Has the popular crowd stopped its military operations in Qaim?




Monday 30 October 2017 5:45 pm

BAGHDAD / The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (MPC) MP Ahmad al-Asadi said on Monday that the first page of the liberation of Al-Qaim had been closed.

“The first page of the liberation operations of the city of Al-Qaim was completed yesterday, where the city was cordoned off and all the units arrived at the sites that were planned for them,” al-Asadi said. “The second page of the liberation operations was scheduled to start today, Which prevents air traffic and operation in a desert area and is one of the most affected areas of dust storms, which greatly hinder the operation and make it almost halting.

He stressed that “all military sectors are present in the locations of operations and will continue to advance the start of the second page of operations to liberate Al-Qaim and Rawa and secure the Iraqi-Syrian border in this region.” Finished



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