agreement between the Alپeshmrگh and Iraqi forces to stop fighting and calm in Zammar

An agreement between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi forces to stop the fighting and calm in Zammar
 Twilight News    
 20 minutes ago

The clashes in Zammar, northwest of Mosul, have temporarily stopped between Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga following a lull in the fighting between the federal government and Kurdish military leaders, a security source said Thursday.
A delegation from the central government arrived in Zammar on an Iraqi helicopter to negotiate again with the Kurdish military leaders for the redeployment of federal security forces north of Zammar within the disputed areas, and then access to the border crossing of Fishkhabur.
For his part, said an official in the Democratic Party of Kurdistan that there are pieces (military forces) not agreed entered into the disputed areas in the Nineveh Plain, causing increased differences between the parties and the outbreak of clashes.
Ismat Rajab, head of the 14th branch of the Democratic Party, said that ”
He explained that these violations occurred in particular in the areas of Nineveh Plain after the agreement to withdraw peshmerga from these areas.
Rajab added, “We agreed that there is no specific party within these areas in order to maintain harmony between the different nationalities and religions known in these administrative units.”



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