The crowd announces its participation in the battles to restore western Anbar

The leader of the popular crowd, Col. Hussein al-Azzawi, announced Tuesday the participation of the crowd in the judicial editing operations of Rawah and al-Qaim, stressing that the popular crowd will be at the forefront of the security forces involved in the liberation of western Anbar.
“The Imam Ali Brigade and Al-Buraq Brigade, who are part of the popular crowd, will participate with the security forces in the judicial editing of Rawah and al-Qaim, west of Anbar,” al-Azzawi told the Journal News.
“The popular crowd has a system of missiles, special forces to break into the buildings, an experience in the street war and confront a hasty organization.”

He explained that “the popular crowd, will evacuate the civilians from the confrontation sites with Daash, and transfer them to other areas and centers for their accommodation.”

“The crowd is preparing all its factions to provide food, humanitarian and medical services to provide urgently needed displaced families,” he said.

Earlier, security forces released Okashat from the organization calling on the terrorist.


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