmed the directives of the religious authority when the government demanded to work to return the displaced and stabilize their areas and provide basic services for them.”

The statement pointed out that “comprehensive reconstruction in all governorates of Iraq, has become a prime objective of the directives of the Prime Minister, when he announced that the reconstruction plans are not limited to liberated areas, but extends to all the provinces that were directly affected by the terrorist operations that affected many projects Services and housing, or indirectly due to the suspension of many activities and services in different areas because of the concern to secure the requirements of the battle and sustain its momentum during the years of fighting with the shrinking state resources significantly as a result of the collapse of oil prices, until our heroic forces to achieve great victory.

The Secretariat of the Council of Ministers said that “the reconstruction program in Iraq, whether through the international conference to be held in Kuwait, or through the state budget, especially development lending programs, will cover all provinces, and will be the launch of major investment opportunities in 2018 important role in the recovery of the economic situation And the absorption of unemployment rates, and included a map of investment opportunities prepared by the National Investment Commission dozens of major projects deployed sites in all provinces.

He pointed out that “the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers declares that, reassures all our citizens in all provinces that the wheel of construction and development will be launched strongly, and that the Prime Minister announced the determination to be in 2018 year of reconstruction and investment based on a plan built in close cooperation with the World Bank Other organizations and expected international support “.

The government hopes to raise funds at a donor conference scheduled to be held in Muwit next February to support the reconstruction of the country, where the Ministry of Planning estimated the need of 100 billion dollars only for the provinces destroyed by terrorism after the fall of Mosul in 2014. Ended

‏Deputy: meeting on Wednesday to study the budget again

– 12/31/2017 AM . 11:34:00 a.m.

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Khandan –

The Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the meeting to be held next Wednesday to study the budget for 2018 again, and indicated that the government will go to the adoption of the disbursement mechanism method 1 of 12, the division of the budget value over 12 months.

“The government has informed parliament that it has a budget deficit of 20 percent and can not agree on the budget formula that it has reached from the parliament and which is determined by the Kurdish side to be a percentage of the region,” MP Mohammad Abbas Salman told the daily Al Hayat. 17 percent, as well as the demands of the Sunni blocs to allocate funds to meet the need of the provinces that have been devastated by the urging, in addition to the adherence of the southern provinces petrodollar rate.

Salman revealed that “the meeting on Wednesday to study the budget again until we discuss and reach a solution in the coming days,” adding that “the government will go to the adoption of the disbursement mechanism method 1 of 12, the division of the budget value on 12 months and the distribution of output to the ministry “He said. 

He pointed out that “this step will involve us in the problems of very large, the most important delayed payment of salaries of employees and the government’s financial commitments with its constituencies.”

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