DeirEzzor and al-Qa’im liberated on the same day. Rawah is the only remaining IS stronghold in Iraq & AlboKamal in Syria



The next task of the popular crowd after the liberation of the existing


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Deputy Chairman of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi al- Muhannad , on Friday, the next tasks of the popular mobilization forces after the liberation of the Qaim district from the control of the terrorist, and the end of the purges during the next two days.
The engineer said in a statement to the popular crowd that “the disinfection and combing to revive the center of Qaim district continues after the liberation completely from the control of Dahesh,” likely to “finish the disinfection during the next two days.”
The engineer added that “the popular crowd will then go to fully control the Iraqi-Syrian border, and the clearance of the rest of the basin of the North Island of the Euphrates.”
Earlier on Friday, Engineer Park released the center of al-Qaim district in western Anbar and the port of Hasayba border, pointing out that the criminal advocate ended up “realistic” in Iraq after being defeated from the most important point that started towards the northern and western cities in the summer of 2014.

map .. There is only left Rawa west of Anbar, however, urging and Abadi announce the liberation of the existing


With the map .. Only Rawa remained in the west of Anbar, however, a call and the Abadi announced the liberation of the existing
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The Prime Minister of the Armed Forces Commander Haider al-Abadi on Friday the control of Iraqi forces on the Qaim district to the west of Anbar province.

Abadi said in a brief statement today that the liberation of the list was “in record time”.

The latest information on the map of the ongoing military operations in western Anbar has been published by the Military Information Cell, which showed the control of the forces against him and the commander, leaving only a ruthless grip on Rawa.

With the restoration of Rawa and surrounding areas, the militant group has lost its last stronghold in Iraq after its succession was declared in Mosul after its invasion in mid-2014.


, US Foreign Minister Barzani spoken to

US Secretary of State calls Barzani
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US Secretary of State Rex Terlson on Friday telephoned Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani.

During his meeting with Barzani, Tirlson expressed his concern about the tension between Erbil and Baghdad, expressing his country’s support for the constitutional rights of the Kurds.

He expressed his wish that the cease-fire and the field dialogue between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi government as the basis for political dialogue to resolve differences and outstanding issues between the two sides.

For his part, Barzani expressed his concern about the continuation of military progress, stressing the readiness of the Kurdistan Region to start a political dialogue.

He expressed his hope that America in particular, and the international community in general, help Iraq to start dialogue and to prevent the military option.

He said that the Kurdistan Region does not want to fight because it will not solve anything, but wants to solve all problems with the federal government within the framework of the Iraqi constitution.

The Cabinet will hold a meeting next Sunday to vote on the budget of 2018


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The Cabinet voted in an extraordinary session on Sunday to vote on the draft budget bill for 2018.
The Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “the financial budget for 2018 is still in the process of discussion and discussions to reach the final version, which will vote by the Council of Ministers very soon and the copies circulating in the media is inaccurate and invalid “He said.
She added that “next Sunday will be a meeting of the Council of Ministers dedicated to discuss the budget in its final form and vote on it.”
Some media published a few days before the draft bill of the budget of 2018, revealed the value of the total and deficit ratio, in addition to reducing the proportion of the Kurdistan region.
According to the draft, the total revenue was estimated at 5 trillions and 331 million dinars at 43.4 dollars per barrel of oil, with a production capacity of 3 million and 888 thousand barrels, including about 73 trillion dinars of oil revenues.
She pointed out that the total expenditure estimated at 108 trillion and 113 million and 913 thousand and 506 dinars, while the budget deficit amounted to about 22 trillion and 782 million and 913 thousand and 506 dinars, while the share of the Kurdistan region to 12.67% only after it was 17%.
The draft said that the budget was based on the rate of export of oil of 3 million and 800 thousand barrels per day, including 250 thousand barrels of oil in the Kurdistan region, and 300 thousand barrels of Kirkuk oil, and on the basis of the price of a barrel is estimated at almost $ 43, Is the largest supplier of the budget.
He pointed out that the share of the Kurdistan region was developed according to the souls of each province of the region, and when any increase or decrease in the total expenditures of the federal budget will add or decrease the share of the provinces of the region proportionate with the increase or decrease.