The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan confirms the ceasefire between the Peshmerga and the federal

Release date: 2017/10/27 19:11 • 83 times read
The spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Giyath al-Surji, said on Friday that the clashes “temporarily” between the federal forces and the Peshmerga in all areas of the Nineveh Plain areas have been stopped.
Al-Surji said in a press statement that “the international coalition to start negotiations with Erbil and Baghdad to stop the fire and prevent any clash and reach peaceful solutions between the parties,” stressing “to stop the clashes in the areas of Nineveh Plain temporarily.”
Al-Surji said that “negotiations are underway between Baghdad and Erbil on the disputed areas,” expressing “the hope that the federal forces and Peshmerga reach peaceful solutions and we reject the fighting and the use of violence between the brothers.”
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered a 24-hour suspension of federal forces to allow a joint technical team to deploy troops on the international border and in all disputed areas without bloodshed.
The spokesman for the International Alliance, confirmed earlier in the day, the lack of agreement between the federal forces and Peshmerga on the cease-fire.
Heavy clashes took place on Thursday between the Peshmerga and the federal forces heading to the Fishkhabur crossing to secure the pipeline linking the Turkish port of Ceyhan.



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