Economic achievement

12/10/2017 12:00 am

Mustafa Mohammed Ibrahim
Iraq economically achieved a new victory by issuing a bond (Euphrates) and comes after the issuance at the beginning of 2017 bond (Tigris) interest of 2.149 percent and the value of issuances of $ 1 million guaranteed by the US government.
The recently issued 5-year-old sovereign sovereign bond (Euphrates), with an interest rate of 6.75 percent, is paid every six months, which is lower than the international Iraqi bond that has been traded on international secondary markets since 2006 to settle the debts of the Paris Club of 2028 with a benefit of 7.6 percent.
The bond was classified by Fitch Ratings B and the number of international investment companies that submitted for purchase and competed with about 350 international investment companies carrying investment portfolios increased by more than (12) trillion dollars and have applied for the purchase of the bond (Euphrates) Including the Abu Dhabi Investment Fund and the Arab Monetary Fund. One of the most important investment companies that has offered to buy the Iraqi Al Furat is the California Education Fund, which is also one of the wealthiest funds in the American West Coast and the world.
The sale took place on Wednesday, 2017/8/2 in London by the Underwriters. The bond was registered for sale and purchase in the Irish stock market as it uses the European Union standards, which is one of the most accessible and efficient financial markets. The lowest bond category is (200) Thousand dollars and increase complications, pointing out that the interest paid half a year.
This achievement comes after the efforts exerted by the Iraqi government, especially the negotiating delegation with the International Monetary Fund on the program of credit readiness, which gives Iraq ($ 5.3 billion) after the end of the reviews with the International Monetary Fund, and the delegation worked day and night with members of the International Monetary Fund In order to impose a restriction on Iraq may be difficult to
Thus, this great economic achievement came after the victory that was achieved on (Da’ash), especially the call of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi towards the direction of economic reform and reconstruction and reconstruction of Iraq, especially the liberated areas of the desecration of criminals.
And here we can say that Iraq is able to achieve more progress and development and achievement in light of the return of confidence with the international financial institutions that are now aware that Iraq is on the verge of economic revival and has the fundamentals of basic development.



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Our heroine is heading west to free another two in Iraq , controlled by the terrorist organization Daesh a few days and announce to you the full victory

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Our heroine is heading West to edit the last two Iraq controlled by organizing a few days terrorist and ISIS announce you a complete victory


Iraq grants Damac a license to invest in central markets and execute commercial centers



Since 2017-10-11 at 22:18 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad Mawazine News

Iraq granted the investment license to DAMAC as projects for the development of central markets and the implementation of commercial market centers in accordance with the approved controls, while the Higher Construction Committee discussed the development of the port of FAO and decided to prepare a study to establish 3000 schools in all governorates.

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on Wednesday chaired a meeting of the Higher Committee for Reconstruction and Investment. The committee discussed a number of vital issues and issued the necessary decisions.

“In the area of ​​development of the port of Faw, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers decided to direct the Ministry of Transport to abide by the decisions of the Council of Ministers regarding the completion of the implementation of the port project of Faw through investment exclusively, and decided to prepare A study to establish schools with (3000) different absorption cards according to need and in all governorates, using the specialized design centers, local and foreign to develop the specifications and full details in preparation for the announcement in coordination with the concerned authorities.

The statement continued, “To proceed with the investment of central markets, the National Investment Authority decided to grant the investment license to DAMAC as projects for the development and implementation of commercial market centers in accordance with the approved regulations, and within the accelerated plan for the investment of the South Gas, the Higher Committee for Reconstruction and Investment agreed in principle to implement the three projects contained in the plan Provided by the Ministry of Oil to accommodate the associated gas to provide a detailed comparative explanation at the next meeting of the Committee, and during the meeting review the decisions of the first meeting.

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Iraqi and US banks meet in Washington

12/10/2017 12:00 am
 Baghdad / Hussein Thogb The 

presence of adults on the field of international work comes in any case, where conventional economies are not usually not important international attention of the largest economic blocs, and here comes the presence of Iraqi banks and US banks in Washington evidence of the importance of Iraq and its economy for the side The other, who is aware that the size of work in our country is large and can be employed in the financial and executive sector in more than one sector within Iraq. Preparations continue between Iraq represented by the Association of Iraqi private banks and the US States represented by the Institute of Strategic Studies, And an Iraqi-US meeting on October 18 

. Great cooperation

The Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks Ali Tariq said: “Iraq has a great international interest that can be noted by the presence of international delegations from various economic blocs important to Baghdad, there is great cooperation between the Association and the US Treasury through continuing meetings to discuss mechanisms to promote the Iraqi financial sector.”

“Strengthening the cooperation between the two sides and raising its levels to mutually beneficial levels will be the most important axes of the US-Iraqi forum in Washington,” he said in an interview with Al-Sabah. “The evolutionary plan of the association aims to raise the efficiency of human resources to international levels that will enable it to deal with The latest technologies witnessed in the international financial sector, as well as urging the banking sector to bring advanced technology that contribute to creating a field of Mali offers the best products and able to deal with the large numbers required by the construction and reconstruction and implementation projects in all cities. 

The representative of the US Treasury Department in the Embassy of his country in Baghdad to the development of the Iraqi financial sector needs to be highlighted by the media to realize all those who follow this achievement in the most important economic axis within any 

country. ” Tariq pointed out that” the forum will discuss the mechanisms of cooperation between the Iraqi banking sector and his American counterpart, which contributes to the development of the joints of domestic banking, especially as the US banks have the capabilities of technology can provide advanced bridges of cooperation to achieve great benefit to both sides of the process. “He pointed out that” The Iraqi delegation will be formed by Iraqi banks to meet with the US Treasury and major banks and the Foreign Ministry there and representatives of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund . Bridges cooperation and that “the forum includes two aspects first view and clarify the current reality of the banking sector of the American side to be a picture of the reality of all details of how the future prospects and prospects of our financial reality, the other side includes the opening of bridges of cooperation directly with US banks and this gives greater confidence to our banking sector globally because American banks have a high degree of compliance with the operations of combating money laundering and financing of terrorism and laws, “and contribute to encourage investment in Iraq and within the banking sector itself.” He stressed that “the Association aims to open prospects for cooperation in the field of capacity-building and development of the system Iraqi banking in general to reach the level that makes it at global levels. ” Economic operations To this the economist said Haider Kazem al-Baghdadi:” Iraq is in dire need to communicate with major economies and increase friction with them, which contributes to the development of our economy, “especially in the financial sector which needs a new witnessed by international banks systems and products overall operations move Alaguetsadah.onnbh that ” the Iraqi financial sector needs to activate its development role is commensurate with the capabilities of the country ‘s economic that require banking services capable of dealing with large numbers , ” pointing out that ” the Parties “The American experience is very important and makes the Iraqi banks to new tasks after the field is seen on the American experience .”

URGENT: Federal police, Iraqi army and counterterrorism forces are moving west of Anbar to liberate Rawah and al-Qaim

12-10-2017 12:12 AM

URGENT: Federal police, Iraqi army and counterterrorism forces are heading west of Anbar to free Roh and al-Qaim

Abadi is briefed on the military preparations to liberate the rest of the territories and secure the borders


Release date: 2017/10/11 23:33 • 1 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister visited the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abbadi command of joint operations.
According to a statement of his office, received the agency {Euphrates News} copy of the day that Abadi “visited Wednesday evening, the command of joint operations, and held a meeting with their leaders.”
He added that Abadi “briefed the meeting on the latest developments in the liberation of the remaining land and secure the border.”

An expanded meeting of the Popular Popular Brigades in Tal Afar is considering securing the border with Syria

Date of release: 2017/10/11 17:57 • 177 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The deputy chairman of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, on Wednesday, held an extensive meeting with the leaders of the brigades of the crowd in the western sector of Nineveh, to see the latest developments in the field and the ground.

The flags of the crowd in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that “the Engineer met with the brigades of the popular crowd in the western sector of Nineveh (Tal Afar) because of its great importance, especially as the troops stationed there to ensure the border from Tal Afar to the south Urban “areas. 

He added that “the meeting discussed the most important events of the events, especially that the region is witnessing the exposure of elements advocating the Syrian side on the Iraqi border.” 

The engineer said according to the statement that “the segment of operations in the west of Mosul is an important axis and should focus more on it, especially after the liberation of Hawija and the hills of Makhoul and Hamrin and the opening,” noting that “there is another effort on the Iraqi-Syrian border in western Iraq by Akashat and still formations The popular crowd continues to liberate some of the areas controlled by the West. ”

Issuing arrest warrants against the president and members of the commission supervising the referendum

aljournal October 11, 2017

Baghdad – Journal News
Al-Rusafa Investigation Court on Wednesday issued arrest warrants for the president and members of the Kurdistan Regional Commission (KRG), which oversees the referendum, in violation of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court.
“The court of the Rusafa investigation issued an arrest warrant against the president and members of the commission supervising the referendum in the Kurdistan region,” said Judge Abdul Sattar Birqdar, spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council.
“The order was issued on the basis of a complaint submitted by the National Security Council against the background of holding the referendum contrary to the decision of the Federal Supreme Court.” 

“The court issued an arrest warrant against the defendants in accordance with Article 329 of the Penal Code.

This evening, a meeting of Kurdish parties to discuss the return of change and the Islamic Group of the Parliament of the Territory


This evening, a meeting of Kurdish parties to discuss the return of change and the Islamic Group of the Parliament of the Territory

The source said in a statement to “Al-Gharab Press” that “the three parties will meet this evening to discuss the resumption of the participation of the blocks of change and the Islamic Group of the meetings of the Parliament of Kurdistan, as well as to reach satisfactory solutions for all parties to end the break between parties and parliament.”
For his part, a member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Samir Salim, “Al-Ghad Press” that “did not have any information about the meeting of his party with the other two parties, but he heard in the media that a meeting will be held this evening to discuss the return of the Change Movement and the Islamic Group of the Kurdistan Parliament.”