Supreme Council praises the imposition of security in Kirkuk and calls Kurdish leaders to dialogue with Baghdad

Release date: 2017/10/20 13:07 

(Karbala: Euphrates News) praised the supreme religious authority, good behavior in the imposition of security and the federal authority in the province of Kirkuk, “calling” Kurdish leaders to dialogue with the federal government according to the Constitution.

“Everyone knows the latest developments in the political and security arena and the redeployment of the Iraqi army and the federal police in the province of Kirkuk and some other regions, and we express our high appreciation,” said the representative of the supreme authority in Karbala Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai in his Friday sermon delivered from inside the courtyard. The good behavior of the various parties to complete this process peacefully and avoid the armed clash between the dear brothers who have long worked side by side in the fight against terrorism Daashi. ” 

“We want to emphasize that this important event should not be counted as a victory for one party and a break for another. It is a victory for all Iraqis, whether it is used for the country’s interests without personal or sectarian interests,” he said. 

He pointed out that “the Iraqis, with their various components of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and others, have to live with each other on this precious land. They have no chance of building a better tomorrow in which they will enjoy security, stability, prosperity and wellbeing, but with the concerted effort of all to solve the problems accumulated over the past years based on justice. Fairness and equality among all Iraqis in the rights and duties and build confidence between them away from the tendencies of authoritarian and ethnic or sectarianism and the adoption of the Constitution, which is despite the shortcomings of the contract, which was accepted by most Iraqis when the referendum must be respected and take care of all And its provisions unless modified in accordance with the mechanism provided for therein. ”

“We appeal to all, especially political leaders and elites, to strengthen national unity on constitutional grounds and to strengthen the bonds of love among the Iraqi people by ensuring the interests of all without exception and avoiding retaliation with recent events, easing tension in the common areas and facilitating the return of the displaced, To their homes and to preserve public and private property without encroachment and to suppress any manifestations that suggest racism or sectarianism, whether by publishing video or audio clips, or by raising banners or slogans, burning pictures or flags or otherwise. ” 

He called on the concerned parties to take appropriate measures to prosecute those who carry out these immoral acts that harm the peace and coexistence between the people of this country and call on the federal government to do more to reassure the Kurdish citizens that it will employ all its energies in order to protect and care on an equal basis with the rest of Iraq. Their constitutional rights nothing. ” 

The representative of the Supreme Reference also called on “the Kurdish leaders to unite their ranks and work to overcome the current crisis through cooperation with the federal government on the basis of constitutional hope that this will lead to solutions fair and convincing for all.”


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