Senior Kurdish official: referendum is an immature decision and threatens the gains of the region


Editing date: 2017/10/11 0:03180 times read
warned a senior Kurdish official of the repercussions of the referendum on the separation of Kurdistan region on the gains of the people of the province.

The official of the Security and Information Agency in the Kurdistan region, Lahore Sheikh Janki Talabani, in a speech in which he lamented the late President Jalal Talabani, “The Kurds are at risk because of the premature decision to the referendum,” warning “of the loss of the people of the Territory for all gains achieved in the previous phase if There has not been a return to dialogue with Baghdad. ”
Sheikh Janki stressed that “the political leadership in the region in front of a difficult historical experience in order to maintain the gains of the people of Kurdistan,” calling them “to fear of any initiative for dialogue with Baghdad and in all outstanding issues between the parties, including the disputed areas.”
Sheikh Janki described the late President Jalal Talabani as a “humanitarian figure who refused to sign the most powerful execution decision on earth.”
Sheikh Janki pledged to continue the approach of the late in preserving the gains of the people of Kurdistan and fighting corruption and the rule of one person in the region.



A factory was destroyed and six terrorists were killed west of Anbar


Editorial date: 2017/10/11 0:0563 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Air Force destroyed a bomb factory, and killed a number of terrorists Almsash west of Anbar province.
“According to accurate information from the Directorate of Intelligence and Security, the Sikhi aircraft carried out an air strike that destroyed a factory of explosives and killed 4-6 terrorists in the Rummanah district of Qaim district in western Anbar.

Intensification of aerial bombardment as a prelude to the battle of deduction in Al-Qaim

11/10/2017 12:00 am

Receding {Daesh} in the border with Syria ,
Baghdad / morning Nasiriyah / Hazem Mohamed Habib

The Iraqi Air Force intensified its raids on the weapons stores and the hideouts of the leaders of «Da’ash» in the framework of the preliminary bombing to resolve the last battle against the gangs in the cities of Rawa and the pillar adjacent to the Syrian border, the command was issued with the participation of the elite of our forces in it .. After that received our pieces and the popular crowd hundreds Of the people fleeing from the oppression of the dead towards the city of the wet, mostly women and children.

Successful air strikes The
Ministry of Defense confirmed the increase of concentrated bombing on the dens of al-Qaim in the district of Qaim far west of Al-Anbar in preparation for the liberation process, it explained in a statement that the air force planes carried out by intelligence information successful strikes through the destruction of stores containing large quantities of weapons and “Adding that the presence of Daash in Iraq is currently confined only to the border with Syria, specifically in the cities of Rawa and Qaim after the liberation of the entire district of the province of Hawija a few days ago.
At the same time, a statement issued by the army’s air force said that the hawks of its helicopters carried out flights on the Akashat road near the Iraqi border with Syria, pointing out that they found two wheels carrying equipment, mortars and machine guns. All terrorists.
On Tuesday, the Air Force destroyed five wheels of a full-fledged and killed a number of terrorists as they were heading from Qaim to the military units stationed in the liberated city of Ana and the outskirts of Rawa. In preparation for the final decision  , a security source in Anbar province revealed that the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, instructed the leadership of the 1st Golden Division and the Federal Police Forces to participate in the liberation of the cities of Rawa and al-Qaim and the surrounding areas. Along with the rest of the ranks of the military forces entrenched in that cut. The source added that the command of these forces to participate in the last liberation in the far west of Anbar comes within the ongoing preparations to break into the two cities and purge them and the declaration of the province is completely liberated from the remnants of the defeated dude. He reiterated that the Army Air Force and the Air Force carried out intensive pre-emptive shelling of al-Dawash strongholds west of Al-Anbar in preparation for launching a large-scale campaign to completely free the sector. Receiving IDP status  and these events coincided for the kinds of forces .. with the announcement of Mayor wet judiciary, Imad al – Dulaimi, said the judiciary yesterday received 100 a family of about 600 people , mostly women and children, fleeing from the oppression of the terrorists Daesh present in the cities of Rawa and Qaim.Noting that the families were transferred from the wetlands to camps for the displaced in the cities of Ramadi and Ameria Fallujah, to provide services and food and treatment. Al-Dulaimi said that the displacement of families from the last two strongholds to “Daqsh”, has been going on for months, an average of 100 families per day, being received in the district of the wetlands near the borders of Jordan and from there to the camps. He said that on September 26, the city received 80 families at a daily rate, displaced from Rawa and al-Qaim. He continued: Until the first week of the same month received daily wetting about 50 families fleeing from the oppression of the two cities in question. In the same context, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) news agency said that the first brigade of the PFLP’s forces received 10 families fleeing crime yesterday morning. He called on the desert to move to the Jujeifi area west of Al-Anbar, adding that the crowd had been able to evacuate all the families to safer places To its members.Operations proactively wide and in the framework of the prosecution Aldoaash fugitives and their sleeper cells operations wherever found .. The commander of the Tigris Operations Lt. Gen. Mazhar al – Azzawi, the start of large – scale military operation to hunt down these terrorists eastern Diyala, adding that the joint forces of the police, thearmy and the crowd popular and the backing by the Army Air was launched at dawn Yesterday to carry out the large operation that included the area of ​​the basin Nada (45 km east of Baquba) of several axes. “The operation also includes large areas of the Nada Basin and is conducted according to accurate intelligence,” he said, pointing out that it comes within the framework of the leadership strategy to end any activity of cells calling within the limits of security responsibility to enhance stability and prevent evaders fleeing the liberated areas in Hawija from finding a cache or Foothold for them. Al-Sabah correspondent quoted the commander of operations Rafidain Major General Ali Ibrahim Debaun confirmed the implementation of large security operations to search areas in the west of the province of Dhi Qar on the basis of proactive information indicating activity of terrorist cells, including the area Batha (40 km west of Nasiriyah). Stressing the arrest of wanted men, including a defendant in accordance with the anti-terrorism law.


Mawazine News to publish the names of MPs will be sent to the judiciary to participate in the referendum on secession

Political From 2017-10-11 at 00:26 (Baghdad time)


Baghdad Mawazine News

Learned / Mawazin News / that nine names of the deputies of the Kurdistan Alliance will be referred to the judiciary after accusing them of defamation of the constitutional right after their vote on the referendum of the Kurdish secession.

The reporter / Mawazin News / on the list of the deputies of the Alliance of Kurdish blocs referred to the judiciary after the vote on the referendum on secession and on charges of perjury constitutional.

The list includes nine names: “Adel Nouri, Vayan Dakhil, Najiba Najib, Ashwaq Al Jaf, Abdul Aziz Hassan, Ariz Abdullah, Salem Al-Netbi, Arifat Karam and Shukwan Abdullah.”

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said during his weekly press conference that the shareholders should be prosecuted by the National Security Adviser in cooperation with the Office of Investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and we await the completion of investigations in this direction.

An Iraqi parliamentary committee approved the end of the membership of Kurdish deputies in the House of Representatives to participate in the referendum on the separation of Kurdistan from Iraq.

And the parliamentary committee concerned to consider the position of deputies voted in favor of the referendum in the Kurdish region and decided to terminate the members of the members are Abdul Aziz Hassan and Vayan Dakhil and Najiba Najib and Shakha Wares Abdullah and Adel Nuri and Ashwaq Jaff, Muthanna Amin and Arafat Karam and Abdullah.

A parliamentary source said the committee’s decision would be submitted to the parliament’s chairmanship for a vote.

He pointed out that these deputies participated in the referendum to divide Iraq, which is a threat to the unity of Iraq.

is over

URGENT Yaar Allah announces the end of the liberation of Hawija


Release date: 2017/10/10 23:23 • 17 times read
The commander of the liberation of Hawija, Lieutenant-General Abdul-Amir Rasheed Yarallah, announced the end of the liberation of the Hawija district from gangs of terrorist.
A statement issued by the Iraqi Army Information Agency received a copy of Yarallah saying that “the 9th Armored Division and brigades 2, 11, 26, 42, 56 and 88 of the Popular Rally are completing their duties in the second phase and have completed their duty to liberate Hawija after liberating the southern part From the center of the province of Hawija and liberate the area of ​​Riyadh and the liberation of [161] villages and area and control of the road Fatha – Riyadh towards Kirkuk and full control of the Hamrin range of bridge Zgiton bridge up to the bridge and a distance of 45 km and a depth of 15 km.
“The units of the army, the federal police, the rapid response, the anti-terrorist forces, the popular mobilization forces, the support and the support of the army air force are completing their tasks of liberating Hawija,” he said.


Parliamentary Finance Committee reveals the fate of the share of Kurdistan in the budget of 2018



The Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, on Tuesday, the fate of the budget of the Kurdistan region for 2018 after the referendum on secession from Iraq, stressing that the budget of the region will be the subject of disagreement within the federal government.
A member of the committee, “Husam al-Aqabi,” in a special press statement, that the share of Kurdistan in the budget of 2018 will be the subject of disagreement in the government and the Iraqi parliament. ”
He added that “the government will not cut the rate that will affect the life of the Kurdish citizen of the budget of 2018, such as ration ration,” stressing that “will be deducted the percentage related to the strengthening of the Kurdistan government.”
Al-Aqabi pointed out that “the provincial government held the referendum without the consent of the federal government and non-receipt of non-oil revenues to the government also caused not to hand over Kurdistan’s full share of the budget.”
The relations between Baghdad and Arbil are a state of tension and statements “fire” after the “referendum” by the President of the Kurdistan region (outgoing) Massoud Barzani, despite the rejection of local and regional and the international community.

Abadi announces victory in Hawija


10/10/2017 Now – KUNA 9:14:29 PM

Abadi announces victory in Hawija

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi on Tuesday declared victory over the so-called Islamic state in the city of Hawija and all parts of western Kirkuk province.
“All military operations have been completed west of Kirkuk and all the territory of Hawija and the Makhal mountain range and nearby Hamrin mountains have been cleared,” Abbadi told a news conference.
“This year 2017 will see a full end in Iraq and control of all Iraqi territory and secure the border with Syria,” he said.
The liberation of Hawija means that the military presence of Dahesh in the cities of Rao and Qaim in the far western province of Anbar on the Iraqi-Syrian border, where Iraqi forces are mobilizing there, is in preparation for their liberation.

Know the decisions of the Council of Ministers in today’s session

Release date: 2017/10/10 21:27 • 236 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday, chaired by Prime Minister Haider Abadi.
According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Council briefed the Cabinet on the military achievements of the heroic forces in the liberation of Hawija and its approach to the liberation of all Iraqi territory and the security of the border.

The Council of Ministers continued the previous resolutions regarding the illegal referendum in the Kurdistan region.

The vote on the fairness of the private industrial sector through the establishment of the Committee on Economic Affairs to prepare a study on the debt of the state and the private sector (individuals and companies), and how to address and make recommendations thereon to the Council of Ministers and the approval of the Ministry of Planning to wait for the implementation of the provisions for its benefit until receipt of the study Above.

The council voted to protect local products, including suspended aerial wires.

The financial budget for 2018, which was based on a significant reduction in expenditures, was also discussed.

The Council of Ministers directed the Ministry of Finance to finance the Ministry of Education the amount allocated for the purposes of printing textbooks.

The study was also directed to study the agricultural plan in the provinces where the crop was planted by the Ministries of Agriculture and Water Resources and the concerned provinces, provided that the study to the Council of Ministers next week.

The Council of Ministers directed the study of the five-year plan for the youth sector to raise the level of reality for this important group in society.

And approved the doubling of emergency allocations and the disbursement of 50 percent of the addition to the social protection network according to the supplementary budget law amended in 2017.

The council voted on the recommendations of the gold and precious metals importation meeting and the anti-terror agency contracted the French firm Odense Armantix for training the project to control the borders and desert and western regions to combat terrorist groups and protect borders.

The Council of Ministers also endorsed the recommendation of the Standing National Committee for International Humanitarian Law, which is established by Decree No. 10 of 2015 on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 2379 of 2017 on the collection of evidence of crimes committed by the terrorist advocate.


Barzani Party MPs confirm their presence in the next parliament sessions

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), led by Massoud Barzani, announced Tuesday that his deputies will attend the next parliament session, adding that his attendance will be “to demand the rights of the Kurds.”

“The decisions issued by the federal government on Kurdistan will be left to the Constitution to be Faisal to decide.”

He added that “the Democratic Party deputies decided to attend the session of the next parliament to be held next Tuesday,” noting that “the attendance will be to defend the rights of the Kurds in the resolutions and laws issued by Parliament.”

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