Iraq enters the sixth item after his departure from the seventh

Saturday 9 December 2017 12:57 pm

BAGHDAD – The Iraqi Foreign Ministry confirmed on Saturday that Iraq is out of Chapter VII, according to the Security Council resolution, while noting that it remained in Article 6, which also has some requirements on Iraq to abide by and subject to it in order to get out of it.

Committee member Sadik al-Labban told Iraq News that “Iraq’s exit from the seventh item did not end the previous sanctions, so Iraq remained in the sixth item, which also meets certain requirements obliging Iraq to abide by it and submit to the United Nations and the UN Security Council in order to get out of the File item VI “.

He added that “the requirements of the seventh item are the same requirements in the sixth item, but the difference that in the seventh item is dangerous and requires the use of force to implement, and this means that Iraq to force to implement these requirements and after implementation and exit from this item, It is not big and important and Iraq is able to get out easily. ”

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday that the Security Council issued a decision to leave Iraq from Chapter VII, indicating that this came after a series of diplomaticsuccesses.

“After the series of diplomatic successes achieved by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, its efforts culminated in the issuance of a resolution by the UN Security Council to exit Iraq from Chapter VII in the oil-for-food program and restore it to its natural status and international standing, He pointed out that “this came after Iraq completed all the obligations of the program.”

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