Rafidain reopens its branches in Beni



Economy News _ Baghdad

Rafidain Bank announced the reopening of its branches in Hamdania and Bartleh province Nineveh, after closing since in 2014 with the control of the Dahesh province.
“The branch opening ceremony was attended by the governor of Nineveh, the provincial police chief and a number of officials, dignitaries and tribal sheikhs,” the bank’s media office said in a statement received by Al-Iktissad News.
He pointed out that “the opening of branches of the bank in the province will contribute significantly to revive the economic movement after a recession paralyzed its trade movement, which will significantly reduce the burden of employees and retirees across Nineveh, receiving the accumulated amounts instead of going to the capital, and the bank will stimulate banking transactions for citizens Maintain and provide the best banking services for them.



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