Sheikh Mohammed accuses Barzani of fabricating “dirty war”


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Aram Sheikh Mohammed on Monday accused the leadership of the Kurdish region of waging a dirty war in Kirkuk and northern Iraq on grounds of the alleged establishment of the Kurdish state, noting that the establishment of the state was imposed for the personal and party interests of a few people.

“The leadership of the Kurdistan region bears the consequences of a dirty war in Kirkuk and northern Iraq on the grounds of the alleged establishment of the Kurdish state,” Sheikh Mohammad said.

“This dirty war, which was imposed because of the referendum and the lie of establishing the Kurdish state, came to the personal and partisan interests of a few people,” he said.

Joint Iraqi forces, supported by popular mobilization factions, moved to carry out redeployments in positions under their control prior to the June 9, 2017 events.


The opening of the Baghdad International Fair at its 44th session next week



From 2017-10-16 at 18:57 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

Minister of Commerce Salman Jumaili said on Monday that next week the Baghdad International Fair will be opened at its 44th session, while the exhibition is the biggest economic phenomenon to attract international companies.
“The next week will witness the opening of the Baghdad International Fair in the 44th session with the participation of local, Arab and international,” Jumaili said in a statement received by Mawazine News.
“The exhibition will be attended by more than 18 countries and 300 Arab and international companies,” he said, adding that the exhibition is the biggest economic phenomenon to attract international companies and entice them to participate in the campaign of reconstruction and construction after the completion of the liberation of all lands.

The Ministry of Commerce announced earlier on Wednesday (September 20, 2017) the participation of great powers and large companies in the Baghdad International Fair in its 44th session under the slogan (“We liberated our land and with your cooperation with us”) for the period from 21/10 to 30/10 /2017.and ended29/345


Kirkuk’s new governor: Police will be exclusively in charge of the security file in the province


Since 2017-10-16 at 19:14 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The governor of Kirkuk, an agency, Rakan Said al-Jubouri, on Monday, that the local police will take over exclusively the management of the security file in the province, while calling the families that left the province to return to their homes.

Jubouri said in a press conference attended by the reporter / Mawazin News / that “the police will take over exclusively the management of the security file in the province,” calling on citizens in Kirkuk to “not firing shots in the air.”

He added that “everyone should leave the people of Kirkuk to manage themselves in this difficult situation and do not make us problems,” and called on the people of Kirkuk to “cooperate with the province and the security forces and unite together to serve the city.”

He stressed that “the services will all return to Kirkuk and tomorrow we will meet service circles,” he told the directors of the departments to “go to their departments tomorrow and provide services to citizens.”

“We arrived in Kirkuk at late hours, and there are interruptions in a certain current will be addressed tomorrow,” he said, stressing the importance of citizen cooperation in maintaining security.

Regarding the news that some media outlets reported on issuing an arrest warrant against the governor of Kirkuk, Najmuddin Karim, al-Jubouri said, “I have not heard of a warrant for the arrest of the former governor, and this is not my specialty,” stressing that “all that is happening is political differences, about her”.

The Cabinet decided today to assign the Deputy Governor of Kirkuk, Necmettin Karim, Rakan Said Al-Jubouri, to the governor’s functions temporarily until the selection of a new governor.


Iraqi bank economy receives the award of excellence in wise management

Iraqi bank receives the award of excellence in wise management
one hour ago

The International Development Bank (DFID) won the Excellence Award for Wise Management at a ceremony held in the Jordanian capital of Amman under the theme of Innovation and Excellence for Financial Institutions and Entrepreneurship 2017, which was awarded by Princess Taghreed Foundation for Development and Training and sponsored by the Union of Arab Banks based in Jordan.
The award was received by Ziad Khalaf, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank. He was considered one of five distinguished personalities in the Arab region to receive the Excellence Award in the wise management in Iraq. The award was awarded as a result of the strategy adopted by the Bank’s management in practicing the latest banking technologies. The staff of the bank are employees to be competitors of international banks according to sound banking rules followed.
The Development Bank is the first bank to receive this award from among the banks operating in Iraq, and the Iraqi banking system consists of 62 banks, including 7 government banks, one of which is a newly established Islamic.


Barham Saleh’s alliance calls for the formation of a transitional government in the region and dialogue with Baghdad


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[Baghdad: Al Furat News]
The Alliance for Democracy and Justice, led by the former leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh, called for the formation of a transitional government in the Kurdistan region, in order to conduct dialogue with the central government in Baghdad.
“Coalition for Democracy and Justice calls for the cessation of military operations in Kirkuk and the withdrawal of security forces to calm the situation,” coalition spokesman Ribwar Karim Mahmoud said in a statement published today.
He stressed that “the parties concerned with the crisis, especially the federal government, to prevent any violation against the rights of citizens in these areas,” noting that “the current situation in Kirkuk, is not borne by the Peshmerga forces, which defeated the reasons, but is the result of political risks and unrealistic steps that Did not take into account the interests of the people. ”
Mahmoud explained that “the current situation is also the product of the attempts of corrupt to cover the looting and looting in the name of Kirkuk and Kurdish nationalism, and we must support the Peshmerga forces, to support the will to defend the homeland and the people.”
He pointed out that the Alliance for Democracy and Justice calls for direct dialogue between the representatives of the people of Kurdistan and Baghdad, and it is necessary that the international coalition and neighboring countries to play their positive role to stop the chaos and bloodshed of the citizens of this country. ”
The statement stressed that” The formation of a transitional government in Kurdistan and its function of a constructive dialogue with Baghdad, until the holding of fair elections in the Kurdistan region. ”

Postponement of the session of the Parliament of Kurdistan to an unknown time



The Presidency of the Parliament of Kurdistan has announced on Sunday the holding of the third regular session on Wednesday.
It is noteworthy that the joint federal forces, started since last night, the process of restoring control of the disputed areas with the Kurdistan region, where the process began to enter Kirkuk and control of oil wells and important vital installations, as well as control of Jalawla and Qara Tuba and areas in the Nineveh Plain.
The operation witnessed a political escalation by the Kurdish leaders. The governor of Erbil and Kirkuk called on the citizens to take up arms and get to the street. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi urged the citizens to cooperate with the security forces and continue their work in the official circles.
During the operation clashes between the federal forces and Peshmerga, killing and wounding more than 40 elements of the Peshmerga, in an initial outcome.
The leadership of the Peshmerga forces responded to the operation in a statement accusing the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan of “treachery” and described the federal forces as “under the command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.” She pointed out that the “Ebadi government” will pay the tax.

Find out what areas Iraqi forces have controlled in Kirkuk


Arab World News

Find out what areas Iraqi forces have controlled in Kirkuk

Iraqi forces in central Kirkuk

Iraqi forces managed to take control of most of Kirkuk within hours, from the south of the city to its center.

The forces involved in the operation included the Counter-Terrorism Bureau, the Rapid Response Squad, the Federal Police, the popular crowd and others.

These forces were able to restore the most important vital military, economic and administrative positions in the province of control of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, including:

  • Kirkuk Governorate Building
  • Key-Wen rule
  • Baba Karkar oil fields
  • Bay oil fields good
  • North Oil Company
  • North Gas Plant
  • Kirkuk Power Plant
  • Kirkuk Airport (Freedom Base)
  • Khalid Bridge Crossing and Riyadh Road Checkpoint
  • Khaled and Maryam Pick Office
  • Al-Rashad Road – Maryam Bek
  • Industrial District
  • Yaiji Prefecture
  • Lillian area

Source: Agencies