Iraq’s index continues to rise amid a surge in liquidity

Iraq's index continues to rise amid a surge in liquidity
The index closed up 0.09%

Mubasher : The index of the Iraqi Stock Exchange rose for the fourth session in a row, ending Wednesday’s trading up 0.09%, closing at 567.2 points, winning 0.5 points, compared to the closing level on Tuesday.

The rise in the index was supported by the rise of the shares of 6 companies, of which 9.86% were meat production and marketing, 4.55% for the manufacture and marketing of dates, 3.75% for ready-made garments, Baghdad for soft drinks 1.19%, and 1.04% for real estate.

On the other hand, the shares of 5 companies, issued by Middle East Bank fell 2.78%, followed by the city of Karkh Games 2.67%, Al-Mansour Bank 1.35%, Asiacell Telecom 0.95%, Baghdad Iraq Public Transport 0.74%.

The day witnessed a boom in volume and value, with 30.53 billion shares trading at KD 23.62 billion against 6.58 billion shares worth KD 4.59 billion .

Noor Bank of Iraq issued today volume and value, through 15 billion shares, which accounted for 49% of the volume of transactions, and accounted for 63.5% of the total liquidity of the stock market, worth 15 billion dinars .

The shares bought by foreign investors about 55.85 million shares, valued at 101.93 million dinars, through the implementation of 57 transactions on the shares of 6 companies.

While the number of shares sold by foreign investors 300 million shares, worth 105 million dinars, the implementation of 14 transactions on the shares of one company.


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