23 dead by shelling a camp for «Daqash» near the border of Syria


«Organization» moves its fighters to the desert of Anbar
Published: 10/10/2017
Baghdad: «Gulf», agencies

The International Alliance aircraft bombed a camp for the organization «Dahesh» near the border with Syria, killing 23 elements of the elements, according to an Iraqi military source, while security sources said that the terrorist organization is working to move the remaining fighters to the desert of Anbar, Iraqi forces on a graveyard containing the remains of 20 elements of «Dahesh» west of Ramadi.
An Iraqi military source told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that “a US plane bombed yesterday afternoon a camp to train elements of the« Daqsh »in the area of ​​the headquarters of the near the border with Syria in the desert of Anbar, killing 23 members of the organization». He explained that «the camp is a starting point for the elements of the organization to carry out suicide terrorist attacks that hit the cities of the Upper Euphrates River and modern and wet, targeting the military forces». He pointed out that the air strikes carried out by the coalition aircraft are aimed at dispersing the power of “dashing” in the desert areas near the city of Qaim in preparation for liberation from the grip of the organization ».
For its part, the military information cell said that “a large camp was organized to organize a mock” da’ash “in the form of cracks dug in the desert. The Iraqi army air force attacked the camp in Kilo 160 area, away from the international road 40 km west and deep in the Anbar desert. “Fifteen wheel and three generators were destroyed, burning tents of different sizes, burning a large number of tires covered with camouflage cover, and burning 10 barrels of fuel,” she said. “There are deep crevices in the nearby hills and deep depths that contain large containers. Iraqi forces towards the camp to control it ».

A security source said that “after the great break that has been caused by« urged «through the liberation of the city of Ana in Anbar province and beyond Hawija in Kirkuk, the terrorist organization is now transporting the remaining fighters and equipment from Qaim to the desert of western Anbar». “The Iraqi army and the international coalition continue to follow the movements of criminal gangs and bombard them in Western Sahara, the most recent of which was the destruction of a terrorist organization camp in the western province,” he said.
For its part, the Popular Populist Militia said in a statement that it “targeted a group of« supporters »in the triangle that links the Syrian border in the Anbar desert and caused direct casualties in their ranks». He added that «the toll of losses« urged «the destruction of 13 wheel and the burning of five additives and large quantities of weapons and ammunition belonging to him».
Meanwhile, an Iraqi military source announced yesterday the discovery of a cemetery containing the remains of 20 elements of the organization calling in the west of Ramadi. Lt. Col. Alaa Fadhil said that “the Iraqi army forces found yesterday morning a cemetery containing 20 bodies of the elements« Daash », the elements« da’ash »was buried during the battles to liberate the city of Ramadi».

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Iraq launched a probe into Kurdistan’s lucrative oil revenues


Massoud Barzani

Iraq ratchets up pressure on Kurds after independence vote

BAGHDAD,— Iraq’s central government on Monday unleashed a legal barrage against Kurdish officials and sought to seize key businesses in a fresh bid to tighten the screws over a disputed independence referendum.

The latest moves come exactly two weeks after an overwhelming majority of voters in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region backed independence in a non-binding ballot slammed as illegal by Baghdad.

The central authorities have already severed ties between Kurdistan and the outside world by cutting international air links to the region, while neighbouring Turkey and Iran have threatened to close their borders to oil exports.

Now, in a new round of attempts to ratchet up pressure, Baghdad’s National Security Council announced that a probe has been launched into Kurdistan’s lucrative oil revenues and officials in the region who might have illegally monopolised the market.

“The corrupt will be exposed and the funds recovered,” said a statement from the council, headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

The council also said that “a list of names” of Kurdish officials who helped organised the referendum had been compiled and “judicial measures have been taken against them”, without giving more details.

Kurdistan considered as the most corrupted part of Iraq. According to Kurdish lawmakers billions of dollars are missing from Iraqi Kurdistan’s oil revenues.

A Kurdish lawmaker said in March 2017 the amount of $1.266 billion from oil exports and Iraqi Kurdistan’s revenue has gone missing over the last three months.

Massoud Barzani, whose term as President of the Kurdistan Region ended on August 20, 2015 but refused to step down and remains unofficially in official and closed the Kurdish parliament, has been accused by critics of amassing huge wealth for his family instead of serving the population. Barzani’s son is the Kurdistan region’s intelligence chief and his nephew Nechirvan Barzani is the prime minister.

Also the Talabani family including Jalal Talabani’s wife, Hero Ibrahim and her sons Bafel and Qubad and their relatives alongside other PUK leaders accused by critics of amassing huge wealth from oil business.

According to local and international analysts the lack of control mechanisms in Kurdistan Region makes it a paradise for illegal financial activities by the Kurdish ruling leaders.

The central government — which has already demanded to take over Kurdistan’s airports and borders — is also looking to reclaim control over mobile phone companies in the region, including two of the largest providers in Iraq, the statement said.

Baghdad also once again called on Ankara and Tehran — which both opposed the referendum over fears of fuelling demands from their own Kurdish communities — to close their border posts with Kurdistan and “stop all trade” with the region.

The angry dispute over the referendum — also rejected by the US — is the latest twist in the decades-long movement by Iraq’s Kurds to break away from Baghdad.

The referendum spat comes as Kurdish fighters and central government forces have continued to work together in offensives to push back the Islamic State group, with Washington warning the poll could “increase instability” in the region.

The defence committee in Iraq’s parliament demanded Kurdish security forces hand over IS fighters captured in a recent battle to retake the jihadist bastion of Hawija.

The US-led coalition backing up the operations against IS has estimated that some 1,000 jihadists surrendered, mostly to the Kurdish peshmerga forces, during the seizure of the town.

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Iraq launched a probe into Kurdistan’s lucrative oil revenues


The popular crowd determines its next battle and considers it the final


Updated 09/10/2017 4:54 pm

(Watan News) _ Baghdad

The leader of the popular crowd forces Javad Talibawi on Monday announced the next battle to be waged by the Popular Forces forces against the terrorist group Zomor, while he considered it the last saga.


Al-Talibawi said in an interview with Watan News that “the Popular Forces after liberation with the security forces to spend Hawija from the control of the full-fledged terrorist, will go to the Qaim district west of Anbar and the border with Syria to free them from defamation and call the terrorist fully.”


“The battle of western Anbar is the last battle against the terrorist groups,” he said. “After that, Iraq is completely devoid of support.” Finished by ر.ا



Abadi and Finance discuss the budget next year and reduce operating expenses


Date of release: 2017/10/9 21:55 • 5 times read
Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi heads a meeting to review the draft budget law for the year 2018

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi meeting to review the draft general budget for the year 2018.

The meeting was attended by a number of officials and advanced owners in the Ministry of Finance.

Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi stressed the importance of reducing operating expenses to ensure the provision of sufficient resources to cover the salaries of employees in the state and the provision of pensions and social protection benefits to maintain living standards of citizens and move the wheel of the economy in the private sector.

He stressed that the necessary supplies to sustain the means of production in the basic sectors must be provided.

During the review of the details of the budget, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, tightened the aspects of other expenditures and work to maximize non-oil revenues.

Prime Minister’s Media Office
9 October 2017


Sadr supporters threaten to storm the Iraqi parliament

Arab World News

Sadr supporters threaten to storm the Iraqi parliament

Muqtada al – Sadr supporters in central Baghdad

The central committee overseeing the popular protests of Muqtada al-Sadr on Monday threatened to storm the Iraqi parliament building if the current electoral commission is extended.

A member of the Committee, Ikhlas al-Obeidi, said during a press conference held in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad that, despite its previous decision to postpone the protests in order to give the parliament a chance to choose a new commission, this decision did not benefit MPs, “and did not review their accounts and consciences once for the sake of Serving Iraq

Al-Obeidi stressed that the Commission rejects any extension of the work of the current Commission for any reason, and continued: “If the extension, the people will withdraw its mandate from the members of parliament, and will not be the last of the people’s grip, either respond to the voice of people, either to give up and leave the citizen to decide Destiny “.

Obeidi urged the Iraqi people to make “a two-million-dollar push to turn the page of parliament and open a new page,” saying that the blood shed on the bench would not be in vain.

In the meantime, Sadr said that the only beneficiary of the survival of the Electoral Commission is to seek to return to power to sell the rest of the territory of the country, stressing again the need for the demise of the Commission.

Moqtada al-Sadr
It is necessary to remove the corruption and spoilers to turn the Commission in the hands of independent professionals who are not them but the interest of Iraq and the Iraqis.Moqtada al-Sadr

He pointed to the need for the efforts of all deputies in parliament to achieve this goal and the fastest time, calling on the demonstrators to raise their voices.

It should be noted that al-Sadr accuses the current commission to submit to the control of the ruling parties, blaming them for the commission of significant irregularities in the parliamentary elections in 2014.

Thousands of his supporters have twice broken into the Green Zone in the center of the capital and entered the prime minister’s office and the parliament building to protest against the failure to form a technocratic government to meet their leader’s demands.

Source: Sumerian + Anatolia

Nader Abdel Raouf



Nejirvan and Massoud Barzani disagree on views on the secession of Kurdistan

 BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, is facing great pressure, hampering his ambition to turn the Kurdistan region of Iraq into an independent state, the London-based newspaper Al-Arab reported on Monday. 


“In addition to the local, regional and international pressures, Barzani faces a challenge within his family, as leaks about the strong opposition of Kurdistan Regional Government President Nechervan Barzani are increasing for his Barzani uncle’s efforts towards independence,” she said, adding that ” “He opposes the efforts of his separatist uncle and says that the time is not right for her and he enjoys the confidence of large political circles in Washington, Tehran, Ankara and Baghdad, and describe his political positions wise.

The newspaper added that “Nigervan Barzani, fears that the economic pressures on the Kurdish region in Iraq because of the disengagement project with the effects of a major financial crisis suffered by the region because of low oil prices and Baghdad stopped paying salaries of employees of Kurdistan, which may lead to the encirclement of urban development” .. Finished AH


Iraq and Syria are preparing for the border battle

British newspaper New Arab, in a report highlighted the major battle and the last to defeat the organization of a supporter of the terrorist, the Iraqi-Syrian border. Led by the Iraqi security forces and the popular crowd, with the support of US coalition forces.

“The next and final battle is the Euphrates river valley, near the Iraqi-Syrian border, and all the military battalions will go to fight a nascent organization in the near future,” the agency quoted a coalition commander as saying.
The Iraqi security forces and the popular mobilization of the Union succeeded and moved quickly, from one battle to another, from the victory of the city of Mosul, to Tal Afar and Hawija. He also changed elements of his tactics from military combat to a group of sleeper cells rooted in several Iraqi areas, carrying out terrorist attacks in secret, in order to make sure that the security forces overcome them.

The agency questioned the reasons for the direction of the fugitives from the organization of Daash, to the Kurdish Peshmerga forces instead of the Iraqi forces, while the leader of the US coalition, “the attempt of those who did not have the luck of the victory of the organization urging, reintegration into the aspects of society again, to remove suspicion and to avoid the punishment of the judiciary Iraqi. ”

The Popular Popular Forces have also infiltrated Kurdish-controlled territory after the liberation of Hawija, pending the order of Iraqi Prime Minister “Haider al-Abadi”.

At the end of the report, the leader of the US coalition, US efforts to calm the relations of the Iraqi security forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga, useful, “The political bickering between the two sides does not mean enmity of both the Iraqi and Kurdish military forces. The real enemy is an advocate, we must work together to eliminate it.



Middle East: Baghdad and Erbil agree on “confederation”


From 2017-10-09 at 12:40 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad Mawazine News

The government of Haider al-Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister, has put forward the proposal of the Confederate regime on Arbil, the Kurdish daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported Monday, quoting Kurdish sources.

“The Kurdish region will discuss the confederation with Baghdad if the latter recognizes the Kurdish state,” a Kurdish official said.

The newspaper said, quoting those sources, that “Baghdad is the proposed system of confederation of relations with the Kurdistan region, after the announcement of the results of the referendum on the independence of the province of Iraq, which voted the citizens of Kurdistan, yes, by 92.73 last month.”

The member of the Political Leadership Council of Kurdistan of Iraq Abdullah Verti, “The proposal of the Confederation raised through the third party, which is neighboring countries and some other countries of the world, and adopted by a section of the government and the Iraqi political parties,” noting that “so far has not been formally presented.”

“The proposal states that the confederation today is the best solution to the current political situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan region,” he said, pointing out that “the Council of the political leadership of Iraqi Kurdistan has not yet discussed this proposal.”

For his part, according to the newspaper, the secretary of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Fadel Mirani, that “the option of confederation is good,” pointing out that “if Baghdad recognized the Kurdish state then it is possible to discuss with the Confederation.”



Source: Attendance of the deputies of the Kurdistan Nationalist and Change and the Islamic Group of Parliament session

Date of release: 2017/10/9 12:12224 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) A parliamentary source, in the presence of deputies of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and change and the Islamic Group, for the parliament session on Monday.
The source told the {Euphrates News} that “the deputy speaker of the Parliament of the Movement for Change Aram Sheikh Mohammed also attended the meeting.”
The parliament held its regular session chaired by Speaker Salim al-Jubouri

The government is taking tough decisions with the province for violating the constitution to hold a referendum secession {expanded}

Release date: 2017/10/9 11:29259 times read
[Baghdad: Al Furat News} The federal government, announced new tough decisions, with the Kurdistan region for violating the Constitution to hold a referendum on secession from Iraq on 25 September last.
“The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Al-Abbadi, presided over a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security. The Council has blessed the great victories achieved by our heroic forces of all kinds in Hawija and its approach to the liberation of the entire Iraqi territory,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said. And the crushing of terrorist gangs. ”
“The priority remains for the battle, the defeat of terrorism, the liberation of territories and the securing of borders,” the cabinet said.
With regard to the illegal referendum in the Kurdistan region, the Council continued “the implementation of previous decisions of the Council of Ministers and the measures taken and continue, in addition to taking new measures to restore the federal authority in the region and disputed areas, stressing that these measures are not punitive Obalad of the Kurdish citizen, but it For his benefit. ”
The ministerial council “filed a lawsuit by the prosecution to prosecute state employees within the region who carried out the referendum procedures in violation of the decisions of the Federal Court and that there is a list of names accused and prepared legal proceedings against them.”
The Council also followed the measures taken by the Iraqi money recovery team to follow up the accounts of the Kurdistan region and the accounts of officials in the region who deposit the money of oil export in their accounts and presented the report of the committee charged with this file, which included many decisions that will contribute to the recovery of Iraqi funds and the prosecution of corrupt.
The Ministerial Council on National Security issued a decision to make the mobile phone networks under federal authority and transfer them to Baghdad.
The Council also continued, “The government’s request officially from Iran and Turkey to deal with the federal government exclusively with regard to the border ports and the closure of all ports with these two countries until the receipt of the administration by the federal government, and stop all commercial transactions and especially concerning the export of oil and sale with the Kurdistan region, In this file with the Iraqi federal government exclusively, and the Council issued resolutions and other measures in this regard. “