Iraqi security official: the killing of all the leaders of “Dahesh” in Diyala after the battle of Hawija

Saturday, 07 October 2017 06:16 p

مسئول أمنى عراقى: مقتل جميع قادة "داعش" فى ديالى بعد معركة الحويجة
Iraqi army operations against Da’ash


The head of the security committee in the Diyala provincial council Sadiq al-Husseini announced on Friday the end of the so-called “Diyala state” in the organization “Daash”, explaining that all the leaders of the first line were killed according to intelligence information after the battle of Hawija .

“The Diyala mandate of the Da’ash organization, which was announced in 2014, has become from the past and no longer exists in terms of the structure, after the loss of most of its leaders and princes in the past three years, ” al-Husseini was quoted as saying by Alsumaria News .

Husseini pointed out that the battle of Hawija will have a positive effect in enhancing the security of Diyala province in general, as most of the attacks on the cities of the province were planned there .

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi had earlier announced the liberation of the province of Hawija from the grip of the terrorist organization “Daash”, stressing that there is no longer a presence of the organization except in the border strip with Syria .

Large preparations to storm the district of “Rawa” west of Anbar


Iraqi forces are preparing to launch a large-scale offensive to restore the area of ​​the district of Rawa west of Anbar from a sympathetic organization. At the time, the US Special Envoy to the International Coalition against “calling” Brett McGurk, that the organization collapsed in Hawija, while pointing to the existence of what he described as “more surprises” in the way.

A member of the security committee in Anbar province, Barakat al-Issawi, said that the Iraqi security forces and their support forces are preparing to launch a large-scale attack to restore the area of ​​Rawa district in western Anbar from a sympathetic organization.

Issawi said in a press statement that “the security forces are preparing to launch a large-scale security campaign to restore the district of Rawa west of Anbar, in conjunction with heavy shelling of military aircraft on the strongholds of the organization, and news of the killing of dozens of elements of the organization, including suicide bombers of foreign nationalities.”

He added that “the army artillery heavily bombed the organization’s strongholds in the targeted area, and that the security forces and with the support of the army air force is implementing a security plan to cut the supply of gangs, and is ready to liberate the Western areas upon the arrival of additional military reinforcements to liberated areas.”


The US Special Envoy to the International Coalition against “urging” McGork in a tweet on the social networking site Twitter, said that “he called for collapse, and a large group of its elements surrendered to the Iraqi forces in Hawija, their former stronghold.” “More surprises are on the way,” he said.

The United States congratulated the security forces on the liberation of Hawija, describing the liberation as a “big step” to expel a “preacher” organization from Iraqi territory, while stressing that the defeat of the organization will depend on the continued close cooperation between all the Iraqi security forces.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Displacement and Migration announced the return of 13,378 displaced people from camps in the south and east of Mosul to their original residential areas in the city with their right and left boats.

“The Ministry’s field teams have transferred and repatriated 13,378 displaced persons from the camps to their areas in Mosul, with buses organized by the ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and the Joint Operations Command, as well as special trucks for transporting their furniture,” said Ali Abbas Jahaker, .

Noting that «the displaced returned to their areas in the neighborhoods of sugar and the corridors and the crossing and Dandan and Zlagli and Jerusalem and the hills and the liberation and the industrial neighborhood beside the areas of new and martyrs and Alksk and the message and the worker».

The agenda of the parliament session on Saturday

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives, on Saturday, its regular session.
The agenda of the session includes “the vote on the proposed law to amend the law of the High Commission Independent Electoral Commission No. 11 of 2007, the work report of the Committee of Experts to select the members of the Electoral Commission for elections, and complete the vote on the draft amendment of the Third Law of Governorates not organized in the region No. 21 of 2008 , And vote in principle on the proposed law amending the law of the elections of the Council of Representatives No. 45 of 2013.
It also includes “voting in principle on the proposed amendment of the Personal Status Law No. 188 of 1959 and voting on the draft law for the ratification of the mutual encouragement and protection of investments between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”
“The vote on the draft law amending the law of the Association of Accountants and Auditors, and vote on the draft amendment of the second law of the Central Bank of Iraq issued by Order No. 65 of 2004 on the Coalition Provisional Authority (dissolved) and the constitutional oath of some substitutes, and complete discussion of the draft law appeal in favor of the law in the provisions And decisions on property ownership “are on the agenda.
During the meeting tomorrow, “a report and discussion of the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Grain Trade Agreement of 1995”

Iraq calls on Turkey and Iran to close the crossings and stop the oil trade with Kurdistan [expanded]

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Iraq officially demanded from Turkey and Iran to close the border crossings and stop the oil trade with the Kurdistan region.
“The Iraqi Foreign Ministry confirms that it submitted an official memorandum to the embassies of both Turkey and Iran in Baghdad more than a week ago, which included a formal request for the Iraqi government from the two friendly countries,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said in a statement. “He said.
He said Mahjoob that the request to ensure that the “deal with the federal government exclusively with regard to border ports and the closure of all ports with these two countries until the receipt of management by the federal government.”
“It also includes” stopping all commercial transactions, especially those related to the export of oil and its sale with the Kurdistan region and that deal with this file with the Iraqi federal government exclusively. ”
“The Iraqi government is working with the Turkish and Iranian sides to cooperate in carrying out all measures taken to enforce the constitution and the law and the two neighboring countries deal with the Iraqi federal authorities in accordance with the principles of good neighborliness, respect for Iraqi sovereignty,

To liberate the province of Hawija in full and to maintain a petition with the Peshmerga in Kirkuk


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ended the brigades of the popular crowd and the army and federal police and the rapid response and the fight against terrorism with the support of the army air the liberation of the province of Hawija completely gangs of terror.
“The liberation of the judiciary was carried out after the liberation of the entire villages north and north-east of the Hawija district and the pursuit of the Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk after the liberation of the village of Tal al-Ward,” the statement said.
“In the process of clearing the villages and areas of remnants of the remnants of the terrorist and the treatment of crushed wheels and explosives in the north and north-east of Hawija as well as tracking the remnants of the hidden in the axis of the hills of Makhoul and Hamrin.”
The statement pointed out that the most important sites liberated today are “[Tal al-Ward – Kobeiba – Hamdounia – Azizi – Alrabidah modern – Mzirir of freedom – Mahmudiyah – Atachana Lower – Albou Naji – Seven Talol – Abu Kasa – Al-Fakhar – Atiya Mohammed Khalil] “.
“The explosion of a number of mined wheels, two of which tried to intercept our advanced units in Tal al-Ward, and the destruction of additive additives and mortar and rocket launchers.”
He added that “field engineering teams and engineering effort in the popular crowd continue to remove the remnants of the organization in the villages and liberated areas by handling and lifting explosives, opening and roads and the establishment of defensive fortifications in all axes of operations.”
The statement stressed “the continuation of the brigades of the crowd in coordination with the directorates of medicine and logistical support and the Directorate of Security, providing services to the people of the province of Hawija and villages liberated by providing relief and food treatments for them.”

US forces oversee security of areas west of Anbar


security source said on Friday that US forces had supervised the deployment of the security forces in the province of Ana (210 km west of Ramadi) and the desert areas west of Anbar.

The source told the reporter that “US forces have supervised the ground and military in the liberation of the province of Ana west of Anbar, and continue to secure its axes and desert areas with the presence of dozens of combat wheels supported by the International Air Alliance.”

“US troops are advancing in the western parts of Anbar and will participate militarily in the liberation of the Raoua judiciary and the border pillar with Syria west of Anbar in the coming days,” he said.

The joint security forces were able to liberate the Anna district west of Anbar from the control of an organization calling on the terrorist with a lightning military operation.

Kebad end the burial ceremony Talabani and calls Kurdistan to maintain unity during the sensitive stage


Kebad ends the burial ceremony Talabani and calls Kurdistan to maintain unity during the sensitive stage
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The Kurdistan Region Deputy Prime Minister Kibad Talabani on Friday the people of Kurdistan to maintain unity during the sensitive phase experienced by the province after the referendum, which was held on 25 September last for independence from Iraq.

This came during a speech on the occasion of the end of the burial ceremony of the body of his father, former President of Iraq and Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

Talabani said in an imam in front of thousands of people who attended the burial ceremony, that Kurdistan is at a sensitive stage, and we must unite to overcome.

“My father chose the struggle and Kurdistan instead of his family, instead of a normal life,” he said.

The liberation of the villages of Sidiyya and Hami, northeast of Hawija


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(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Popular forces of the popular forces liberated the villages of (Sidya and Hami) and continue the cleansing of the village of (Tal al-Ward) northeast of the center of Hawija district.
“The third brigade in the popular crowd continued to advance towards the Zab River to clear the remaining villages north of Hawija district,” a statement from the crowd told AFP.
He pointed out that “the 26th Brigade of the crowd blew up two car bombs, one of which tried to intercept the advanced units in the village of Tal al-Ward adjacent to the Peshmerga forces during the ongoing clean-up operations northeast of the center of Hawija district.”

Urgent liberation of areas north of Hawija and sustaining a petition with the Peshmerga

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Joint forces liberated the northern districts of Hawija district from the gangs of terrorists.
A statement to inform the crowd received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that “the Popular Forces forces and the participating sectors and air forces completed the liberation of areas north of the province of Hawija after the liberation of the village of (Tal al-Ward) and the continuation of a petition with areas under the control of the Peshmerga forces.”


Pentagon: US will continue to support Peshmerga forces


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جانب من توقيع مذكرة التفاهم في 13-7-2016
Part of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on 13-7-2016


The Pentagon has confirmed that Washington will continue to assist the Peshmerga forces, despite the end of the US supply of these troops with financial support, and that negotiations will not resume. 

The spokesman for the Pentagon, Eric Bahon, said that the memorandum of understanding signed between the ministry and the Kurdistan Regional Government ended in July 2017, referring to the sending of the last batch of funds allocated to pay the salaries of the Peshmerga in early September.

On the impact of the referendum on the memorandum of understanding, Bahon said that “the referendum is an internal issue, and there was no dialogue between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the United States on the extension of the Convention even months before September 25 (in reference to the day of the referendum), so the referendum will not affect the matter” .

“Even if the agreement of understanding between the Peshmerga and the US defense ministries is not renewed, the Pentagon will continue to support the Peshmerga in the military and security sector, such as training and weapons,” the ministry spokesman said.

It is noteworthy that the Minister of the Interior, Minister of Peshmerga Agency, Karim Sinjari, and Assistant Secretary of State, Alisa Slotkin, signed on 13-7-2016 a memorandum of understanding between the military Kurdistan Region and the United States, in the presence of the President of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, Financial and military support for Peshmerga.

Translated and edited by: Shunem Abdullah Khoshnaw