Abadi is planning a promising Iraqi future


25/10/2017 12:00 am

Ali Al-Hamashi

It is perhaps the first time that the Iraqi public has sensed that it is pursuing a strategic vision stemming from a well-defined Iraqi interest. At a steady pace of confidence, unlike what we have experienced over the past 10 years, most politicians lack clarity of their priorities and their words match their actions.

But a lot of evidence during the past years revealed a fluctuation in political performance to the degree of action according to the desire of others, or try to harmonize with the vision of the other, or begging the support of the street for directions and decisions in anticipation of support and electoral gain.
The past years have proved that we need a politician who has the right courage to declare the people in reality, no matter how bitter he is, or to take decisions that are not accepted and supported by the street, although ultimately they bear fruit and benefit the people and the state.
Abadi, the heart of this equation, and since the beginning of negotiations in the formation of the government to this day, managed to make decisions in accordance with a national vision devoid of immediate interests narrow, but the basis of the first and last interest of Iraq, especially in the most important and most dangerous files that are security and economic files.
The examples of this are many, especially those related to the war of liberation against the gangs, which called for terror, which everyone, in the forefront of which the Americans bet, would be a long war that may take ten years or more, and some even consider containing or accommodating an advocate and negotiating with it,
on her.
But the vision of slavery was boldly different, as it stems from a great confidence in the capabilities and capabilities of Iraq, which Abadi provided ground to start and work, driven by the will to implement the vision that turned the balance.
Most of the occupied lands were liberated. The land was liberated. A legend that has intimidated some came to the fore. We can say that a military force has ended, and we are still seeking to eliminate or undermine its terrorism.
On the economic level, Abadi’s priorities were to stop the unjustified depletion of state resources, to reduce the gap between the salaries of senior officials and their young ones, and to adopt economic reform clauses that contributed to achieving economic balance, reducing expenditures, halting waste and depleting resources.
Country .
Abadi distinguished himself from another man as a practical man who says what he does and does what he says, and works quietly.



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