Iraqi security official: the killing of all the leaders of “Dahesh” in Diyala after the battle of Hawija

Saturday, 07 October 2017 06:16 p

مسئول أمنى عراقى: مقتل جميع قادة "داعش" فى ديالى بعد معركة الحويجة
Iraqi army operations against Da’ash


The head of the security committee in the Diyala provincial council Sadiq al-Husseini announced on Friday the end of the so-called “Diyala state” in the organization “Daash”, explaining that all the leaders of the first line were killed according to intelligence information after the battle of Hawija .

“The Diyala mandate of the Da’ash organization, which was announced in 2014, has become from the past and no longer exists in terms of the structure, after the loss of most of its leaders and princes in the past three years, ” al-Husseini was quoted as saying by Alsumaria News .

Husseini pointed out that the battle of Hawija will have a positive effect in enhancing the security of Diyala province in general, as most of the attacks on the cities of the province were planned there .

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi had earlier announced the liberation of the province of Hawija from the grip of the terrorist organization “Daash”, stressing that there is no longer a presence of the organization except in the border strip with Syria .


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