‏Barzani delighted to send two invitations to Baghdad and another to the free world



Narin Kobani

31/12/2017 – 21:03

News / Kurdistan


Kurdistan Regional Council (KRG) adviser Barzani expressed his hope Sunday that Baghdad would abandon the language of threat and collective punishment and end its call for peace in Kurdistan Region to resolve all problems between Kurdistan and Kurdistan. Conducting general elections.

In a message of congratulations by the New Year, congratulating the citizens of the Kurdistan Region and the peoples of the world, hoping that the new year will be a year of peace, stability and lasting security, ending the tragedies, violence and wars.

“The new year is affecting us in the Kurdistan Region, despite the fact that it has made great sacrifices and historic victories over terrorism and its peaceful message through a democratic process, but as a result of the Baghdad mentality that wants to impose itself and insist on it and not recognize its natural rights, Faces an undesirable reality, the citizen lives because of difficult conditions. “

“In solidarity with the voices of the majority of the steadfast Kurdistan, we call on political parties to intensify their efforts towards settling internal disputes, protecting and developing the Kurdistan region, and holding general elections as the best option,” Barzani said.

Barzani expressed his hope that “Baghdad will abandon the language of threat and collective punishment and provoke chaos, and renounce the calls for peace launched by the Kurdistan Region to resolve all the problems existing between him and Baghdad, which is at the same time an international demand.”

Barzani also thanked the people of the noble martyrs and the peshmerga and all the members of the Kurdistan Regional Security Council and their Fedayeen work, in addition to the steadfastness and constant enthusiasm of the citizens of Kurdistan who are the force that does not defy to protect and achieve the gains.

The adviser of the Kurdistan Regional Council, Barzani welcomed the invitation of the free world to “respect the suffering, sacrifices and aspirations of our peaceful people in the fate report.”




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