The liberation of the villages of Sidiyya and Hami, northeast of Hawija


Release date: 2017/10/6 17:11 • 69 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Popular forces of the popular forces liberated the villages of (Sidya and Hami) and continue the cleansing of the village of (Tal al-Ward) northeast of the center of Hawija district.
“The third brigade in the popular crowd continued to advance towards the Zab River to clear the remaining villages north of Hawija district,” a statement from the crowd told AFP.
He pointed out that “the 26th Brigade of the crowd blew up two car bombs, one of which tried to intercept the advanced units in the village of Tal al-Ward adjacent to the Peshmerga forces during the ongoing clean-up operations northeast of the center of Hawija district.”


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