Da’ash» loses the entire border south of the Euphrates

Iraqi and Syrian forces managed yesterday to take control of the entire border area south of the Euphrates River, at a time of fierce clashes with «Daash» on the outskirts of Albuqmal

Clashes continued on the outskirts of the southern and eastern city of Boukmal yesterday, after the Syrian army and its allies had retreated from their inner neighborhoods and from their western surroundings, and concentrated on their borders. And accompanied with the intensification of the air force and artillery to bombard the sites of the organization «Dahesh» within the city. Yesterday witnessed a significant development in the Syrian east, through the control of Iraqi and Syrian forces on the entire border and adjacent areas on both sides.

These include the village of Okla Suwab and the Al-Kamoun camp on the Iraqi side, the Faydah Al-Baaj and Wadi Al-Sawab farms and their extension to the Wadi Al-Wa’ar on the Syrian side. The latest development ended the existence of a full “da’ash” in the border area south of the Euphrates. It allowed for a wide territorial connection that extends from the Qa’im al-Buqamal crossing to the east of al-Zaqf area on the Syrian side, up to 160 kilometers. In parallel, Iraqi forces announced their control of the towns of Roumieh, Baidah, Buwais, Jabriyah, Sahemah and Miliyi, west of Rawa city in Anbar province. She explained that the elements «Daash» withdrew from the towns to the depth of the desert in the north-west of the city of Rawa, adding that it reached the outskirts of the city and preparing to liberate it from the organization.

As the Syrian army continues its march south of the fields to the south, towards Al-Bu Kamal, in the vicinity of the Euphrates Valley without breaking into any of these towns, it appears to be “pushing” violent resistance on the joint fronts with the army. Yesterday, a security breach at the Deir al-Zour military airport resulted in the arrival of a number of its members from the Chechen nationality to the airport through the desert, crossing a number of checkpoints as soldiers from the Russian forces. After entering, they managed to target a number of parked planes within the airport precinct before attempting to head towards a command post. The garrison of the airport was able to kill the militants after clashes with a suicide bombing, and caused the death and injury of a number of elements of the army.

These developments coincide with the lengthy investigation published by the BBC in English, which included details of the deal concluded by the International Alliance with the organization «Daqash» to remove the tenderness without fighting, and the direction of the countryside Deir Ezzor, to the joint fronts with the Syrian army . According to the investigation, the convoy that left Al-Raqqa included about 4000 fighters and civilians, including non-Syrian elements of various nationalities, in contrast to the claims of the “coalition” and the “Syrian Democratic Forces”. Referring to truck drivers who took off the gunmen, he pointed to the route taken by the convoy to a town on the banks of the Khabour river between the towns of Tire (Deir al-Zour) and Markada (Al-Hasakah countryside). The drivers confirmed that the gunmen had brought with them their full equipment and ammunition with heavy weights that damaged some trucks. The investigation, which tracks the convoy’s route in the south-eastern Rifqa countryside, indicated that the coalition aircraft observed the bus through its course and accompanied the convoy at a low altitude at the end of its course, firing “light flares” to light the area. Although the content of the “dirty deal”, as described by the investigation, was not new, the details revealed by Washington’s “rosy” narrative of its agreement with the organization, and pushed it towards the fronts of the Syrian army and its allies in the Euphrates valley.

On the other hand, in an initial Turkish reaction to the US-Russian joint statement issued in Vietnam, specifically on the lack of a military solution to the conflict in Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “I have a problem in understanding these statements. If the military solution is outside the accounts, then those who say this should withdraw their forces. ” Erdogan’s speech came ahead of his trip to Moscow, a visit to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The two presidents touched on the path of “political settlement” in Syria and the areas of “easing escalation” and “joint action” in the Afrin region, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported. Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu said that his country does not oppose in principle holding conferences to resolve the crisis in Syria, but does not agree to call any “terrorist group” to it, referring to the “Democratic Union Party »Kurdish, explaining that the party« does not represent all the Kurds in Syria ». In the light of the talk of the “settlement” conferences, the Higher Negotiating Body announced that it would hold an extensive meeting in Riyadh between 22 and 24 of this month in order to form the “negotiating team” and resume the talks in Geneva.

In the vicinity of the “easing escalation” area in Idlib and its environs, the army continued to move from Mahouri Abu Dali and south of Khanazir and was able to control a number of towns. In parallel, the clashes returned to the southern countryside of Aleppo between the Sham Liberation Organization and the Nur al-Din al-Zanki movement after a cease-fire agreement was signed late last night. In parallel, the countryside of Aleppo saw a number of air raids, especially in the town of Atareb. The Anatolia news agency quoted local sources as saying that the number of the raids reached about 43 victims yesterday, and a number of wounded.



Joint Operations: The Battle of Rawa Recovery is settled


– The
Joint Operations Command said on Monday that the terrorist organization in the west of Anbar had lost the ability to confront in western Anbar, adding that the liberation of the district of Rawa was a matter of time.

“The organization of the preacher of the terrorist suffers a great collapse after the Iraqi security forces control the Qaim district, and he has lost control of the people and has no ability to resist,” said Brigadier General Yahya Rasool, a spokesman for the operations command.

“The security forces do not want to rush to liberate it because its main objective is to protect civilians,” he said. “The security forces opened several hubs on the enemy in Rawa in order to pressure the terrorist organization and allow the people to get out of the judiciary.”

He pointed out that “the security forces are preparing to liberate some villages and areas in the desert of Anbar to reach the common border with Syria,” noting that “the process of maintaining the Syrian border resolved direct confrontations with the terrorist organization.”

On 3 November, the Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi announced the liberation of Qaim from the control of the terrorist organization.



US consul in Basra: We provided Iraq with $ 2 billion



US Consul General in the province of Basra, Timmy Davis, confirmed on Monday the continued US support for Iraq in the field of security and economy and the provision of humanitarian aid, which amounted to nearly 2 billion dollars.
“The US government is committed to continuing this support in several areas for the post-terrorist,” Davies told a joint news conference with Dhi Qar governor Yahya al-Nasiri at the provincial office.
He added that “a grant of $ 70,000 was given to support widows in the South to develop their abilities to create jobs and develop the economy.” He added that “the continuation of this support in order to create new jobs and different segments of society in the framework of economic cooperation with Dhi Qar Governorate “.
He explained that “the consulate discussed with the local government in the province of Dhi Qar mechanisms to activate the tourism sector and attract American investment companies to work in the province,” explaining that “the assistance provided by the United States government to Iraq comes in support of emergency situations in Iraq and appreciates the sacrifices made by the province In the field of fighting and urging the work on the construction of Iraq. ”
For his part, said the governor of Dhi Qar Yahya Naciri during the conference that “the province aspires to develop relations with the US side and the activation of US programs in support of Iraq in the political and economic,” noting that “the most discussed with the American side is the transfer of powers from the federal government to Local governments and their positive impact on the people of the provinces, including the province of Dhi Qar, stressing the need to complete this process to serve everyone.



of the Central Bank of Iraq cancels the decision to close its banks Bkordstan

The Central Bank of Iraq cancels the decision to close its banks in Kurdistan
 Twilight News    
 18 minutes ago

The official source in the Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, the cancellation of the decision to close some banks in the Kurdistan Region.

The source said that the cancellation of the decision to close some of the banks in the region by the Central Bank of Iraq came after meetings with managers of banks in Baghdad and the region, according to the Petra agency of Jordan.

He added that there was consensus on the return of work and the conduct of remittances and pending the official decision.

The Iraqi government suspended all commercial and financial dealings with the province on the eve of the referendum on 25 September last.



Kurdistan parliament decides to hold its next Wednesday .. And the rule of law calls for the trial Barzani

Sulaimaniyah – Iraq Press – November 13: The Presidency of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Monday, said that “the Kurdistan Parliament will hold its meeting on Wednesday, while the agenda of the meeting has not yet been published,” likely “performance of the section to one deputy or two deputies in the session And to discuss the amnesty law as well as other subjects. “
Separately, the coalition of state law called on the federal authority to take a clear position against the president of the Kurdistan region resigned, Massoud Barzani, and a number of deputies who called for secession, “stressing” the issuance of arrest warrant against Barzani to restore the prestige of the state and impose the rule of law in all provinces ” Recipe . AH



Iraqi military sources: Iraqi aircraft receive thousands of leaflets over the city of Rawa, the latest strongholds of jihadis, which is preparing the government forces to free them from the grip of the “Islamic State”


RAMADI, Iraq (Reuters) – Iraqi aircraft dropped thousands of leaflets over the town of Rawa, 320 km (70 miles) west of Baghdad, an Iraqi military source said Monday.

The source told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that “Iraqi aircraft threw thousands of leaflets over the city of Rawa this afternoon, which Iraqi forces are preparing to liberate from the grip of the Islamic State Organization (Daqash), which is the last strongholds of the organization in the country.”

The source added that “the publications call on citizens to stay in their homes and not to go out to the streets, in order to avoid being a human shields before the fire of the Iraqi army and air raids.”

An Iraqi official said 300 families were still in the western district of Rawa. They were unable to leave the country as a result of the blockade imposed by the Islamic state.


Anbar council member Farhan Mohammed said that “about 300 families are still under the grip of a preacher in the district of Rawa, the organization prevented them from going out,” stressing that “most of these stranded elderly, women and children.”

The commander of the operations of cleansing the island and Upper Euphrates, Lieutenant General Abdul-Amir Rashid Yalla, announced the first Saturday, the launch of the liberation of the Romaneh area and the rule of Rawa from the control of the organization in western Iraq.


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