Find out what areas Iraqi forces have controlled in Kirkuk


Arab World News

Find out what areas Iraqi forces have controlled in Kirkuk

Iraqi forces in central Kirkuk

Iraqi forces managed to take control of most of Kirkuk within hours, from the south of the city to its center.

The forces involved in the operation included the Counter-Terrorism Bureau, the Rapid Response Squad, the Federal Police, the popular crowd and others.

These forces were able to restore the most important vital military, economic and administrative positions in the province of control of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, including:

  • Kirkuk Governorate Building
  • Key-Wen rule
  • Baba Karkar oil fields
  • Bay oil fields good
  • North Oil Company
  • North Gas Plant
  • Kirkuk Power Plant
  • Kirkuk Airport (Freedom Base)
  • Khalid Bridge Crossing and Riyadh Road Checkpoint
  • Khaled and Maryam Pick Office
  • Al-Rashad Road – Maryam Bek
  • Industrial District
  • Yaiji Prefecture
  • Lillian area

Source: Agencies



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