To liberate the province of Hawija in full and to maintain a petition with the Peshmerga in Kirkuk


Editorial date: 2017/10/6 19:20 • 81 times read
ended the brigades of the popular crowd and the army and federal police and the rapid response and the fight against terrorism with the support of the army air the liberation of the province of Hawija completely gangs of terror.
“The liberation of the judiciary was carried out after the liberation of the entire villages north and north-east of the Hawija district and the pursuit of the Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk after the liberation of the village of Tal al-Ward,” the statement said.
“In the process of clearing the villages and areas of remnants of the remnants of the terrorist and the treatment of crushed wheels and explosives in the north and north-east of Hawija as well as tracking the remnants of the hidden in the axis of the hills of Makhoul and Hamrin.”
The statement pointed out that the most important sites liberated today are “[Tal al-Ward – Kobeiba – Hamdounia – Azizi – Alrabidah modern – Mzirir of freedom – Mahmudiyah – Atachana Lower – Albou Naji – Seven Talol – Abu Kasa – Al-Fakhar – Atiya Mohammed Khalil] “.
“The explosion of a number of mined wheels, two of which tried to intercept our advanced units in Tal al-Ward, and the destruction of additive additives and mortar and rocket launchers.”
He added that “field engineering teams and engineering effort in the popular crowd continue to remove the remnants of the organization in the villages and liberated areas by handling and lifting explosives, opening and roads and the establishment of defensive fortifications in all axes of operations.”
The statement stressed “the continuation of the brigades of the crowd in coordination with the directorates of medicine and logistical support and the Directorate of Security, providing services to the people of the province of Hawija and villages liberated by providing relief and food treatments for them.”


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