The Council of Ministers holds its regular session chaired by Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi


The Council of Ministers held its regular session on Tuesday 31 October 2017 under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi.
During the meeting, the vote on the allocation of a sum of 5 billion dinars from the emergency reserves of the Ministry of Municipalities in preparation for the rainy season, and vote on the allocations and payment of dues cleaning Basra province.

The vote on the project of smart industrial parties, voting on the establishment of an advanced rehabilitation center for the wounded and people with special needs, voting on the marketing of the crop and the amendment of paragraph 1 of item III of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 409 of 2009 on the formation of a high committee to manage the policy of poverty alleviation.

The vote on the cancellation of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 167 of 2011 on the suspension of payment of wages for watering agricultural land, in addition to the vote on a decision to limit the import of electrical appliances with high consumption of electric power, and vote on a decision in respect of revenue collection of electricity charges to bear the distribution of electric power 15 percent of the loan from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation through a loan from the Iraqi Bank for Trade in the payment of the fee of collection.

It also voted on the obligation of ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry that did not comply or with the same poor response to the implementation of the Council of Ministers Resolution 2016 paragraph 1 on the need to reduce the proportion of 50 percent of the current consumption of all facilities of electricity and the Ministry of Electricity report on the consumption of the above for taking procedures Necessary.

The Council voted to update the national housing policy in Iraq. The vote was also taken by the ministries and all government agencies to add the system of liquid gas to the vehicles belonging to it and working with gasoline in coordination with the Ministry of Oil in order to set a timetable for completion of this and give discounts for imported vehicles and 50% On the gas system in terms of reducing the rates of deduction of customs, which is 15 percent of the value of the imported vehicle as well as the tax rate, which represents 25 percent of the value of customs fees and taxis by adding liquid gas system and oblige the Ministry of Commerce not to import the garage Pat that does not work with liquid gas fuel.
Also voted on the abolition of the Supreme Committee to follow the bird flu and the Ministry of Agriculture and the provinces all the provisions of the Animal Health Law No. 32 of 2013 in all matters related to diseases and epidemics of animals, and each according to the competence determined by law.

The Council of Ministers approved the draft law of the Social Fund for Development, a fund with a moral personality linked to the Prime Minister and aims to contribute to the achievement of sustainable and comprehensive development in local communities and support them and enable them to improve the living situation and access to basic services will be funded by the government and receive grants and donations and others.

It was also voted on the date of the parliamentary elections on 15 May 2018 and the federal government provides a safe environment for the elections and the return of displaced persons to their regions and that the voting electronically and the parties that are running armed wings.

Prime Minister ‘s Media Office 
1 October 2017


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