Council of Anbar: Security forces went to Rawa to liberate

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Baghdad / .. The Council of Anbar province, on Sunday, that the security forces with all military formations went to the district of Rawah west of the province of three axes to free him from the elements of the organization calling the terrorist, adding that the process of liberation will not be more than a few days.
“The Iraqi security forces, after being able to liberate the Qaim district and purge it from the Da’ash and lift the Iraqi in it, went directly and through three axes to liberate the district of Rawah, the last stronghold of the terrorist organization in all of Iraq,” Council member Shaleem Obaid told Iraqi News.
“The process of liberating Rao will be short and will not take more than a few days,” he said, denying the knowledge of the number of terrorists in the judiciary.
Popular forces and security forces continued Sunday to hunt down remnants of an organization calling for rawa after the liberation of the entire Qaim district west of Anbar.
In a statement received by “Eye of Iraq News”, the crowd information said that the crowd and the security forces continue to clean up the center of Qaim district from remnants calling for hiding in some neighborhoods of the center after liberation from the control of the Dahesh.


KurdistanSecond meeting of the Peshmerga and the coalition forces within 24 hours

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The Ministry of Peshmerga in the Kurdistan Regional Government said on Sunday that it had held a meeting with officials of the international coalition forces, noting that the two sides will hold a second meeting on Monday to clarify the facts. 

After meeting today with US-led international counter-terrorism officials, the two sides decided to hold a second meeting on Monday to explain the situation to them, said the secretary-general of the ministry, Lieutenant General Jabbar Yawar. 

He added that they provided clarifications to the coalition, pointing out that the Iraqi military delegation is pressing the ministry to accept all the conditions and this is contrary to the Iraqi constitution. 

As for the number of Peshmerga victims, Yawar explained that 60 Peshmerga elements were killed and 120 wounded. At the request of the coalition forces, negotiations with the federal government began militarily. Three rounds of negotiations were held and each party offered seven points for negotiation.

On the disputed points between the two sides, Yawar said that Baghdad demands the deployment of its troops at border points and crossings without any presence of Peshmerga forces, which is not accepted by the Kurdish side, so no formal agreement was reached between the two sides.

Kurdish delegation heads to Baghdad

Editorial date: 2017/11/5 19:52 

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) PUK MP Farhad Kadir revealed that the Kurdish delegation headed to Baghdad after the end of the decrees of the 40th visit of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

“The delegation will go to the capital Baghdad early next week and after the end of the decrees of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) to discuss the share of the Kurdistan region of the financial budget for 2018,” Qader said in a statement. 

He added that “the delegation will include specialists and technocrats in the fields of oil, finance and administration.” 

The delegation will leave Baghdad on Sunday or Monday and hold a series of meetings with officials in Baghdad

Tomorrow .. the reopening of the border crossing of Pervez KhanReaders

05-11-2017 04:39 PM

The Euphrates –

“After our contacts with the deputy director-general of the border points in the Islamic Republic of Iran, we have officially informed us that on Sunday the border crossing of Parvizhan will be reopened to trade and transit of citizens,” said Ahmed Kalari, a member of Sulaymaniyah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
“We are in constant contact with officials in Iran to reopen all border crossings between Kurdistan and Iran.

The provinces of Kurdistan and its councils sent a message to Abadi

Date of release: 2017/11/5 16:25 

(Arbil: Euphrates News) The provinces of the Kurdistan region and its councils on Sunday sent a letter to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, stressing the need for dialogue and talks in accordance with the Constitution to resolve outstanding problems between the two sides in favor of the year.

CBI: Iraqi exports to America amounted to 6 billion dollarsHome<economy<Central Bank of Iraq: Iraqi exports …


05-11-2017 03:13 PM 

 A report published by the Central Bank of Iraq reported the most important financial and economic developments in the Arab world, Sunday that Iraqi exports amounted to US $ 6 billion in 2016, while US exports to Iraq amounted to $ 1.3 billion  
 “The trade balance recorded a surplus of $ 4.7 billion,” the report said . Noting that ‘the volume of exchange between Iraq and America reached 7.2 billion dollars during the year 2015 ‘.
“Crude oil accounted for 97 percent of Iraqi exports, while US exports were concentrated on heavy machinery, vehicles, electrical equipment, aircraft spare parts and grain,” the report said.
 The US Embassy in Baghdad has announced that the US Chamber of Commerce has expressed interest in investing in Iraq in non-oil sectors, especially the security sector, energy, environment, reconstruction, health, agriculture, tourism and infrastructure development .

Preparations for the liberation of the last stronghold of the terrorist advocate

Date Posted 05/11/2017 12:23 PM

The Joint Security Forces are preparing to restore the district of Rawah west of Anbar, the last bastion of a terrorist in Iraq.

Military sources confirmed that the security forces have completed their preparations to storm the district of Rawah, which separates the Euphrates River from Qaim district, noting that the security forces moved from the state of fighting against the terrorist calls to the stage of combing the areas recovered in Anbar province and launched a wide-scale operation to comb and inspect all areas of Anbar In the direction of the district of the wetlands, which includes the border crossing with Jordan and from the wetlands to the border of Karbala province, south-west of Anbar province.

Abadi arrives and issues instructions to security leaders

The security scene Sunday, 05 November 2017 at 14: 12 pm

 Baghdad / Sky Press:

 The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, arrived Sunday in Al-Qaim, west of Al-Anbar, and issued orders to security leaders to complete the liberation of the rest of the western regions.

“The prime minister, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi arrived at the headquarters of the operations of the island in the district of Qaim, west of Anbar, and met immediately upon his arrival with the security leaders supervising the operations of the western cutter,” a security source told Sky Press.

“Abadi listened to a detailed explanation from the security leaders about the preparations underway to eliminate gang members, calling on the criminals in the western sector and rescuing the besieged families and preserving the lives of the innocent.”

“Abadi has directed the completion of the rest of the security plan aimed at liberating the province completely and ways to increase the momentum of the battle to eliminate the organization of a criminal advocate and declare the province completely liberated.”