Najmuddin Karim leaves the Kurdistan region


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(Arbil: The Euphrates News) left the governor of Kirkuk, a member of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Necmettin Karim, at dawn Monday, the Kurdistan region heading to the United States through Turkey.
Kurdish sources quoted sources as saying that “Najmuddin Karim left Iraqi territory after midnight on Sunday through Turkey heading to the United States as a citizen of this country.”
Necmettin Karim was dismissed from the post of governor of Kirkuk at the request of Prime Minister Haider Abadi on the back of several charges against him by a number of deputies of the parliament, and the President of the Republic Fuad Masum later on the decision of dismissal after being confirmed by the Administrative Court.



Three Kurdish parties announce their attendance in the next parliament sessions


The Journal of
Change announced the Kurdish change bloc, Sherine Raza on Monday, the return of its mass and two other parties in the next parliament sessions.

Reza said in a statement to the «Journal News» that “the deputies of the Change bloc and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Islamic Group will come to Baghdad to participate in the sessions of the next parliament.”

“The Council of Ministers will send the draft budget 2018 to the parliament to vote on it,” noting that “the region’s share of 12.67 percent injustice to the region will be challenged and demand return to 17%.”

The differences between Baghdad and Erbil on the referendum held on September 25, and the parliamentary vote on the removal of the governor of Kirkuk and the control of federal forces in the provinces, which is different from the geography and control of land ports and oil wells.


Secretary of the Council of Ministers: Iraq is ahead of the movement of large investments

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Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mehdi Al-Alak said that the expectations indicate the country’s demand for a movement of large investments in light of the recommendations that will come out of the Kuwait conference to be held early next year.
The Prime Minister Haider Abadi directed the Ministry of Planning to review the standard documents, including international arbitration documents as it represents a key factor in the reassurance of foreign companies and the launch of a huge program to stimulate the private sector and openness to investment in Baghdad and all provinces, “stressing that” the development of the Iraqi economy depends on the development of the sector Special. ”
Chairman of the investment Commission , Sami al – Araji , said the body of his part in the process of expansion to conclude agreements with new countries to realize their aspirations for openness to the global economy and the employment of funds and foreign investment capital, and has become an urgent need to join the e E Convention , signed by 157 countries.
The workshop, which will be held at the Al-Dhiyafa Palace in Baghdad, will last for two days and discuss within its platform the effect of joining the New York Convention on Foreign Direct Investment and Commercial Arbitration in Iraq, determining the advantages and disadvantages of accession and reviewing the guarantees for attracting investors. Chairman of the Investment Authority, World Bank Group and a number of international experts.

Lahore Talabani discusses with the US military official the agreement between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army


Lahore Talabani discusses with the US military official the agreement between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army

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Al-Quds Press / Salah Baban:
The official of the Protection and Information Agency in the Kurdistan region of Lahore Sheikh Janki Talabani in the city of Sulaymaniyah, on Monday, with the US commander in Iraq and Syria, General Jamie Gerard political, military and security.

Talabani said in a leaflet on his page on social networking sites Vesiuk and translated by “Al-Ghad Press” Kurdish: “today received General Jimmy Gardar, US official in Iraq and Syria and discussed with him the political, military and security,” adding that “the meeting also included discussion of the agreement between The Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army to solve all problems through dialogue and return to the Constitution to resolve. “
Talabani added that “the meeting also touched on the dangers of organizing a preacher on the province of Kirkuk and the disputed areas,” adding that he “demanded the International Alliance to accelerate the formation of a joint operations room as soon as possible to exchange information regarding the security gap between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army to block the terrorists and prevent them Of the implementation of terrorist operations. “
Talabani said at the end of the meeting the role of the United States of America in the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil to reach a constitutional road through which to preserve the rights of the Kurds.

delegation to visit Baghdad to discuss the issue of budget

Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad to discuss the issue of the budget
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The Kurdistan National Union, said on Monday that a delegation from the Kurdistan Region will visit the capital Baghdad for the purpose of discussion with the federal government on the budget of Kurdistan.

According to reports of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in a statement to the twilight news that a government delegation from Kurdistan will visit Baghdad soon for the purpose of discussion with the federal government on the budget of the province, as well as other issues, adding that the delegation will visit the capital Baghdad on Sunday.

For his part, said a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in the Iraqi parliament, Farhad Kader, “The delegation will be a government and will include experts and specialists in the field of oil and economy.”

US officials meet in Basra to discuss “support reforms”


US officials meet in Basra to discuss "supporting reforms"
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The United States Embassy in Iraq on Monday held a meeting between US officials and officials in Basra province to discuss reform and improve service delivery.

US Consul General Timmy Davis and USAID Deputy Mission Director William Patterson held a meeting with Basra Governor As’ad al-Eidani, provincial council head Waleed Kitan and other members of the provincial council, the embassy said in a statement.

“The purpose of the meeting was to present USAID’s new Project for Governance and Accountability for Governance in Iraq (IGPA) known as Takamul,” the statement said, noting that “the project will support Iraqi government reforms to strengthen public financial management and improve the delivery of public services the basic”.

He added that “the Office of the project of integration in Basra will be a regional center to support the provincial governments in southern Iraq, in addition to holding training courses in the field of public financial management and services.”

Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad next week

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Baghdad Mawazine News

PUK MP Saman Fattah revealed Monday that a Kurdish delegation would visit Baghdad next week to discuss the issue of the 2018 budget.

Fattah said in a statement to Mawazin News that “a Kurdish delegation will visit the capital Baghdad next week,” noting that “the delegation will include all parties and Kurdish blocs.”

He added that “the delegation will also include specialists in the field of law, administration and finance,” noting that “the delegation will hold several meetings and meetings with officials in the government and political blocs, and will discuss the share of the region of the budget next year.”

Fattah pointed out that “the delegation will leave for Baghdad next Sunday, and pending the arrival of important results of the agreement on the budget of the region to be fair and convincing to the parties.”