Iraq to resume next year steel and iron industry


Editorial date:: 2017/11/30 23:31 • 16 times read
The Minister of Industry and Minerals Agency Mohamed Shiaa Sudanese, on Thursday, the re-operation of the iron and steel plant next year, in addition to starting the timing of the rehabilitation of a petrochemical plant in Basra.
Al Sudani said in a press statement that the iron and steel plant is close to completion of the Tahilah operations and will resume work next year by putting quantities of iron and steel to the market.
Al-Sudani added that a loan of about 7 billion and a half billion dinars had been obtained to rehabilitate the suspended units. He pointed out that the director of the plant had set close time limits to start operating one of the stopped production lines after being rehabilitated.
For his part, Director General of the General Company for Petrochemicals Khaled Kazem said that a number of production lines will be operated during the coming period, including the operation of four gas generators sequentially during the month of December and the operation of the remaining four generators in January next year.
“The factory’s main production line, the granule production line, needs more than seven months to eight to operate, but they will reduce the period from three to four months as the rehabilitation process of the plant coincides,” he said.
Kazem pointed out the formation of an operations room for all units of the plant in daily meetings with the general administration of the plant to overcome the routine and overcome the obstacles facing the completion of the rehabilitation of the plant and the operation of its production units.



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