Parliamentary Finance: Iraq does not need loans that drain 7 trillion dinars annually

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(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Member of the Finance Committee MP Hossam al-Aqabi on “Iraq’s need for international loans, which drain 7 trillion dinars.”

“We support the intervention of the International Monetary Fund issue of deductions and we are not bound by his decision and views, the Iraqi government and the House of Representatives is the one who sees legislation to achieve the interests of the citizen and the Iraqi employee.”

He added that “the conditions of the International Monetary Fund set by the International Monetary Fund puts loans and we do not need them,” noting that “more than 5 trillion dinars a year we give them to repay loans and premiums and benefits and sometimes up to 7 trillion.


The Council of Ministers votes on an Iraqi vision of the region and emphasizes the departure of Iraq from the axes [expanded]

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The Council of Ministers on Tuesday voted on an Iraqi project and vision for the future of the region based on development and security rather than differences and wars.

“The Council of Ministers held its regular session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi and the Council discussed the situation in the region and its repercussions on Iraq and the peoples of the region and Iraq’s firm position to move away from the axis and played a role in Calm because what is going on in the region will harm all its people. ”

The Council of Ministers “formed a working group of the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers and ministries and relevant bodies to carry out inventory and assessment of the physical and human damage that hit the provinces of Sulaymaniyah, Diyala and other areas as a result of the earthquake that took place last Sunday evening and report on immediate needs.”

The council “held a deliberative meeting between the representatives of the ministries of interior, reconstruction, housing and municipalities on activating the work of the central balance according to the laws and regulations in force for the ministries and monitoring the violations and proposing practical solutions to regulate the work of the weights stations.

The council voted on “an Iraqi project and vision for the future of the region based on development and the extension of security instead of differences and wars.”

The statement pointed to “the vote to allocate 10 billion dinars from the emergency reserves to the Ministry of Health for the purposes of financing drug contracts and the highest priority of the ministry.”

The Cabinet also voted on the first draft amendment law of the Integrity Commission Law No. 30 of 2011. The

Council also voted to reduce the tariff categories of customs, “pointing out” to report during the meeting on the dam and the damage caused by the earthquake and authorize the Ministry of Water Resources to send invitations to companies To prepare a comprehensive assessment in this regard ”

The statement added” as was voted on the launch of funding 41 billion dinars for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of water and sanitation services to upgrade the service aspect in this area. ”

Deputy Annbari: hours and declares the liberation of Iraq in full

BAGHDAD / The deputy of the province of Anbar Ahmed al-Salmani, Tuesday, a few hours and Iraq is declared a full editor of the organization calling the terrorist.

“The security forces are now on the outskirts of the district narrated, which is the last spot in which there is a preacher in Iraq to be declared an editor in the coming hours,” he said, noting that “this liberation will be declared the liberation of Iraq completely from the organization of a preacher “He said.

He pointed out that “the battles in western Anbar witnessed a great destruction in the infrastructure of those liberated areas.”

The military information cell announced on Tuesday the destruction of camps used by a training advocate in western Anbar.

In a statement received by Iraq News, the cell said that “based on accurate Iraqi intelligence information, the air force flew international air strikes, which resulted in the destruction of camps belonging to the elements calling,” indicating that “the camps used by terrorists as training centers and points to carry out terrorist operations against citizens and security forces In Wadi al-Qudaf west of Anbar. ” Finished

Abadi: Iraqi forces are preparing to liberate the island areas west of Anbar


Nov 14, 2017


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said Tuesday that Iraqi forces were preparing to free the island’s areas west of Anbar, areas the country has not reached since 2003.

“Any reform measures will not succeed without fighting corruption, we will not wait indefinitely, we will take action on the border crossings after the region retreats from the draft of the last agreement, and as we prepared to control the disputed areas without escalation, we will restore the ports,” Abadi told reporters at the government headquarters. Border “border.

“Oil prices are still below the level required to sustain development,” he said. He also pointed out that “the federal government is committed to pay the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region.”

And escalated tension between Iraq and the northern region, following the last referendum referendum on the invalid separation on 25 September last, which confirms the Iraqi government unconstitutional.

During a security crackdown launched on October 16, Iraqi forces seized control of the vast majority of disputed areas, including Kirkuk.

But clashes broke out between the two sides when Iraqi forces advanced to control the rest of the disputed areas in the northern province of Nineveh, as well as the border crossings with Syria and Ibrahim al-Khalil with Turkey.

The clashes stopped after the Iraqi government announced a truce at the end of last month, and the two sides are discussing the crossings.

Earlier this month, Baghdad accused the northern region of backtracking on an agreement signed by military commanders to hand over the border crossings to the federal authority.

On the level of confrontations with the “state,” Abadi said that the federal forces are preparing to comb the desert island area of ​​the province of Rutba west of Anbar province (west), where the hideouts of the militants of the organization.

On October 26, Iraqi forces began a military operation to liberate al-Qaim and Rawa districts in western Anbar, the last strongholds of the organization in Iraq.

Jubouri and his US counterpart discuss ways of cooperation in combating terrorism and supporting Iraq

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri discussed with his American counterpart Paul Ryan ways of cooperation in the field of combating terrorism and supporting Iraq.
“Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri met with US House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday evening and discussed the security and political situation in Iraq and the region,” a statement from his office said.
“The two sides also discussed ways to find a unified vision between Iraq and the United States of America on the common challenges, the most important of which is the fight against terrorism,” he added.
Al-Jubouri said that Iraq is about to announce the final victory over the last page of its pages after the completion of the liberation of the western regions. The liberated areas have played a major role in supporting the liberated forces through intelligence cooperation and engaging in carrying weapons as local forces.
“We in Iraq are clearly aware of the magnitude of the challenge that will face us in the next phase, which is summed up in the tasks of development and coexistence, and what these two details imply in terms of details of the real reform and renaissance project that the Iraqis should adopt and also in dire need of international support. To Iraq during the previous periods and an exceptional assistant in the face of the great challenges faced by Iraqis over the past 14 years and at the forefront of these challenges is terrorism. ”
“After the great victory achieved by our security forces in all its forms to organize a supporter of the terrorist, we are heading towards the biggest challenge of rebuilding the liberated areas and returning displaced people.
“The two sides agreed on the importance of continued cooperation between the two countries at the parliamentary level and all other levels in order to achieve common goals and interests,” the statement said.
“Iraq is a major supporter of Iraq and the relations between the two countries are at their best,” he said. “Iraq has made great efforts in the face of terrorism and has been able to defeat it on the ground in record time. On humanitarian and relief support and the reconstruction of liberated areas. ”

Parliament votes on the draft amendment of the law of the Central Bank of Iraq


Economy News _ Baghdad

The House of Representatives voted in its Tuesday session on the draft law of the second amendment to the law of the Central Bank.
A parliamentary source told “Economy News” that “the House of Representatives voted on the draft law of the second amendment to the Central Bank Law issued by Order No. (56) for 2004 on the Coalition Provisional Authority (dissolved) 
 during its meeting today.”
The House of Representatives held its regular session of 30 of the current legislative term on Tuesday, under the chairmanship of Vice-President Hammam Hamoudi, and the presence of 171 deputies.