Kurdistan Region submits proposals to Baghdad with the oil file


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The Ministry of Natural Resources and Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Friday, a five-point proposal to resolve the problem of oil exports between Erbil and Baghdad.
According to a statement issued by the ministry, issued yesterday evening, the ministry’s proposal to resolve the crisis included the following points:
1 that pay the Iraqi government salaries of employees and workers in the Kurdistan region, the Peshmerga forces, police, Asayish, and retirees, amounting to a monthly [915 billion Iraqi dinars].
2 – Baghdad believes the operating budget of the Kurdistan region, amounting to 17% of the total oil revenues in Iraq for use in the operation of refineries and power plants.
3 Baghdad believes the operational budget of the Kurdistan region, amounting to 17% of the federal operating budget, [apart from the budget and salaries].
4 – The Iraqi government guarantees payment of financial dues to international companies that work in the field of oil production in Kurdistan according to the contracts concluded so that companies continue to produce oil and achieve profits.
5 – Or the Government of the Territory put forward a proposal “easy” is: to grant the Government of the Territory 17% of the total oil production in Iraq and Kurdistan and the Government of the Territory to implement the above points themselves.
Iraq last week submitted a formal request to Iran and Turkey in dealing with the federal government exclusively with regard to border ports and the closure of all ports with these two countries until the receipt of management by the federal government as well as the suspension of all commercial dealings, especially on the export of oil and sale with the Kurdistan region, Dealing with this file with the Iraqi federal government exclusively because of the province to referendum for separation.
Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi on Tuesday called on North Oil companies, the oil projects company and the ministry’s pipeline company to put forward an urgent plan to repair the Baghdad-owned pipeline to export crude oil from Kirkuk fields to the Turkish port of Ceyhan away from Kurdistan.


Washington says it is monitoring the situation in Kirkuk with interest and working to prevent any conflict


 Washington says it is carefully monitoring the situation in Kirkuk and is working to prevent any conflict
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US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse said on Friday that the United States is closely monitoring the tension between the Iraqi and Kurdish authorities around Kirkuk and is working to ensure that it does not escalate.

“We are working for that, the US secretary of state is leading (efforts), but my forces … are also working to ensure that we keep any possibility of a conflict off the table,” Matisse told reporters.

“Everyone is still focused on defeating the Islamic state, we can not fight now, we do not want to develop into a shooting situation,” Matisse said in response to a question on the message he was sending to the Iraqi and Kurdish authorities.


Al-Nusseiri hails the Central Bank’s actions in developing and reforming the banking sector



Economy News _ Baghdad

The economic and banking adviser, Samir Nusairi, praised the developmental and reform measures carried out by the Central Bank of Iraq two years ago to meet the challenges faced by Iraqi banks because of the economic and financial crisis experienced by Iraq.

Al-Nusairi said during his participation in the symposium held by the Higher Institute for Accounting and Financial Studies at the University of Baghdad entitled “The requirements of financial and monetary reform in Iraq under the direction of the International Monetary Fund” and attended by “Economy News”, “The Central Bank of Iraq has taken the measures of evolution and reform two years ago to meet the challenges Which suffer from the Iraqi banks because of the economic and financial crisis experienced by Iraq because of falling oil prices and the war on terrorism and structural and structural imbalance in the management of the economy, “noting that” despite the Central Bank to prepare and launch a strategy for the years (201) 6-2020), which included primary and secondary objectives to achieve financial stability and develop the banking system in accordance with new mechanisms and work points, but this does not prevent the Bank from adopting visions and proposals through the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance to analyze the current and expected financial position of the banks (2017-2020) To activate the economic cycle in all areas and to develop a proactive plan to prevent bankruptcy and the collapse of some banks and the maintenance of the wheel of banking under the current circumstances and the use of new mechanisms and tools for monetary policy applications.

He added that “the current banking financing structure is plagued by many failures and obstacles and in order to increase credit and total funding from banks and to activate their contribution to various aspects of investment and reconstruction and to push the development process and move the economic cycle in Iraq, we see a serious step is to re-examine the policy of lending and bank financing and activating the optimization of financing private projects Small and medium as a social and economic objective with special priority and urgent and that the Central Bank of Iraq has an effective supervisory and supervisory role. “

He pointed out “the importance of activating the role of government banks, specialized banks and private banks to provide easy loans to the private sector, national individuals and companies in accordance with the initiative of the Central Bank to finance small and medium enterprises, as well as finding solutions to the problems of taxes and accumulated benefits of the owners of projects suspended production.





US delegation in Baghdad to discuss local, regional situations


October 13 2017 02:14 PM
US delegation to discuss Erbil-Baghdad crisis
US delegation to discuss Erbil-Baghdad crisis

A US delegation arrived in Baghdad on Thursday to negotiate with the Iraqi government on the local and regional situations, officials said on Friday.


They noted that the delegation’s visit is part of strenuous efforts to give a clearer picture on the situation in Iraq to US research centers that are specialized in the geopolitics of the Middle East and Iran.


The delegation is composed of researchers and thinkers from the most prominent think tanks in the US, they pointed out.


They also said that he received members of the delegation to know their viewpoints on issues facing Iraq, including terrorism and Erbil-Baghdad crisis.


The delegation has sought Iraq’s opinion regarding Iran nuclear deal prior to White House decision on its fate of the deal. US President Donald Trump has called “worst deal ever negotiated”.


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Government of Iraq Retweeted Haider Al-Abadi

Policy of Commander-in-Chief is clear. We urge regional officials to stop their campaign of misinformation, it is reckless and dangerous

Government of Iraq added,

URGENT: Yahya is a messenger for change: There is no abnormal military movement for our military units in Kirkuk

URGENT: Yahya is a messenger for change: There is no abnormal military movement for our military units in Kirkuk


Kurdish blocs meet to discuss the return to the federal parliament and dialogue with Baghdad

aljournal October 13, 2017

Baghdad – Journal News
Kurdistan Democratic Party (PUK) MP Ashwaq al-Jaf revealed on Friday the upcoming meeting of the five Kurdish blocs, indicating that “the initial date for the meeting is Saturday.”
Jaf said in a statement to «Journal News» that “the heads of the Kurdish blocs agreed to hold a meeting to discuss the boycott of the Federal Parliament and open the door of dialogue with Baghdad.”
She added that “the next step for the Kurdish MPs is the calm and promised to be dragged behind the statements of the Commission.”
“It is hoped that the meeting will be held on Saturday in the city of Sulaymaniyah.”
The last three parliamentary sessions have seen a boycott of Kurdish deputies, preceded by measures by the parliament to the right of Kurdish deputies.
On Wednesday, the Federal Supreme Court responded to a request by the Chamber of Deputies to give opinion and opinion on the position of the deputies participating in the referendum in the Kurdistan Region, asserting that this is not within the competence contained in the Constitution and its law No. 30 of 2005.
The House of Representatives voted earlier on the formation of a parliamentary committee to follow up the subject of the referendum that took place in the Kurdistan region, and raise the names of deputies who participated in the referendum of Kurdistan to the presidency of parliament.


URGENT Joint operations deny news of launch of military operation south of Kirkuk

Editorial date: 2017/10/13 11:34 

[Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Joint Operations Command, denied by some media, denied the news of launching a military operation south of Kirkuk province.

The Joint Operations Command said in a statement to the media media received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that “our forces are still conducting the clean-up and inspection and holding in liberated areas.” 

“The media are trying to confuse the public opinion and to accuse them of taking legal action against them,” she warned, urging everyone to “be careful and take the news from their official sources.”