Security forces advance 5km in al-Qaim desert


October 23 2017 10:41 PM
Security forces advance 5km in al-Qaim desert
Security forces advance 5km in al-Qaim desert

Iraqi security forces have advanced 5km deep into al-Qaim desert in western Anbar, a well informed source said on Monday.

ISIS terrorists showed no signs of resistance as they fled the area before storming it.

Intelligence sources said that there are a lot of disputes and defections among ISIS ranks in al-Qaim.

Sources also revealed that Iraqi warplanes are providing the aerial coverage for the ground troops advancing in Anbar western desert.


Pavel Talabani: We want a radical change in the party Barzani and do not require dialogue with Baghdad {expanded}


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Baghdad: The son of former President of the Republic, leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Pavel Jalal Talabani, the lack of preconditions to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, to start dialogue with Baghdad, while stressing the need for a radical change of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.
“We must rely on dialogue as a single way to resolve the crisis of Kurdistan and Kirkuk with Baghdad,” he said in an interview with Al-Furat satellite channel. “The National Union believes in meeting, dialogue and cooperation, but what disappointed us is the lack of unity among Kurdish leaders On change and dialogue. ”
“I need to have a constructive dialogue with Baghdad based on the Iraqi constitution,” he said. “I am with the Baghdad government and we must stand in the middle, open some doors to dialogue and then go to solve the big problems.”
“We will start a serious dialogue with Baghdad soon, without preconditions. I am against any violence because the killing of brothers (Kurds and Arabs) is something wrong should be our strength in the Union and be our greatest solution to all outstanding problems between the region and the center.”
“I do not want to talk about these things and even bad about Massoud Barzani and no one else. What happened has happened and it has become the past that we have to talk about the future,” he said.
fact that Iraqi forces came to the city of Kirkuk to stop blood and racism in Kirkuk, and there was a meeting in Dokan and the political parties did not agree on the withdrawal of the Peshmerga forces from the province; so we went to the Kurdistan National Union to maintain Blood of the people of Kirkuk “.
“There was no prior agreement with the Iraqi government on the events of Kirkuk, but we held dialogues with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the crisis in Kurdistan,” he said, stressing “respect for all views in Kirkuk on the post of governor.”
“When we see that the status of the Kurdistan region after the referendum became worse and problems began there was a good alternative by the Americans and the British and made their initiatives, but the advisers of Massoud Barzani consulted him wrongly, and the Democrats have conducted a wrong analysis of the referendum.”
He pointed out that “we must work to choose an alternative to Barzani to lead the Kurdistan region, and there were large meetings before the referendum with Barzani and I would advise to choose the alternative before the referendum, but political leaders chose this vision and what happened today.”
He reiterated the “meeting, dialogue and cooperation, and the biggest illusion to solve all problems, especially in Kirkuk and with Western countries through constructive dialogue with Baghdad and foreigners.”
“I think that is the option of Barzani and his party, and the political parties have no choice today but to go to dialogue and to make a radical change to the Kurdistan Democratic Party,” he said.
“Barham Salih is a dear person and he is more successful in taking leadership positions within the region,” he said. “We stand against the division of the cities of Kurdistan because it is a catastrophe and the KRG and Kurdish political parties change their view and cooperate to unite Kurdistan.”
“We have good relations with Western and international countries, we have good relations with Iran and we want to build bridges of friendship also with neighboring countries and Western countries,” he said.
And the agreement on the extradition of salaries to the Peshmerga in Sulaymaniyah by the federal government that “according to my personal view there is no dialogue with the Government of Baghdad on this matter, and did not give any names for them imaginary return to dialogue with Baghdad,” revealing “I will have a close visit to Baghdad “He said.
He stressed that “the scenario to resolve the crisis between the region and the center will be through constructive dialogue with Baghdad.”
“I think we should turn back and rely on dialogue with Baghdad to communicate to solve problems,” he said, noting that “the Iraqi constitution included a paragraph that the government of the Territory is the interlocutor with the Government of Baghdad and not from Shan Kurdish party to talk to Baghdad. ”
“The Kurdish parties have taken the wrong steps and bad things that they have brought to the Kurdish people,” he said. “I am a modest person but my biggest enemy is serving my party and all Kurds and positions.
“I am a Kurd and the first person since the establishment of an anti-terrorist organization in the region, I have experience in the military field and I left the Kurdistan region and I have no responsibility in the Peshmerga forces.
“I want to send my message to all the political parties and leaders that the political leaders in the region made big mistakes and they had an alternative to avoid what is happening today and unfortunately all their steps were wrong,” he told the Kurdish parties and leaders.
He pointed out that “my message is simple that the military escalation is not a good option and the biggest option through dialogue and Kurds and Arabs is not an enemy of some of them and must sit at the dialogue table and the Kurds unite with each other to continue the dialogue.”

Parliamentary Finance intends to activate a proposed law to amend the salary scale of employees

Baghdad – October 23 – The Finance Committee of the Parliament announced that it is in the process of activating the draft law amending the salary scale of employees and parallel salaries in all ministries and agencies.



Committee member Majida al-Tamimi said in a statement that it “submitted a proposal to amend the salary scale of employees in all ministries in 2011 when the Prime Minister Haider Abadi as head of the parliamentary finance committee.”



Tamimi added that “the committee formed a mini committee of its members to complete all the amendments and received a response from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to delay the passage of the proposal until the submission of a draft amendment of the central government,” noting that “the Committee bothered the matter and stopped the project at the time, despite the collection of more than 80 signatures by Members of Parliament on the amendment. “



She pointed out that “the committee is re-moving the amendment and activate it in preparation for passing by the House of Representatives,” noting that “the amendment includes raising the minimum salaries in some ministries to be parallel to ministries with high salaries to prevent mobility between ministries.”



Tamimi explained that “the salary after the adjustment will be calculated wages of housing allowances and wages of electricity and water and inflation in the markets and the exchange rate of dinar and purchasing power to ensure a salary is sufficient to ensure all the requirements of middle life.” Finished

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi receives US Secretary of State and his accompanying delegation


October – 2017-22
Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi received in his office Monday US Secretary of State Rex Tilerson and his accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, they discussed enhancing bilateral cooperation in various fields, the war against terrorism and the measures of the Iraqi government to impose the federal authority in the province of Kirkuk, in addition to the political and security situation.

Dr. Haider al-Abadi stressed that the fight against terrorism is still a priority for us and we will continue to liberate the rest of the areas and secure the borders.

He pointed out that what we have done in Kirkuk was the redeployment and imposition of state authority, which is legal and constitutional procedures. We do not want to fight with any component, all of them our sons, and we sent this message to Kirkuk that the Kurdish citizens are dear Iraqis and we deal with them like the rest of the country.

He explained the Iraqi initiative and vision of the five-point region, which is based on development, security, rather than differences and wars, and giving hope to young people.

On the popular crowd, Dr. Haider al-Abbadi said that the Popular Popular fighters are Iraqi fighters who fought terrorism and defended their country and made sacrifices that contributed to victory over the da’eef. He pointed out that the popular crowd is an official institution within the state institutions, and that the Iraqi constitution does not allow the existence of armed groups outside the state, Stressing that we should encourage the fighters of the crowd because they will be the hope of the country and the region.

Mr. Tillerson, for his part, blessed the victories achieved by the preacher, describing what the Iraqi forces had done as a great work.

Tillerson said that Washington with the unity of Iraq and the importance of adherence to the Constitution, stressing his country’s keenness to dialogue according to the Constitution and stay away from any Saddam.

Tillerson said strengthening security and stability was crucial in Iraq and hoped for more cooperation in all fields, including economic activities.

Prime Minister ‘s Media Office
3 – Oct – 2017

after meeting Kosert and Hero .. Bahaa Eddin sends an urgent call

After meeting with Kosert and Hero .. Bahaa Eddin sends an urgent call
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The secretary-general of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Salahuddin Bahauddin, in separate meetings with the deputy secretary-general of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and his leadership, Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed, on Monday to the need for all political parties to reorganize themselves in order to find an urgent solution to the problems suffered by Territory.
A statement by the office of the Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union said that the meeting between Bahaeddin and Kosrat Rasool indicated the need for all political parties to reorganize themselves in order to find an urgent solution to the problems and face the challenges.
He added that the two sides discussed in detail about the political situation in the Kurdistan region and the stage after the invasion of the popular crowd and the Iraqi army “of the Kurdistan region outside the region,” referring to the disputed areas, adding that they condemned this behavior.
He said Bahaauddin met during his visit to Sulaymaniyah with the leadership of the Patriotic Union Hero Ibrahim Ahmed (the wife of the late Iraqi President Jalal Talabani) and discussed the political situation in the Kurdistan region, Iraq and the region.
The statement said that after the events of 16 – 10 – 2017 and the attack of the Iraqi army and the popular crowd on the city of Kirkuk and other areas all the political parties in the region must deal with this situation, calling for everyone to have a vision and one position on all issues.