Urgent policy .. Abbadi declares his position of confederation

URGENT Abadi declares position on confederation
 Twilight News    
 9 minutes ago

“The implementation of the confederation system in the country needs to be amended to the Constitution.
The Confederation is a political and institutional framework in which several countries are merged, driven by a desire to jointly manage certain interests without abandoning any part of their national sovereignty, but only to delegate some of the powers and spheres of governance of the confederal framework such as economy, finance and customs.
Kurdish officials have said on more than one occasion that they do not mind implementing a confederation in Iraq.
In this regard, Abbadi said in his weekly conference that the application of the Confederation needs to amend the constitution and vote two-thirds of the members of parliament.
In the Confederation system, the decision is taken unanimously. If a Member Government considers that a decision is not in its favor, it shall not be bound by it.
The Confederate system is characterized by its limited institutional framework, without touching the ramifications of the social and political reality that remains to be managed by the member governments.
The countries that apply the Confederation system are Switzerland and Belgium.



One thought on “Urgent policy .. Abbadi declares his position of confederation

  1. Do you all think that this confederation is a step toward the de-centralization they talked about a long time ago. There may have been some other words or descriptions in the past I just can’t remember. Mrs. G


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