UN Security Council calls on Baghdad and Erbil to dialogue according to a timetable and refrain from any escalation measures and stresses the need to respect Iraq’s sovereignty and maintain its unity



New York / Mohamed Tariq / Anatolia: The UN Security Council on Thursday expressed deep concern about the escalation of tension and violence between Baghdad and Erbil.

He called on the two sides to refrain from any measures leading to escalation between them and engage in dialogue according to an agreed timetable.

This came in remarks made by the President of the Security Council, “Francois Dlater”, told reporters, after a closed consultations of the Council (called by France and Sweden) on the current tension between Baghdad and Erbil.

The French ambassador said that all representatives of Member States expressed “deep concern over the escalation of tension and violence between the federal government in Baghdad and the Peshmerga forces.”

He pointed out that the members of the Security Council, demanded “both sides to refrain from the use of force and engage in dialogue, according to an agreed timetable, and stop escalation.”

“The Council noted that the two sides have expressed their readiness for dialogue, and we feel encouraged by it, and stress the need to respect Iraq’s sovereignty and preserve its unity,” he said.

Tension between the Iraqi federal government and the administration of the northern region escalated following the last referendum on secession on 25 September.

During a security crackdown in mid-October, Iraqi forces seized control of most of the disputed areas with northern Iraq, including the northern province of Kirkuk, with little resistance from Peshmerga forces.

But sporadic violent clashes have been taking place between the two sides for three days in the areas of Tammas, the provinces of Nineveh (north) and Kirkuk.



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