The start of the pre-bombing operation in the district of Rawh, west of Anbar


Anbar province, the leader of the Anbar province, Sheikh Qatri al-Samarmed, Sunday, announced the start of pre-artillery shelling and air raid on the district of Rawah west of Anbar in preparation for liberation.

Al-Sammar said in a statement to “sng” that “heavy artillery and air raids targeted the supply lines of criminal gangs and places of their presence in the district of Rawah west of Anbar province, in preparation for a large-scale ground offensive to restore this area, which has been controlled by the criminal organization for more than three years, .

He added that “the bombing focused on specific targets within the city center and at the entrances in a move aimed at destroying the arsenal of the elements of gangs, calling the criminal before the storming by the security forces.”

“The area has been subjected to artillery and air bombardment, which is the most violent since the elements of the criminal organization.”


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