Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi receives a telephone call from the US Secretary of State


During the meeting, they discussed the developments of the military operations against the terrorist gangs and the launching of the liberation operation in addition to the redeployment of the federal forces in Kirkuk and the rest of the regions and the political and security situation.

Mr. Tillerson blessed the launch of the operation, asserting that Iraqi forces are able to resolve the battle and eliminate the gangs.

Tillerson stressed his country’s support for the unity of Iraq and its understanding of the imposition of federal authority in the province of Kirkuk and other areas, pointing to the importance of cooperation with the federal authority and the emphasis on dialogue within the framework of the Iraqi constitution.

Dr. Haider al-Abadi stressed that the priority is still for the battle against Daqash, and today the process of liberating Al-Qaim started and we are determined to eliminate the preacher and resolve the battle soon.

He added that the government is determined to implement the law and the constitution in all regions, and the Kurdistan region committed to hand over the border crossings and airports to the federal authority, pointing out that the redeployment and imposition of federal authority legal and constitutional action and we are keen on the security of citizens in those areas.

Prime Minister ‘s Media Office
2 7 – Oct – 2017



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