Kurdish Community: Call for the region for dialogue Declaration to cancel the referendum

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(Baghdad: al-Furat News) MP from the Kurdistan Islamic Group Zana Said that the invitation of the Kurdistan region for dialogue under the roof of the Constitution “Declaration to cancel the referendum.”

Said Said told the {Euphrates News} today that “the Kurdistan government announced negotiations under the roof of the Constitution and this means canceling the referendum,” noting that “the federal government did not give an opportunity for the Government of the Territory to continue dialogue.”
He stressed that “there is no prior security agreement with the federal government, but there were strict demands by the federal government did not bow to the Kurdish side,” calling on the Baghdad government to “give an opportunity for political dialogue.”
He pointed out that “the Federal Court to issue a ruling to cancel the referendum to resolve.



Abadi threatens to retaliate against Peshmerga Barzani rebels

Journal News

Prime Minister Haider Abadi said that we did not use the security services to protect the government, but to protect the people and their property, threatened to respond to Peshmerga, the president of the region, Masoud Barzani.

“Our forces are progressing in an excellent way, the enemy is collapsing and our victory is not insignificant,” Abbadi said during a meeting with a group of writers and media officials, according to a statement issued by his office on Wednesday. “The victory that has been achieved is not only for Iraq but for the world as a whole. Iraq has broken the brink of terrorism, asserting that “declaring victory is something and triumphing over terrorism as a thought and defying something else.

“We are proud of our Iraqis and our will and there are those who insult everything Iraqi and praise non-Iraqi, and everything in others is excellent, but not proud of what Iraq has achieved,” he said.

“The security forces have taken control of Kirkuk without any military confrontation or casualties. We do not want to win at the expense of anyone,” he said. “There has been no revenge in Kirkuk and we have maintained the situation there.”

On the dispute with the Kurdistan region, he said, “Our demand is the spread of federal forces in all regions, and limits exclusive validity of the federal authority and all federal authorities must be exercised within the borders of the region, explaining that” the region asked to negotiate and our terms are to be under the shadow of the Constitution and Iraq, The referendum.

He stressed that “we do not want a fight with the region is not fear, but is to preserve the lives of our citizens and we want to live and do not break each other, noting that” Iraqis today stronger in the equation of the region, pointing out that “we refused any action to besiege our citizens in the region, That the displaced will return home soon.



Congressional policy calls for preventing militia attacks on the Kurdistan Region and demands the arming of the Peshmerga


Congress calls for the prevention of militia attack on the Kurdistan region and demands the arming of the Peshmerga
 Twilight News    
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The United States congressional committee on foreign affairs committee Ron Disantis on Wednesday called on its administration to intervene in stopping the military operations of the Iranian-backed popular militia groups in the Kurdistan Region.

“America must support the Kurds’ allies, especially at this time when they are being attacked by popular militia militias,” Desants said at a news conference attended by other congressional members.

“The attack has become a factor for Iran to control the situation in the region,” he said, stressing that the Kurds have always stood with us.

Santis said Shiite militias backed by Iran were attacking the Kurds with US weapons, stressing that they could not be allowed to attack the Kurds with those weapons.

For his part, said Congressman Lee Yelden: The policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has failed to deal with the issue of the attack on the territory of Kurdistan, and we expect that the US president is not aware of what is happening now.

He pointed out that the weapons that we sent to the Kurds did not fall into their hands, and we have to arm Kurds quickly.

For his part, Sebastian Korka, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, said the Kurds must be supported to eliminate the Shiite jihadists and to overthrow Iran’s mullahs.

He described the expansion of Shi’ite militias backed by Iran as more dangerous than the caliphate announced by a hasty organization in Iraq and Syria.

For his part, criticized Congressman Duncan Hunter, a strong political policy of the US State Department on its handling of the file of the attack on the territory of Kurdistan, expecting that did not undermine President Donald Trump note of what is happening in Iraq.

He called for the removal of Trump’s envoy to the international coalition, Bret McGuck, noting that he is not interested in the warnings issued by the US administration of Iranian expansion in Iraq.

He added that McGuck had also conveyed false and incorrect information about the attack on the Kurds.



URGENT Abadi’s office for the Euphrates: Erbil in front of a last chance and hope to avoid the clash


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“The Prime Minister’s Office, Haider al-Abadi, said that Arbil has a last chance to agree on the imposition of security and the extension of federal authority in the disputed areas and border crossings,” hoping “avoid a military clash between the federal forces and Peshmerga.”
“We have sought since the first days of the crisis and so far avoid any clash between the Peshmerga and the federal forces because Iraqi blood is expensive but at the same time we have an obligation towards the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the imposition of federal authority,” said Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for the al-Furat News.
He added: “We had a mission to send a delegation of military and technical work and cut this delegation a very advanced way and reached the final touches to the deployment of federal forces and re-control of the border crossings and there was a request from the Kurdish technical delegation to return to lead the region to the existence of some outstanding points and we were waiting for them to agree, but returned proposals, To the first box and a new vision of the solution. ”
“The federal forces have the right to deploy in the disputed areas, to hold the borders and to manage the border crossings. These are constitutional powers that were given to the government. There are precautionary measures to block any future secessionist move, as was the case in the referendum,” he said.
“We seek to accept the agreement, but our forces will have to respond and we hope to raise the voice of wisdom from the leaders of the region and avoid confrontation,” he said, referring to “international support for the extension of federal control in Iraq.”
On the upcoming elections, a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said that “the government is seeking fair and objective elections according to constitutional merit.”
On the intention of the government to prevent the participation of popular factions in the elections, al-Hadithi said that “after the declaration of complete victory on the da’eef we do not want the militarization of society, and it is incorrect to nominate a person in a military body politically in any elections, and this can not be by law and the Constitution.”
And about the financial budget for the next year said: There are still some procedures that must be completed for the draft budget and the Council of Ministers is about to finish them and submit to the parliament “likely” to make changes in it. ”

Trend Press publishes the decisions of Iraq’s meeting with the International Monetary Fund

01/11/2017 10:01

Direction Press / Special

The report of IMF experts on Article IV consultations of 2017 for the second review under the three-year credit agreement.

According to the report published by “Trend Press”, in which the Fund requested exemption from the declaration of non-compliance with performance standards and request exemption from the condition of their application and the amendment of performance standards.

The economic adviser to the Prime Minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Iraq received $ 4 billion from international institutions supporting.

Saleh said in a press statement on Wednesday, “Trend Press,” The negotiations of the Iraqi government with the International Monetary Fund has led to grant Iraq $ 2 billion dollars in the past 18 months. ”

Saleh added that “the IMF pledged to pay $ 5.5 billion over a specified period of time, in addition to receiving a loan of two billion dollars from the World Bank for a total of 4 billion dollars.”

“Saleh said that” Iraq’s meetings with the IMF focused on reducing the fiscal deficit resulting from the almost total dependence on oil resources financial without activating other resources. ”

“The continuation of negotiations between the Iraqi government and the International Monetary Fund has led to positive results, especially in the process of tightening the federal budget and its focus towards important economic points.”


A leader in the popular crowd: We are preparing to break into the existing during the next few hours

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Baghdad – Mawazine News

The commander of the second brigade in the popular crowd Karim al-Khakani, Wednesday, that the military units are preparing to storm the district of Qaim, west of Anbar, within a few hours to free him from the control of the organization calling the terrorist.

“The popular crowd now stands close to the city of Qaim, which is represented in three main areas, namely Husaybah, Karbala and Sa’ada,” Khakani said, according to a statement by the crowd. “The popular crowd and the security forces liberated the electricity, T1) and many other areas. ”

He added that “the popular mobilization forces are preparing to break into Al-Qaim and its areas in the coming hours.”

On Wednesday, the army launched a number of strikes against terrorist organizations in the villages of Saada and Karbala, near al-Qaim district, west of Al-Anbar, and destroyed it completely.


Gold prices rise amid anticipation of the statement of the US Central Bank

Release Date: 2017/11/1 15:50 

{International: Al Furat News} Gold prices rose on Wednesday as market participants awaited the Federal Reserve’s statement to pick up indicators on the bank’s monetary policy after a two-day meeting.

Markets are also closely watching the Fed’s next choice, the Bank of England’s monetary policy meeting on Thursday and US jobs data on Friday. 

By 0758 GMT, spot gold rose 0.3 percent to $ 1275.36 an ounce. 

Gold futures for December delivery rose 0.5 percent to $ 12766.50 an ounce. 

The dollar steadied against a basket of currencies as Asian stocks jumped to a 10-year high supported by strong global economic growth. 

Among other precious metals, silver rose 1.2 percent to $ 16.88 an ounce. 

Platinum rose 1.4 percent to $ 928.40 an ounce. 

Palladium rose 1.3 percent to $ 992.47 an ounce, after hitting a two-week high of $ 995.90 an ounce earlier on Wednesday.