Iraq: a French-brokered agreement to stop the escalation waiting for an official position of Erbil Baghdad

– Ahmed al-Nuaimi, peace dry 6 October 2017

Iraq: an agreement to stop the escalation waiting for the position of Erbil

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi agreed at a French request to contain the crisis and prevent any escalation that could lead to an armed clash to stop the escalation and vowed not to take new punitive measures against Erbil, Iraqi officials said in Baghdad on Thursday. Announcement of the presidency of the Kurdistan region of Iraq led by Massoud Barzani, the final position of the abolition or freezing of the results of the referendum and the delivery of airports and ports of Kurdistan to the federal authority in Baghdad. In exchange for the Iraqi “calm” with the Kurdistan region, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued his offensive and threats, declaring that his country would soon close its border with northern Iraq and close the airspace in response to the referendum.

Baghdad was to announce a new package of measures against Kurdistan, according to political sources in Baghdad, including the expulsion of military and diplomats who have been proven to participate in the referendum on secession, based on the provisions of the Constitution in force in the country, which includes various sanctions against Iraqis involved in projects affecting the unity The country, as well as other measures, notably the suspension of the work of a number of government banks in the region and the lifting of the federal guarantee by Baghdad on the region’s financial and legal transactions in Europe and other Western countries. According to a senior Iraqi official in Baghdad, Abadi refused, during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macaron, in Paris, to talk about any dialogue or negotiation with Erbil, including the referendum and its results, provided that it be within the Iraqi constitution only, as Parliament and the government unanimously approved Not to recognize it or its consequences.  “The Paris talks focused on the issue of the Kurdish leaders’ plan to secede from Iraq,” said a senior Iraqi minister who accompanied Abadi on a visit to Paris for the new Arab during a telephone conversation with him. And it can not be thought to cut off part of Iraq as a state. “He pointed out that “the French demanded to stop any further actions that Baghdad intends to take, until reaching an understanding with the Kurdish leadership in Erbil to take a positive attitude, and show flexibility in the crisis that began to affect the citizens of Kurdistan, which was approved by the Prime Minister, who stressed , At the same time, that Baghdad will not allow its sovereign actions to cause any harm to citizens in the Kurdistan region, “according to his saying.

Abadi refused in Paris to talk about any dialogue or negotiation with Erbil that includes the referendum and its results

Abadi said, in a joint press conference with Macron held in the Elysee on Thursday evening, that “the referendum of Kurdistan is a departure from the Constitution and consensus,” noting that the Federal Court rejected him because it is unconstitutional. He called on Kurdish Peshmerga forces to “be part of the Iraqi forces under the leadership of the federal authorities, and work with them to impose federal authority” on all disputed areas. t should be noted that the “New Arab” quoted government sources earlier a number of scenarios management of disputed areas, including the solution of the joint administration, which was approved by the Prime Minister from Paris on Thursday evening. وAbadi stressed that Baghdad does not want anarmed confrontation ” with the Kurdi “We call for the recognition of the rights of the Kurds within the framework of the Constitution,” he said, commenting on the referendum held on September 25. “There is a way to respect the right of peoples to preserve the framework of the constitution and the stability and territorial integrity of Iraq.” France is prepared, if the Iraqi authorities have a desire, to contribute effectively to the mediation initiated by the United Nations.”

 Split within Kurdistan
At this time,positions remain divided within the region over the acceptance of the cancellation or freezing of the referendum and the entry into direct negotiations with Baghdad, to obtain the maximum amount of gains. A member of the Kurdistan Union Party in Sulaymaniyah, Mohammed Amid, told the “New Arab” that “the official entry into the region in mourning for a week led to the disruption of the current movement, especially with the arrival of the body of former president Jalal Talabani from Germany to stay in Muscat His head in the city of Sulaymaniyah, and everyone is busy preparing for the funeral, which is likely to participate Massoud Barzani. “There is a split, as the Islamic Group, the Movement for Change and certain leaders within the Union find that the crisis must be contained and responsive to any dialogue initiative to ensure a direct cessation of Turkish and Iranian intervention, while another party finds that canceling the referendum results, as Baghdad wants, , Stressing that “the victim in the end are citizens in the region.”

Baghdad will not allow its sovereign actions to harm citizens in the Kurdistan region

“The era of the military invasion is over,” the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Massoud Barzani, said in a statement yesterday. “The Turkish and Turkish statements and threats will not affect Kurdistan in its quest for secession,” she said. “The Kurds have proved for 26 years that they are not a threat to anyone and have the best relations with Turkey and Iran.” The Kurds want to exercise their rights in their new entity after the inability of the Iraqi government to provide them with these rights.” The era of the military invasion is over, and there are countries with interests in the region, which are bigger than Iran and Turkey, and will prevent military intervention in Kurdistan.” إTo this, a member of the Parliament of Kurdistan, the “new Arab”, a meeting expected between the Kurdish leaders and the President of the Territory, at the request of the political blocs, to discuss the crisis. According to a member of parliament, the meeting, which was scheduled on Thursday, was postponed until another time of the presence of a UN official to visit the region to discuss the crisis, as well as a US military envoy, likely to “make decisions on the unity of the Kurdish position in any new decision to take on the crisis.”

Erdogan threatens the region

McCron called for the recognition of the rights of Kurds under the Iraqi constitution

“Air flights to northern Iraq have been suspended and the borders and airspace will be closed soon,” Erdogan said in a speech in Ankara. He added that the decision to hold the referendum showed “total intransigence” by the Kurdistan Regional Government, which developed close trade and political relations with Turkey.  He continued: “We call on the Kurdistan Regional Government to learn from its mistakes, and take steps to compensate them as soon as possible. You are sitting at the table, and on your right is a former French foreign minister and another Jew is on your left, who are not your friends. ” Erdogan, in an interview with NTV and CNN TV on his return from a visit to Iran, said that Turkey, Iran and Iraq will take a joint decision on stopping the flow of oil supplies from northern Iraq, saying that the Kurdistan region will return to his senses and adjust Of his decision. “If a decision is made to stop the flow of oil in the region, we will take it, Turkey, Iran and the central government of Iraq will do it,” Erdogan was quoted as saying.  “The leadership of northern Iraq is witnessing the outcome of the referendum, and is unaware of what it is doing or the steps it is taking.” . He criticized the inclusion of the city of Kirkuk in the referendum , saying that the Kurds have no legitimacy there and they are “invaders” in the region.


From victory to another .. Iraqi champions liberate the last stronghold of terrorism Daheshi


Again, victories continue towards Mesopotamia, where the city of Hawija has also returned to the embrace of Iraq, declaring the end of the era of the Dahesh and the removal of the state of myth after the domination of the injustice and hate hate, which lasted for three years

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced the liberation of the city of Hawija, the last bastion of the organization of Daqash in Iraq, saying, “I promise everyone to liberate the city of Hawija at the hands of Iraqi forces,” adding that “we have only the border with Syria,” west of the country, The next stage will include extending security in the liberated areas and returning the displaced, in addition to launching reconstruction operations. ”

For his part, the commander of the operations of Hawija, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Rasheed Yarallah, said that the security forces and the popular crowd were able to regain control of the center of Hawija, stressing that the forces “continue to progress” in order to liberate the rest of the neighborhoods in full.

For his part, Federal Police Chief Raed Jawdat announced the liberation of the city of Hawija completely the last strongholds of the organization calling the terrorist, indicating that the elite commando units and the mechanized brigades and brigades of the snipers and marching aircraft supported by the popular crowd forces managed to control the entire area as the military units began to hold the ground and operations “The federal police forces moved towards their goals, where they managed to control 95 villages in the judiciary and 12 vital targets.”

In turn, the Popular Forces announced the evacuation of dozens of families from the villages on the outskirts of Hawija district after fleeing the grip of the organization, which tried to use them as human shields during the advance of the forces, noting that the engineering units, “began clearing the roads paved towards the Judicial Center to facilitate the passage of advanced units During the liberation operations in addition to the dismantling of a number of houses from the bombs planted by the elements ‘Da’ash’ criminal. ”

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the movement of Asaib Ahl al-Haq Sheikh Qais al-Khazali, that the popular crowd in the readiness to high to complete their role in making the post-stage of maintaining the stability of security, political and economic, noting that the liberation of Hawija victory added to the victories, Security, which will preserve the unity of Iraq. ”

In a related context, announced the commander of the liberation of Hawija, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Rashid Yaarallah, that the pieces of the 9th Armored Division and the 26th Brigade of the popular crowd, were able to liberate the entire Riyadh area, adding that “the security forces were able to open the road link between the area – Riyadh”.

The city of Hawija, 230 km northeast of Baghdad, is one of the last strongholds of an organization in Iraq after they were expelled in the past months from most of the areas they controlled.

Abadi: 25 major French companies interested in investing in Iraq


Release date: 2017/10/5 18:10 • 148 times read
Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi visited the headquarters of the French employers’ organization in the capital Paris [MDF] and held a discussion session with the heads of major French companies.
A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office received the whole of Iraq [a copy] that Abadi “reviewed the progress in Iraq and the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces and the heroic defense of the Iraqi unity and safety of their country.”
He pointed out that “the liberation operations aimed at achieving stability and the start of the reconstruction campaign for all Iraqi provinces, especially liberated from them, which is our success to move to the stage of construction.”
Abadi also spoke about “the government’s plan and the investment opportunities available to French companies to develop their investments and start new projects in the oil, energy, housing, infrastructure, basic services, communications, roads, industry, agriculture, environment and other vital fields to achieve an economic renaissance that our people are looking to invest in. And provide a wide employment opportunities. ”
The heads of French companies expressed their desire to work in Iraq and contribute to its reconstruction in accordance with the terms of reference of their companies, which are more than 25 major companies. They also presented several proposals and inquiries about investment opportunities and labor market in Iraq, which were discussed and answered by the Prime Minister and the ministers from the Iraqi delegation.


  (Sumer News) exclusively publishes the full details of the 2018 budget


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BAGHDAD – The Finance Committee of the parliamentary, on Thursday, the end of the discussion of the general budget for 2018 in the Council of Ministers and was prepared in the final form and will reach the Council of Representatives on 15 of next month. Indicating that it is time to stop the Iraqi government to borrow from the International Monetary Fund.

Member of the Committee MP Hossam al-Aqabi said in a press statement that “in principle and according to the constitutional time was discussed the general budget for next year in the Council of Ministers and prepare in final form to reach the House of Representatives on the 15 of the next month in accordance with constitutional time.” Stressing “the need to stop the Iraqi government to borrow from the International Monetary Fund or foreign banks.”

“After the stability of oil prices and reaching $ 55 a barrel, this alone is enough to meet the need of the Iraqi government of public expenditure and salaries of employees and retirees of civilians and military and fill the salaries of social welfare and some of the needs of ministries and also pay the dues of private foreign companies operating in the oil field.” “After paying the financial dues to the oil companies, it is unlikely that we need additional loans and bear future financial burdens.”

He called on the MP to “stop foreign loans and prepare a future plan in which the timing of repayment of loans and benefits in subsequent years and there must be investment projects that serve the financial side and reuse the amounts of oil for the purpose of recycling money through investment companies.”

He stressed that “in the budget of 2018 was secured all salaries of the security forces and the popular crowd and employees and retirees and the social welfare network was secured the amounts needed for the ration and the company has also secured licensing tours, which have become payable, which is estimated less than one third of oil revenues.”

“The Finance Committee is waiting for the balance because the constitutional timing obliges the government to abide by the right timing. After the 15th of this month, the budget comes and we in the House of Representatives need 45 days to approve it.” Noting that “more than three months ago I was a representative of the Finance Committee of the Ministry of Finance in the preparation of the strategic budget until 2021 was prepared this budget as its predecessors and there are no new resources in preparation because of the government’s dependence on oil mainly.”

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim congratulates the liberation of Hawijah and emphasizes the near-salvation of Iraq from a hasty


Release Date: 2017/10/5 21:47 • 31 times scheduled
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) congratulated the head of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, the liberation of the province of Hawija gangs of terror.
The statement quoted the head of the coalition received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of Mr. Ammar al-Hakim as saying: “Today, as we are entrusted to them, Alnchamy of the sons of our armed forces of various types and names, a great victory over gangs and calls for evil and disbelief to liberate the province of Hawija and its surroundings and Riyadh, A new victory epic, approaching the hour of the announcement of the final victory by purifying our entire national soil from the profanity of the prospects. ”
He added that “this joyful victory would not have been possible without the wisdom of our supreme religious authority and the fatwa of Jihad that was launched in the hour of distress.
Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, praised Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi for his good management of the battle, the commanders of the forces, the formations, the divisions and all those who participated in making this victory.
He concluded by saying: “Mercy and compassion for the martyrs of Iraq, and the speedy recovery of our dear wounds, and it is only a matter of time to erase the name of a supporter of the map of Iraq, Mr. strong free dear one unified.”


Security expert: the political agreement will be required Peshmerga areas of their presence

Release date: 2017/10/5 22:20 • 1 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The security expert Ahmed al-Sharifi, that the political agreement between Baghdad and Erbil will require the Peshmerga forces in areas of its presence.
“The areas where the Peshmerga forces are deployed have adopted the principle of dictating the vacuum, not controlling it,” Sharifi told AFP. “If the political agreement is reached between Baghdad and Erbil, the Peshmerga will stick to its areas of presence.”
He added that “the resolution of the battle in Hawija is the liberation of Iraqi territory and the loss of Daish,” noting that “Hawijah was the largest strongholds advocated and security forces freed them despite their difficult terrain.”
“The opening of military airports has increased logistical support for the military forces,” he said

US Embassy congratulates Iraq on the liberation of Hawija


The US Embassy in Iraq on Thursday congratulated Iraqi forces under the leadership of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of liberating the city and citizens of Hawija from the control of the Daish organization.

“Hawija is considered one of the last bastions in Iraq,” said the embassy in a statement. “The liberation of Hawija represents a major step towards the expulsion of a full supporter of Iraqi territory.”

“The battle for the liberation of Hawija was fierce and could not have been resolved without the courage and sacrifices of Iraqi forces on the ground and with the support of the coalition,” she said, noting that “a final defeat will depend on continued close cooperation between all Iraqi security forces, including the Iraqi army The federal and local police, the Popular Popular Forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga, united by a common goal against the violence and oppression that has afflicted the Iraqi people. ”

“The United States stands proudly with the government and the people of Iraq and we are working together to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future,” the embassy said.

Macron: Iraq and France will sign a strategic framework agreement early next year



French President Emmanuel Macaron announced on Thursday that Paris and Baghdad would sign a strategic framework agreement early next year 2018.
McCron said in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Haider Abadi, “France and Iraq will sign at the beginning of next year 2018 strategic framework agreement,” noting that “this agreement will work to strengthen relations and push for peace and stability in Iraq.”
McCron added that “France wants a strong and stable state in Iraq, so it will always be on its side,” pointing at the same time that “the visit of Abbadi stresses the importance of Franco-Iraqi relations.”


Washington: The liberation of Hawija is a major step to expel a supporter of Iraq

The US Embassy in Iraq congratulated Iraqi security forces under the leadership of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of liberating the city and citizens of Hawija from the control of an organization calling on the terrorist.

“The liberation of Hawija represents a major step towards the expulsion of a full-fledged Iraqi land,” the embassy said in a statement received by the Al-Haweejah newspaper, one of the last bastions in Iraq.

She pointed out that “the battle to liberate Hawija was fierce and could not have been resolved without the courage and sacrifices of Iraqi forces in the field and with the support of the coalition,” indicating that “ultimately defeat will depend on the continued close cooperation between all Iraqi security forces, including the Iraqi army The federal and local police, the Popular Popular Forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga, united by a common goal against the violence and oppression that has afflicted the Iraqi people. ”

“The United States stands proudly with the government and people of Iraq and is working together to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future,” the embassy said.

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