The bill of the general budget reaches the House of Representatives

– 11/29/2017 5:40:00 AM

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Khandan –

MP Massoud Haider, a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary, the arrival of the draft budget law for the year 2018 to Parliament, Wednesday afternoon.

MP Massoud Haider said in a statement to “Khandan”, that the extraordinary session of parliament next Saturday, will see the first reading of the draft budget law.

A member of the parliamentary finance committee that has not been seen so far  on the draft budget bill that reached parliament, but said that the International Monetary Fund was not satisfied with the quota allocated to the Kurdistan region in the budget.

MP Massoud Haider predicted that the region’s share would be more than 12% but would not reach 17%.



Washington grants Peshmerga aid worth $ 364 million

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The commander of the US Security Cooperation Office with Iraq, Gen. Bradley Baker, said Wednesday that his country continues to arm the Peshmerga forces.

A statement by the Ministry of Peshmerga responded to Asharq Al-Awsat that Acting Peshmerga Minister Karim Sinjari received the Commander of the US Security Cooperation Office with General Bradley Baker and his accompanying delegation. Baker announced that America is continuing to arm the Peshmerga forces. The US Congress decided to grant the Ministry of Peshmerga 364 Million dollars next year 2018. ”

The statement added that Baker confirmed that his country supports the Kurdistan Region to be strong, noting that “Sinjari called on the international coalition forces to remain in the Kurdistan Region to continue the development and training of Peshmerga forces.”


Bank announces the granting of loans to support projects

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Baghdad – Mawazine News

Union Bank announced on Wednesday loans to support projects that serve the country.

“The Union Bank is fully prepared to grant loans to support projects of various kinds for citizens and businessmen,” the bank said in a statement received by Mawazine News.

“These loans are in line with the bank’s policy to diversify the services provided by it and to support the national economy in financing various projects and reducing unemployment and labor force,” the statement added.

The statement pointed out that “the Union Bank put in place soft procedures that will ensure that entrepreneurs get these loans without complication or routine,” stressing his support for “everything that would serve the country and develop its economy.”

Extensive celebrations in Adhamiya for the occasion of the Prophet’s birth

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Baghdad Mawazine News

Celebrations celebrated the capital of Baghdad and Iraqi cities on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet (PBUH) amid tight security

The cities of Iraq and the streets of the capital Baghdad thousands of citizens marked the celebration of the birth of the Prophet.

The scenes of joy at the families, with children and even adults, seemed to be dressed in bright and attractive colors, with decorative ribbons, balloons and luminescent lamps along the main streets of the capital.

The front of the store is almost empty of shops on both sides of the road banners of singing the birth of the Prophet or an invitation to cuddle among the people and invest for the occasion in spreading the values of tolerance and brotherhood among Iraqis.

Hundreds of Baghdadis took part in the celebrations held this evening in front of the Abu Hanifa al-Nu’man mosque in Adhamiya.

The security forces imposed strict measures and cut off some roads leading to the area in anticipation of a security breach that may target the revelers.

Muslims in Iraq and around the world celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in the spring of every year. The celebrations in Iraq mark the distribution of sweets and food among neighbors and the organization of central celebrations in the religious shrines of Baghdad and other provinces.

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Iraqi forces invade the Anbar desert


Baghdad – Iraq Ahmed


30 November 2017

Iraqi forces moved into the complex valley of Horan in the Anbar desert with little fighting. The leader of the rally in western Anbar, Qari al-Obeidi, who is participating in the military operation, said that the beginning achieved the clearance of 27 villages in the south of Baghdadi with a depth of 86 km, pointing out that large quantities of equipment and weapons were found in stores and underground tunnels, Gunmen.

He added that residents of the villages of those areas confirmed that the fighters of the organization of Daad fled from the valley 10 days ago, likely to escape to the depth of the valley, which includes folds and twists and bumps to hide. In turn, the spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Brigadier General Yehia Rasool, that the security forces launched a large-scale security campaign to clean the desert of the province of Altaabah west of Anbar.

Which is one of the most important hiding places of terrorists in the desert desert in the western regions. He added that the security forces completely surrounded the hubs of the desert areas targeted and followed a large number of terrorists during the operations and killed about 20 elements of them, noting that the army provided a heavy air cover for the military units involved in the raid raid hiding places and the security forces and the forces of the destroyed many Of the tunnels and seized a variety of weapons, as well as clearing the area of rocky west of the province, which is one of the most important strongholds.


Local sources reported that the Da’ash fighters fled the valley a week before the start of the military operation to clear the desert strip, which raises the suspicion that they may reappear after a temporary disappearance, which requires control of the desert tightly, as a non-style supporter , After defeats in the cities to guerrilla and hit-and-run operations, and avoid concentration in areas that are easy to target.


to that, a military source in Anbar province, yesterday, that a number of elements of the organization Daadash were killed by shelling of the international coalition in the western province. The site of Alsumaria News quoted the source as saying that the International Air Force bombed a detachment of the organization of Dahesh in the Hawran Valley west of Anbar. The source added that the bombing killed a number of terrorists and destroyed weapons in their possession.


In his turn, warned the Iraqi MP Raad Almas, the infiltration of the organization calling to a border town with Iran, explaining that the organization is trying to change its traditional strongholds in Diyala, as revealed by the security committee of the Mandali district in Diyala province, yesterday, the areas used by Daash in mobility, Fire in areas of the Nada basin, warning of its dangers. The head of the committee, Haidar Sattar Mandalawi, said that the areas called Nada Basin west of Mandali district, east of Diyala, consisting of about 15 villages, most of them with large terrain complex terrain.

Khaddam confirms infallible readiness for dialogue and serious discussion with Baghdad

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nigervan Barzani, the readiness of Kurdistan for serious dialogue and discussion with Baghdad.
“The President of the Republic Fuad Masum met in Erbil, the Prime Minister of Kurdistan, Najirvan Barzani and his deputy Kebad Talabani to discuss efforts to resolve the problems and outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil.”
“Arbil and Baghdad have the desire during the next few years and through dialogue and comprehensive discussions to resolve the problems and reach understandings and coordination and open a new page for the benefit of all components of the Iraqi people and ensure security and unity of ranks and implementation of the Constitution and development in all fields.”
For his part, the head of the regional government, “the efforts of infallible and keen to bring the views of the two sides closer to the views of Arbil and Baghdad,” expressing “the readiness of the region for serious and constructive dialogue and discussion with the federal government in order to overcome the current situation in the interest of all components of the Iraqi people.
And Masum Juba began days ago, including Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk and Erbil, during which he met with leaders of Kurdish parties and government to discuss the outcome of the outstanding crisis between Baghdad and Erbil.

UN envoy calls on Baghdad to try those accused of corruption and the recovery of misappropriated funds


Wednesday, November 29,
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubic, on Wednesday described the meeting he held today with the religious authority Ali al-Sistani in Najaf as a “great honor”, pointing out that his fatwa ” Defeat the organization “calling”, while calling on the government to try those accused of corruption and the recovery of misappropriated funds.

“It is a great honor for us – the United Nations – and for me personally, we have had an in-depth discussion about what is on the table,” Kubic said in a statement issued after his meeting with al-Sistani. The work of the country, Iraq, and I was listening to the points that prevailed as evidence of future activities and future steps. “

“This victory was for Iraq and the whole world, and a reference fatwa that mobilized the national popular forces had a key role in the defeat,” he said.

He expressed his special appreciation for the “humanitarian aspect of his calls and sermons on humanitarian and social issues, including the care of the families of martyrs and survivors of the fighting against Daqash, a better future for youth, the voluntary return of internally displaced persons and persons in conditions of safety and security, the protection of civilians, Against perpetrators of criminal acts and human rights violators “.

“The government reform program, including the fight against corruption, has the full support of the United Nations,” he said, calling on the government to “move resolutely to prosecute people accused of corruption and recover misappropriated funds that must be used to meet the needs of the people.”

In November, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced his government’s intention to wage a “war” against those he described as “corrupt,” while four “accurate results” were confirmed.