Iraqi Foreign Minister: We need a “Marshall Plan”

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Iraqi Foreign Minister: We need to

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari

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Iraq’s foreign minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, said that after the war, his country needs to “support” wide international aid, similar to that offered by Washington to Western Europe after the Second World War.

“I ask the international community to help us, as well as to help us in a courageous fight,” the minister said in a speech at the Mediterranean Dialogue Forum in Rome on Thursday.

Referring to the large number of foreign nationals of the Da’ash group, the minister said that Iraq fought in the context of “a world war, and therefore the world today should help us.”

He added that “the Daash is no longer a strategic threat to the Iraqi regime,” calling on the international community to help Iraq in the reconstruction of destroyed cities such as Mosul, similar to what was done to German cities after World War II.

The Marshall Plan was named after a US aid program for Western Europe, particularly Germany, after World War II, which was introduced in 1947 by US Secretary of State George Marshall and entered into force in April 1948.

The program included 17 European countries. The stated goal was to rebuild the war-torn European economy, remove trade barriers, modernize European industry and develop the region as a whole.

Source: AFP + Agencies

Kadri Youssef



2 thoughts on “Iraqi Foreign Minister: We need a “Marshall Plan”

  1. Jim,
    Great point!
    I am past ready for things to move forward! Progress is being made, hopefully we will see much more progress soon.
    Mrs. G


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