Urgent policy .. Kurdistan Regional Government issued an official response to Baghdad

 Twilight News    

 40 minutes ago
The spokesman for the Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Sunday evening, a statement by the Office of Information of the Iraqi Prime Minister after a meeting on Sunday, the Prime Minister with the Council of Ministers of National Security, including a number of charges for the Kurdistan region, including the collection of troops and the deployment of fighters from the Labor Party Kurdish Kurdistan in Kirkuk and the imposition of the status quo and prevent the return of displaced persons.
The spokesman for the provincial government, Sven Dzai in a statement published by the government and was seen by the twilight News, “The party that threatens to use force against the Kurdistan region and sets the deadlines for the exit and withdrawal of the government from the areas that the Iraqi army handed them to the Peshmerga and maintained by the Peshmerga, Calling the terrorist, is the Iraqi government and the popular crowd and not the Kurdistan region. ”
“The referendum of the Kurdistan region, which voted for 92 percent of the people of Kurdistan positively and participated in all its components and political parties and orientations showed the truth firmly that the process was democratic and civilian and expressed the will of all the people of Kurdistan and not a certain party as the Iraqi government claim



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