Kurdi salutes Abadi on three things and stresses: We do not want an increase in the budget to turn it into their banks abroad


Updated 02/12/2017 11:52 AM

(Watan News) – Baghdad


The deputy of the Change bloc, Sherine Rida, said on Saturday that the survival of the proportion of the budget from the general budget is sufficient for the sons of Kurdistan and increase the payer robbers to convert them to their foreign accounts, while Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on three things.


Reza said in an interview for (Watan News) that “the general budget for 2018 divided by the population ratios of the provinces where allocated to the region 12.67% of the budget and this ratio is subject to increase and not to decrease according to the population census of the region.


“It is not important to increase the proportion of Kurdistan from the federal budget because it is sufficient for the people of the province to live in prosperity compared to Iraq’s few revenues for the losses suffered by his war against the addressee in addition to the funds acquired by the spoilers,” stressing that ” Self-employed in foreign banks. “


“I applaud Abadi on three things, the most important of which is combating and eradicating it and implementing the constitution, in addition to the anti-corruption project,” she said. Finished


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