Four conditions for Baghdad to negotiate with Erbil … and warnings of a Sunni-Shiite war

«National Alliance» and the Kurds rely on the role of infallible in resolving the dispute … Washington renews its support for dialogue

Bright Resan

Dec 01, 2017

Baghdad: Arab and Kurdish political parties rely on the role of President Fuad Masum in bringing together the views between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, in preparation for the start of a dialogue ending the crisis that has intensified since the referendum on 25 September last.
The Shiite National Alliance, the possibility of playing the infallible «significant role» in resolving the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, attributed to three reasons.
MP Hassan Khalati told al-Quds al-Arabi that the importance of the role of infallible comes from “it was not part of the separatist project, in addition to its position that represents the sovereignty of the country, as well as being a Kurdish component.”
He added: «All these things will contribute to the beginning of serious dialogue between the federal government, on the one hand, and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, on the other hand, based on the foundations announced by the federal government earlier, and the other party to comply with them».
“These bases are to uphold the Iraqi constitution, abolish the results of the referendum held on September 25, and impose state authority in the disputed areas, as well as the return of border crossings and airports to the authority of the federal government,” he said.

temporary government”

In Erbil, political dialogues and discussions are being waged between the Kurdish parties in order to form a “provisional” government that will assume the task of dialogue with Baghdad.
The MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Mohamed Osman said in an interview with «Al Quds Al Arabi», that «there are negotiations and meetings within the Kurdistan region, between the Kurdish political parties, on the possibility of forming a new national salvation government, or keep the current government».
He continued: «If the Kurdish political leaders to reach a final solution will then proceed towards the Baghdad government to conduct the dialogue».
President Fuad Masum returned to Baghdad after meetings in Sulaymaniyah, Erbil and Kirkuk with Kurdish leaders.
Upon his return, he met with his office at the Peace Palace in the Iraqi capital, Barham Ahmed Saleh, head of the Alliance for Democracy and Justice.
According to a presidential statement, Masoum and Saleh discussed “political developments in Iraq and the region.” The meeting also discussed “efforts to resolve differences between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and ways to enhance confidence and deepen understanding among Iraqis in all fields,” in reference to the need for dialogue “broad and serious” To develop the entire political process.
Following that meeting, Masoum received Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri and discussed “the latest political and security developments in Iraq and the region” as well.
The meeting focused on the importance of «the House of Representatives to accelerate the issuance of the law of elections for the House of Representatives for the next session and discuss the draft budget for 2018 in preparation for a vote».
He also stressed the importance of “promoting dialogue and understanding to resolve differences, deal with problems and crises, and move forward to strengthen national unity and protect the supreme interests of the country.”
But the statement issued by the Office of Jubouri, on the details of the meeting, talked about the two sides discussed «ways to activate the factors of permanent stability and resolve outstanding issues».
The two sides agreed on the need to “adopt a serious and genuine dialogue in ending all crises, especially between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government,” as well as “adopting the specific time limits for the return of displaced people, reconstruction of liberated areas and provision of economic and development growth data.”
The meeting also discussed «the file of the upcoming elections, the federal budget, and the importance of cooperation between the Iraqi parties to adopt common visions aimed at unifying political discourse and strengthen the cohesion of the cohesion of society».

Nechervan Barzani meets the US ambassador

Meanwhile, the media revealed close to the Kurdistan Democratic Party, a meeting was held, on Thursday, between the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, and the US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Seelman.
According to the sources, the meeting dealt with “increasing the development of relations in various fields in a way that is in the interest of both sides,” as well as the two sides stressed the importance of «the beginning of serious dialogue between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, in accordance with the principles of the Iraqi constitution».
The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) saw the US-Kurdish relationship as “continuing,” but warned of a forthcoming Sunni-Shiite war.
The PUK official, Mullah Bakhtiar, said during a meeting with the leaders of the 70th Peshmerga forces that “the National Union has not disintegrated, and it is time to hold its general conference.”
“The strategic interests of the great powers were in the past united with the strategic interests of the regional states,” he said, adding that “today, given that the economic interests of the superpowers unite with their regional counterparts in some subjects but different in other subjects , We see that the Iraqi government is attacking the Kurds, but the US intelligence and experts of other countries are still providing the Kurds with weapons to some extent ».
He added: “America and Britain program to consolidate their control more on the Middle East and the monopoly of Gulf oil,” continuing “to achieve this goal are currently strengthening the Sunni front, especially the Sunni oil countries.”
“For more than a month, tensions and disagreements between Sunni Arab states with Iran, Yemen, the Houthis and Lebanese Hezbollah have reached a peak.”
On the situation of the year of Iraq, he said that «the Sunnis met and reached their final decision that the current Iraqi government sectarian government can not accept them, and will not accept the elections in any form», pointing out that «some Shiites lined up with the Sunnis and took a position of the elections not to accept the conduct .
The Kurdish official pointed out that «the current situation in Iraq is complex and is not the situation that makes the Kurds fear a central government can impose all their agendas and decisions on them».
On the differences between the Sunnis and the Shiites, Bakhtiar said that «what we hear and see today is an introduction to the war, and this is the result of non-solution of political problems», adding that «the Kurds are not outside these conditions and must maintain neutrality».

Demonstrations of the Sadrist movement

In contrast, the followers of the Sadrist movement to take out demonstrations in all Iraqi provinces on Friday, «to prevent the return of former faces to power» in the country.
“Iraqis, you who reject the hell of humiliation and humiliation and overthrow the oppressors, so as not to give the corrupters the opportunity to regain control of our fate, our wealth and the future of our sons, and to allow them to return to the policy of ignorance and sectarianism and to build their palaces,” the committee overseeing the demonstrations said in a statement. With our money and our blood, we are called upon to raise our voice high on the need to hold accountable and prosecuted the corrupt who sold Mosul, and they have committed the corruption of the massacre of Spyker and Saqlawiyah, and many more ».
“We should stand in front of our forces to prevent the return of the former faces to power and decision, waiting for a mass movement of millions to change and reform,” she said. “So we will come out on December 1, as every Friday, and every day in his province. It’s three o’clock. “

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