Iraq leaves Chapter VII

10/12/2017 12:00 am

A major diplomatic victory announced by the Security Council and ended the program (oil for food)

Baghdad / Sabah / Omar Abdul Latif

Iraq on Saturday achieved a great diplomatic and economic victory coincided with the announcement of its military victory over terrorism. The UN Security Council issued Resolution 2390 on the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII and ending the oil-for-food program and restoring its normal status and international standing. Iraq is poised for growth in all fields and sectors after its departure from Chapter VII in the oil-for-food program, and at a time when a number of them that the next stage will be distinctive in the political and diplomatic fields of Iraq, others hinted that there is a double action to progress quickly and left everything Iraq has been delayed for 27 years.

“After the series of diplomatic successes achieved by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, its efforts culminated in the issuance of a resolution by the UN Security Council to exit Iraq from Chapter VII in the oil-for-food program and restore its normal status and status,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said in a statement received by Al-Sabah on Saturday. “Mahjoub added.” This came after Iraq completed all the commitments of the program. ”

The following is the text of the State Department’s official statement on Security Council Resolution 2390, issued on Friday night, 8 December, 2017:

“Supplementing the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq to end Iraq’s files in the Security Council and inherited from the era of the former regime, The United Nations Charter, this Department, through our Representative in New York, has engaged in consultations with the United States and other Member States for the adoption of resolution 2390 (2017), adopted unanimously by the Security Council on 8 December 2017, in which the Security Council concluded that The parties (Iraq and the United Nations) have implemented the implementation In accordance with the provisions of Chapter VII under resolutions 1958 of 2010 and resolution 2335 of 2016. The new resolution is an important step in the restoration of Iraq’s natural status and international standing, which confirms the end of Iraq’s obligations under Chapter VII on the oil-for-food program after it was implemented Full).

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on March 30 that there is ongoing work in cooperation with the United Nations to close the file of Chapter VII. The decision allows Iraq to obtain funds frozen in foreign banks and in the Development Fund for Iraq and exit from the oil-for-food program.

Parliament member Iyad al-Jubouri described the move as “courageous,” saying it came because of the success of Iraqi diplomacy and drew the attention of the world after Iraq’s victory over the world’s most powerful terrorist organization.

Jubouri said in a statement singled out by the “morning”: “This decision will move in Iraq to a better state and restore the country to normal relations with other countries,” noting that “the regional and Arab and foreign countries began to win Iraq after a war fought for 3 years against gangs “Urging” the terrorists and victory over them. ”

He added that “this step is calculated for the government, which succeeded in its diplomatic endeavors and balanced relations with all countries, which led the United Nations to reconsider the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII,” and expected that “the year 2018 will be a good start for Iraq and Iraqis to achieve victories over all Political and economic development and the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism and the return of displaced persons, “stressing that” this development will be only with the help of neighboring countries, regional and global Iraq to extend a helping hand to move in the right direction to achieve stability in the country in all provinces. ”

For his part, member of the House of Representatives Mahdi al-Zubaidi: “The seventh chapter, which was signed under the pretext of Iraq was because of the crazy and reckless policies and calculated by the regime after the occupation of Kuwait in 1990, prompting the international community to impose the embargo and the application of sanctions and make it under guardianship and incomplete Sovereignty “.

“After the fall of the former regime, great efforts were made with the help of the international community and neighboring countries to get Iraq out of this chapter and to make it a central part of the peace process in the Middle East away from abuses and aggression and creating problems in the region,” he said. That “these efforts culminated today in the success of the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII to restore his sovereignty in full and starting from this narrow space, which placed Iraq, which restricted him from acting freely in his money and sovereignty and decision, to become a state like other countries away from international mandates and decisions that would have been Iraq If There is a real leadership sponsor interests and the interests  of

his people. ”

Al-Zubaidi pointed out that “Iraq after these steps will be a pivotal country in the region and has regional and international influences and a stabilizing factor in the Middle East and a balance of powers in the region with great economic and human potentials to recover quickly and take its leading role in the world.”

“The withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII was a reward for his efforts to wage war on behalf of gangs,” he said, referring to a member of the House of Representatives, Rasul Radhi Abu Hasna, who called for “compliance with the conditions set forth by the Security Council.”

“This chapter has been linked to a dark era in the history of Iraq during the rule of the Baath and the former regime,” Abu Hasna said in a statement. “Iraq has responded to many of the conditions imposed by the Security Council,” Abu Hasna said. Which led to the Security Council to issue a resolution to lift the seventh item on Iraq in full as a reward for his victory over the forces of evil and terrorism, “hinting that” Iraq will change completely after his departure from this Chapter and it will be the countries with the best relationships well and built on good neighborliness and respect without the intervention of any country

Bach Its affairs “.

7 thoughts on “Iraq leaves Chapter VII

  1. Both military and economic victories! But do you think this has any sway with the RV obstructionism…..feels like cabal still has power.

    Get Outlook for Android



  2. Dr. Sinar Al-Shabibi was the governor of the CBI bank of Iraq in 2008. He got permission to revalue their currency back then. But Prime Minister
    Al-Maliki stop him. Why ? Read up on this
    criminal and fined out for yourself.


  3. So… if citizens are paid digitally, they can use the ATM’s once they are available…

    but… I don’t know if the ATM’s available will have any Lower Denominations.
    Does anyone have any proof of this beyond the old articles
    telling the ATM’s are formatted for the smaller notes?

    Just spit balling…
    the LD’s make no sense at the high rate we know.
    So… they wont be released without a lifted rate.
    However, ATM’s can be used to check balances,
    transfer balances between accounts…
    and deposit written checks.

    ATM’s are not all about cash.
    Could be they are getting citizens used to the digital aspect of the ATM…
    and Cash dispensing is not turned on.

    I sent Walter the one article I found today about ATM’s..
    anything else is speculation until it is confirmed.

    Facts. People. Let’s deal in Facts.
    ~ Blue


    • Nothing has been mentioned about LD’s (that I have seen). Just Rafidian bank offering a “banking service” as listed in terms of digital banking., with the purpose of withdrawing funds when needed. I’m sure LD’s will be made available once released.. JMO


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