Barzani party bloc back to parliament tomorrow




Barzani party bloc back to parliament tomorrow


15-11-2017 10:45 PMThe Euphrates –

Al-Furat news that the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc led by Massoud Barzani decided to return to the meetings of the House of Representatives in Baghdad.

The bloc said in a statement that it is from the position of responsibility and sense of circumstances that Iraq is going through the people and the nation at all levels, and believing that dialogue and communication is the only solution to all differences and crises, we decided to communicate and continue our parliamentary work alongside our brothers and sisters in the Federal Council of Representatives. Adding that it is not hidden that the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc is one of the largest and most important parliamentary blocs in the House of Representatives and will seek as it was in the past that the Constitution is the final rule to resolve all differences, especially those outstanding problems between the government of the Territory and the federal government, and refer to the principle of national partnership and political consensus.

The statement appealed to the political parties and the federal government to take into account the difficult conditions experienced by the Iraqi people, and start a serious and useful dialogue away from electoral auctions and external interventions, and controlled and based on the Iraqi constitution.





‘s post-referedum setbacks: – majority of the disputed territory lost to army had been KDP-controlled. – Fish Khabur & Ibrahim Khalil likely to be joint admin.ed – KRG indirectly accepts referendum annulment. Growing indications that the referendum was a failure.

What is the agenda of the House of Representatives for Thursday’s session?


What is the agenda of the House of Representatives for Thursday's session?

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
The House of Representatives announced on Thursday the agenda of its meeting, which is scheduled to be held today at 11 am, indicating that he will vote on the wording of a decision on the salaries and allowances of volunteers of the Popular Propaganda Authority.
“The agenda includes voting in principle on the draft law on the lease of agricultural land,” the council said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press. “The Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands, the Finance Committee and the Committee on Economy and Investment, And vote on the recommendations of the Committee of the displaced and displaced persons and expatriates on the return of displaced persons to their areas.
He added that “it also includes a vote on the accession of members of the candidates to the Committee of the kidnapped and the problem of Order No. (159), and vote on the accession of the candidates to the Committee to address the housing crisis in Iraq and the problem of Order No. (196) and vote on the wording of a decision on the scheduling of agricultural loans.
He added that “the table also includes a vote on the wording of a resolution on the salaries and allowances of volunteers of the People’s Assembly, and vote on the wording of a decision on the follow-up of money smuggled from oil revenues by officials in the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (Legal Committee), and vote on the draft law (Health and Environment Committee), (27 articles), and voting on the proposed law of the Nursing Syndicate (Civil Society Organizations Committee, Legal Committee, Finance Committee, Health and Environment Committee).
He pointed out that “the table also includes the swearing-in of some of the replacements, and the first reading of the proposal of the Second Amendment Law to compensate the victims who lost part of their bodies due to the practices of the former regime No. 5 of 2009. (Committee of Martyrs and Victims) (2 article) (11 articles), the first reading of the proposed health insurance law (Health and Environment Committee) (49 articles) and the quarterly report of the Security and Defense Committee.

Association of Iraqi private banks: the project to settle salaries to start to consolidate the concept of financial inclusion

President of the Association of Private Banks Wadih al-Hanal

Economy News Baghdad:

The Iraqi Association of Private Banks announced on Wednesday that the project to settle the salaries of Iraqi employees is a beginning to consolidate the concept of financial inclusion, considering the process of settling salaries a bold decision from the government.

The head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal in his speech at the banking fair for the settlement of salaries, and attended by “Economy News”, “This carnival is a major start to a banking sector solid and consolidation of the concept of financial coverage to access banking services to all sectors of the Iraqi people, Citizen service and facilitating its financial operations to reach an efficient and productive digital economy. “

He added that “the bold decision by the Council of Ministers to settle the salaries of state employees in qualified banks through the opening of bank accounts and the use of credit cards, which came under the auspices of the Central Bank of Iraq and support through the vision of his compass is the cornerstone to build a sustainable relationship between citizens and banks, where this decision will allow a large slice To benefit from modern banking services and to convert the prevailing thinking, relying on the banking compactness to fill the deficit in funding through the surplus units.

He pointed out that “everyone knows that the Iraqi economy suffers from a monotonous source of revenue significantly as oil revenues account for almost 85% of the total revenue while all other revenues constitute only 15%, which requires reform to increase non-oil revenues, many of which waste Because of manual collection, which must be converted into electronic collection contributed by banks through the issuance of electronic payment tools and collection companies through the acceptance of these tools instead of cash.

He added that “the project to settle the salaries of the beginning of the deployment of electronic payment tools and thus the possibility of electronic collection of state revenues.”

He pointed out that “there are things provided by this shift to electronic criticism and the most important provisions of the comprehensive control and eliminate many of the pests of society such as theft, money laundering and terrorism financing, adding to the importance of addressing inflation.” He pointed out that “the Association of Private Banks is committed to the implementation of the government plan and the Central Bank to switch to electronic transactions and provide the necessary tools.”

Iraq on a date close to the declaration of a happy end in the country


15-11-2017 08:08 PM

Military and security sources announced the deployment of forces from ‘operations of the island’ and the army and the ‘tribal crowd’ at the entrances to the province of Rawa in preparation for the storm within hours, and the announcement of the expulsion of the organization of the last stronghold in the country, while the Anbar tribes expressed their fears not to allocate safe corridors for civilians. According to sources close to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, will soon be announced the liberation of all administrative units inhabited in Rawa from the control of ‘da’ash’ and victory over terrorism.


However, observers confirm that the organization, although expelled by the Iraqi forces from Rawa, but still controls an area of ​​18 thousand square kilometers, equivalent to 4% of the territory of Iraq is the desert and valleys are free of population located between Anbar and Nineveh. For his part, spokesman for the tribes of Anbar fears that the people of Rawa could not escape because of the failure of the military forces to provide safe corridors for civilians.


For its part, the Joint Operations Command attributed this to the elimination of a hill with only two controlled by the organization, and deployed suicide bombers and large quantities of bombs and explosives to block the progress of the Iraqi forces. A security source said on Wednesday that the International Air Force carried out air strikes targeting sites of the organization ‘Daqash’ in the district of Rawa west of Anbar province, the last strongholds of the organization ‘Daash’.


The source said that ‘the aircraft of the International Alliance carried out seven strikes targeting sites and weapons stores in the district of Rawa and liver’, calling for ‘significant losses’. Adding that ‘intelligence from within the judiciary indicates that the militants of the organization are preparing to escape to the desert when the security forces approach’. The military leadership confirmed that it has completed its readiness to storm the district of Rawa, the last strongholds of ‘Da’ash’ in Iraq, with the participation of troops from the army, police, counter-terrorism and popular and tribal mobilization.


A security source said on Wednesday that security in the western parts of Anbar and relative calm and the return of normal life after liberation from the control of the organization ‘Daash’. The source said that the western areas of Anbar are witnessing relatively stable security, and the return of life to normal, through the return of men to shave their heads and remove women to wear black clothes, in addition to re-installation of satellite dishes ‘satellite’ over rooftops.


The source, who asked not to be named, said that the Iraqi security forces are preparing to liberate the city of Rawa from the control of the organization ‘Daqash’, after the completion of the liberation of most of the areas of the province.


Meanwhile, the German newspaper Die Welt reported on Tuesday that some 8,000 Iraqis had voluntarily left Germany and returned home as part of the German government’s ‘voluntary repatriation’ program. According to a statement by the Federal Bureau of Migration and Refugees, 5,657 Iraqis returned to Iraq last year and 2481 to September this year.


The German authorities regard these numbers as ‘a sign of the beginning of the return of stability in Iraq’, but at the same time ‘not enough ground’ to re-examine the measures of granting the right of protection enjoyed by about 120 thousand Iraqis in Germany. According to information provided by the Office for Migration and Refugees, any new assessment of the situation in Iraq must be completed in the next three years as a maximum period. In light of this, the legislator must either withdraw the right of protection granted or grant the right of permanent residence to the persons concerned residing in Germany.


To withdraw the right of protection from Iraqis, ‘there must be positive changes in Iraq, and not be transient but long-term,’ adds the statement of the Office of Migration and Refugees. German news reports also reported that Syrian refugees have decided to leave Germany and return voluntarily to their country despite the security situation there, as part of a special program that provides refugees with the opportunity to return to their country. According to the Rheinsche Post, the number of requests from Syrians to take advantage of this program and return to their country, amounted to 22 applications until the end of August.


The newspaper, based on data from the Federal Authority for Migration and Refugees, said that 11 of these refugees want to go to Iraq first, because there is no possibility to support return directly to Syria.


Some 140,000 asylum seekers, mostly from Syria and Iraq, were registered in Germany between January and September this year. The total number of asylum applications in Germany in 2016 amounted to about 280 thousand applications compared to about 890 thousand applications in 2015.


Since 2016 Germany has adopted the principle of promoting ‘voluntary departure’ to address the refugee crisis. So that rejected asylum-seekers can obtain financial and advisory support from the German Government for repatriation, and there is usually no other alternative available. Those who do not go voluntarily are deported without financial support. This opportunity is also available to those who are still in the middle of the process of providing asylum and checking the application. The amounts of travel costs obtained from those who leave voluntarily according to nationality are usually classified according to the International Organization for Migration ( IOM ) programs     ) The departures will receive travel expenses and one-time assistance, depending on their nationality. The Afghani gets 500 euros and the Egyptian gets 300 euros.


The number of voluntary departures who have been receiving support has increased significantly in recent years. In 2015, about 35,000 people received such support, while in 2016 they increased to nearly 54,000. The Western Balkans are among the countries most associated with the voluntary repatriation program. Some 17,000 people from Albania benefited from the program, 6,000 from Serbia and 5,400 from Kosovo, but for Afghans, most likely to be displaced, only 3,300 people decided to participate in the REAG / GARP program .


Since February 2017, there is also a special program of return ‘Start Plus Help. So that it will receive 1200 euros of those who decide to join the program and withdraw the request for asylum and return before deciding on the request. While 800 euros will be paid only if the request is rejected negatively, ie the rejection of the request for asylum, and the applicant must be still within the period allowed to return, without any appeal to the decision. To finance this program, the German Government has decided to allocate an additional € 40 million to cover costs.


Trump: We have dealt devastating blows to the Middle East


Baghdad – Agencies

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that his forces had dealt a severe blow to the terrorist organization in the Middle East, saying that the terrorist organization had lost much of its potential after the US intervention in the war on terror.

Trump said in a televised interview that “American forces have inflicted painful blows on the organization of the terrorist advocate in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq.”

“The US role was clear in the fight against terrorism.

“The message from Washington was clear as America is still strong and has proved its presence in the continent of Asia,” he said.

“The problems faced by the United States were the result of previous mismanagement,” he said.

Jubouri and the World Bank discuss economic stabilization in Iraq


Release date: 2017/11/15 23:37 • 9 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri, discussed with the Executive Director of Iraq at the World Bank Mirza Hassan achieve economic stability in Iraq.
A statement issued by his office, received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, “The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri met Wednesday evening, Executive Director of Iraq at the World Bank Mirza Hassan, and during the meeting discussed the reality of Iraq’s economic and plans, Help Iraq to be able to rebuild infrastructure in areas where there were military operations. ”
He added “as was discussed the efforts of Iraq during the post-phase, calling for permanent stability and development factors of economic and investment development.”