the Kurdistan Democratic bloc returns to Baghdad and participate in the session of the House of Representatives Sunday

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The deputy head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Iraqi parliament, Shakhwan Abdullah, on Saturday, the return of members of the bloc to Baghdad, indicating that is scheduled to participate in the session of the Council for Sunday.

Abdullah said in a press statement seen by Shafak News that members of his party’s bloc returned Saturday to Baghdad and will participate tomorrow Sunday in the session of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

He said his bloc was monitoring the situation in order to assess the recent events and the situation that resulted from the referendum held by the region on September 25.

Abdullah said that the Kurdish blocs will be held on Sunday a meeting before the session of the Council, adding that the mass held talks with a number of Kurdish blocs.

He pointed out that all the Kurdish blocs united in their position on the draft budget law and what he called “crimes” committed in Kirkuk and the disputed areas by the “militias” popular mobilization.


Tillerson urges Arbil and Baghdad to maintain “calm” to create a serious dialogue between them

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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in a telephone conversation with the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nyjirvan Barzani, on Saturday, to confirm that Washington continues in its contacts with Baghdad and urged the Iraqi government to create the appropriate ground for serious dialogue with the provincial government to achieve the desired result .

Tillerson expressed his country’s condolences and condolences to the families of victims of the earthquake that struck the region last week, expressing his country’s readiness to provide any assistance and coordination in this regard.

Tillerson expressed his satisfaction at easing tensions on the lines of contact between the Peshmerga forces and Iraqi forces and the price of restraint shown by the two sides to maintain calm.

As the price of respect for the Kurdistan Regional Government for the interpretation of the Iraqi Federal Court to the provisions of the Iraqi constitution, stressing the preservation of the truce in order to create the ground for a serious dialogue between Arbil and Baghdad on the basis of the Constitution.

For his part, the head of the provincial government, Nirvvan Barzani, stressed that the Kurdistan Region as always is ready to resolve all problems with the federal government through serious dialogue on the basis of the principles of the Constitution.

Barzani expressed his hope that America and the coalition countries will play their role in starting the dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad, adding that in this regard his government will be cooperative and supportive.

He thanked Barzani Tilerson for his telephone call and condolences to the victims of the earthquake, noting that his government receives any kind of assistance to the victims of the earthquake.

Barzani stressed the need to lift the ban on airports in the region, especially with the increasing humanitarian needs as most of the assistance provided to more than 1.5 of the displaced people in the region come through airports.


An Iraqi plan to track down remnants in the desert

18 November, 2017

An Iraqi soldier in Rawa

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq’s counterterrorism agency announced on Saturday a new plan to track desert elements in the desert after Iraqi forces regained control of all the cities seized by the group in the summer of 2014.

The spokesman of the agency Sabah al-Nu’man said that the body “prepared the forces and forces prepared and adequate and competent to prosecute the militant organization inside the desert and eliminate it.”

He added that the anti-terrorism forces prepared “a great preparation and good” for the next phase, both at the intelligence level or the deployment of troops trained “well trained and equipped with modern means” to hunt down militants in the desert.

He warned the security official that the Dahesh will take from the desert base for the implementation of operations, pointing out that these operations will target the desert areas or near the desert.

On Friday, Iraqi forces seized control of Rawa, the last town in Iraq.

Security experts say that after his military defeat, he will resort to the style of bombings and attacks by suicide bombers.

An agreement between Baghdad and Arbil to hand over the salaries of a class of employees of Kurdistan

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announced the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Kurdistan Region, on Saturday, agreed with the theory in the federal government to pay the salaries of the staff of all the dams located in the province directly.

The Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government Abdul Sattar Majid said in a press statement that his ministry approved the request of the ministries of agriculture and water resources in the Iraqi government to secure the salaries of all employees working in the dams of the whole province by Baghdad.

Majid added that the number of employees working in the directorates of the dams of the region is 400 employees, engineers and technical, pointing out that according to the agreement, Baghdad will secure their salaries directly.

Majeed Saheeh said that Baghdad had asked for this for a long time but that there were many reasons that prevented the agreement, including that there was a political climate that made the ministry afraid of the interpretation of this subject as a political issue.

“Baghdad has already demanded that the staff of these dams be diverted to them and then secure their salaries,” Majid said. “Later, the two sides agreed not to move the staff, but to send monthly lists to Baghdad to send the salaries of the employees to them.

The Syrian army controls most of the area of the city of “Albuqmal” last bastion strongholds

Are GMT 12:27 2017 Saturday November 18

Syrian army

Damascus – Arabs today

A military source said Saturday (November 18th) that the Syrian army and allied forces took control of most of the city of “Albuqmal” border with Iraq  and besieged the elements of a preacher in the northern neighborhoods of the city, which is the last strongholds of a Syrian organization in Syria

This comes after the announcement of the Syrian army on Thursday, the start of a major attack to restore the city

The source pointed out that the opportunity to organize a call for a counterattack is very weak because of the intensity of air and missile bombardment on the points from which the fighters and

published information sites supporting the Syrian army Video clips showing the use of ” Toshka “tactical battles in Bu Kamal as well as the participation of Russian bombers long-term

organization was advocating a counterattack on Saturday, November 11, took control of the city after the Syrian army announced its control on Thursday (November 9th).

It is estimated that the organization’s fighters in the besieged part of the town of Al-Bu Kamal are 2,500 fighters from the Caliphate Army, the elite group in the organization

Iraq announces imminent end of military “call”

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Iraqi Interior Minister Qassim al – Araji – Archive photo

Said Interior Minister of Iraq, Qassem al – Araji, that post «Daesh» requires emphasis on the intelligence side.

Qassim Araji added: “The post-urgent phase requires emphasis on the intelligence side and the need for cooperation between the security services and citizens.”

On the other hand, Araji said that «the liberation of the city of Rawa by the security forces in various formations and Snofha is to signal the end of the terrorist organization militarily in Iraq.