A meeting on reconciliation in Najaf: UNAMI urges Iraqis to build a better future

Local Since 2017-12-13 at 22:56 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad Mawazine News

The United Nations said at a conference on national reconciliation in Najaf on Wednesday that Iraq’s victory over the terrorists is an opportunity for the country to get rid of the painful past and move confidently on the road to peace and development. It urged all Iraqis to seize the momentum and build it to ensure a prosperous future for future generations.

The call came during a dialogue session that brought together tribal, religious, academic, political and active parties in civil society from the provinces of Najaf and Diwaniyah to learn about the views of Iraqis from all over the country  and to address the challenges  facing Iraqi national reconciliation in a post-urgent period.

This is the sixth and final dialogue session of a series of similar meetings held in different regions of Iraq entitled “National reconciliation: prospects and challenges” since September. The recommendations of these meetings will strengthen the process that will lead to a comprehensive national settlement that moves Iraq into the future after years of conflict and divisions. The meetings were jointly organized by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the Follow-up and Implementation of National Reconciliation Committee of the Prime Minister’s Office and financed by the Governments of Germany and the Netherlands.

The representative of the Committee for the Implementation and Follow-up of National Reconciliation in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Ali Abbas, opened the meeting in Najaf by presenting an overview of the national reconciliation document, which he explained constitutes the basis for national reconciliation.

“There is no alternative to compromise or reconciliation, it is a necessity, there is no choice but to instability, insecurity and development,” he said.

The discussion of a national settlement must involve all components and categories and be open to ideas and proposals, provided that they were all in conformity with the Constitution.

In her speech to the participants, 68 men and 28 women from the provinces of Najaf and Diwaniyah, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq for Political and Electoral Affairs Ms. Alice Wolbol pointed to the importance of Najaf in reconciliation, describing this city as known in a spirit of tolerance  and acceptance of the other.

Ms. Welbol said a daunting defeat offered the opportunity to move the path towards lasting peace so that the country could concentrate all its energies and resources on reconstruction.

“Reconciliation is a long process, and we must work together to develop a clear vision for a better future for Iraq,” the Deputy Special Representative stressed. “We believe that all Iraqis need to take advantage of this momentum and build a foundation for peaceful coexistence,” she said.

Participants highlighted post-conflict challenges in terms of national reconciliation. Opinions ranged from the diagnosis of the ills in the country, ways to proceed with them, calls to fight corruption, ensure justice, hold perpetrators accountable, enact political reforms and work for economic development.

They called for strong United Nations involvement in political and development areas, including elections and education, as well as capacity-building, noting the experience of the United Nations in other countries and  how to apply  it in Iraq.

Ms. Wolbol stressed that the United Nations is committed to helping the Iraqi government and people overcome many challenges.

I am confident that Iraq, through the concerted efforts of its leaders, its political forces and its people, with all its ethnic and religious components and patriotism, and with the continued support of the international community, will be able to overcome the challenges of the post-conflict phase, “said the Deputy Special Representative. Urging and building a better future. ”

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