After the Hawija .. A border battle waiting for Iraqi forces


Journal News

Iraqi forces are preparing to launch a new phase of military operations in the remaining areas of western Anbar, which is still under the control of a terrorist organization since 2014.

A member of the parliamentary security and defense committee Hamed al-Mutlaq said in an interview with the Journal News on Wednesday that “the liberation of the district of Hawija opens the door for the security forces to move west of al-Anbar to free them from the organization of the terrorist advocate.” He added that “the capacity of the desert region and the preoccupation of security forces In the liberation of the areas of Mosul and Tal Afar and Hawija, the last of the resolution of the battle of the western regions. ”

In the opinion of the security expert, retired Major General Abdul-Karim Khalaf told the «Journal News», that “the operations of al-Anbar started very limited, in order to distance the preacher from the areas of south to eliminate him,” pointing out that “the security forces now exist in the north of the judiciary, Close to Rauh. ”

He added that “north of him will form a belt in which the security forces are mobilized,” adding that “there are troops on their way to the areas mentioned.”

He pointed out that “a huge operation is expected to be launched during the next two weeks, towards Rauh and al-Qaim to the border with Syria,” noting that “the process will not stop when it is reported and West Euphrates, but will be a process to control the border with Syria, .

He added that “the operation will achieve the prime minister’s vision of restoring border guards and closing the ports and controlling them completely, to prevent the flow of terrorists,” stressing that “the security forces will transfer the battle from within the cities to the border, and thus the cities will be safer, Implement his plans “.

“The liberation operations of al-Gharbia, which started in the past few days, included al-Jazeera, al-Badia, al-Anbar and police forces, and did not attract troops from outside the province,” he said.

The joint security forces liberated the Hawija district completely from the organization of the preacher of the terrorist, and recovered last month to spend west of Anbar from the terrorist organization.


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