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Kurdish parties reject the so-called {Kurdish Leadership Council}


04/10/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah
Three Kurdish parties attacked the announcement of some leaders in the Kurdistan region to form (the Kurdistan Leadership Council) to negotiate with Baghdad on the referendum unconstitutional.
Stage sensitive and dangerous
The movement called for the abolition of the political leadership of Kurdistan and the development of the institutions of the Kurdistan region and make them national institutions.
The bloc said in a statement: “Today our Kurdish people are going through a sensitive and dangerous phase that has put the financial crisis and legal vacuum and the lack of social justice and the lives of citizens and social peace at the test of great danger, all due to the failed policy practiced by the local authority for twenty five years, , The failed power in the Kurdistan region created another political crisis with the federal government and the countries of the region and the international community is to raise the issue of the referendum at an inappropriate time, rather than address problems and improve the living situation of citizens and the achievement of national unity.
“The referendum, with all its shortcomings, falsifications and interventions, was at this time without creating an appropriate ground for it, without achieving national unity, in order to avoid dealing with the problems and continuing to monopolize power and plunder the country’s wealth more than ever. Our people and caused disappointment and resentment of the countries of the region and our friends, and became a pretext in the hands of some people and Chauvinism to stand against the legitimate demands of the citizens of Kurdistan. “

The referendum is a threat to the lives of citizens
The bloc said that “at the moment, the result of the referendum and its responses seriously threaten the lives and livelihood of the citizens of Kurdistan and their gains,” stressing that “the movement of change announced from the beginning that the internal and external conditions are not appropriate to hold the referendum, and demanded to respond to initiatives of the international community and the United Nations to facilitate dialogue and mediation Between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad. “She also pointed out that” the leadership of the Democratic and Patriotic parties of Kurdistan and their allies, have conducted a referendum without taking into account the interests of our people and assess the situation and discuss the possibilities and reactions, and therefore feel the citizens of Kurdistan today Fear, anxiety and disappointment waiting for the fate of the unknown. “The mass statement said that” despite all this, the Supreme Committee for the referendum – which is a party and illegal committee changed its name to – the political leadership of Kurdistan – Iraq We believe that the announcement of that leadership signal It is clear that the political process is backwards. Moreover, these people have no right to declare themselves under this name, because if we have the votes they received in the elections or the parliamentary seats, there is a limited number of parties that do not represent all the citizens of Kurdistan “He said.

Development of regional institutions
He stressed that “our people are waiting for the owners of power in this region to develop the institutions of the Kurdistan region and turn them on national institutions, but they did not, and this step is a clear attempt and other obstruction of marginalization and neglect of the legitimate institutions in the Kurdistan region, and more monopoly of the political decision and political power, Their work is a pretext for those who hate our people and their enemies, to say that the Kurdish people do not deserve independence and are not prepared to run their affairs through legal and national institutions. “
He pointed out that “it is necessary to determine the Kurdistan Parliament of a body composed of national figures and competent to begin dialogue with Baghdad under the auspices of the United Nations and the international community to address the outstanding problems between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad within the framework of the Constitution.” “The Iraqi federal government and the cabinet review all decisions and recommendations issued before and after the referendum,” he said. “Decisions and recommendations that stand against the interests of the citizens of Kurdistan must be canceled.
The bloc stressed that “thanks are given to international attempts and initiatives and to respond to them, as well as to thank and respond to the attempts of religious authorities, parties and political figures to revive the spirit of coexistence and stability and to embody the national rights of the citizens of Kurdistan, in addition to canceling the political leadership of Kurdistan – And making the general elections in their legal time by the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum, under international supervision. “

big mistake
In turn, a member of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed Aqila, former President Jalal Talabani, the formation of the political leadership of Kurdistan of Iraq, “a big mistake.” Ahmed said in a statement: “While demanding strong countries such as the United States, Britain, Russia, China and the European Union And the United Nations and neighboring countries not to hold the referendum at the moment, and provided several solutions to solve the problems, challenged the leadership of Kurdistan (and I include) the whole world, but it seems that our people now pay the tax of that challenge.
“Instead of realistic measures of the new reality, we find a decision to form a Council for the political leadership of Kurdistan, Iraq, which resembles the Council of the leadership of the Iraqi revolution, and without consulting the leaders of the Kurdish political parties, as was the determination of the referendum day.”
Hero Talabani described the Kurdish leadership council as “a big mistake and I am not with that leadership in any way and I will not be with it.”

Kurds pay the price
Regarding the holding of the referendum on secession, she said: “It seems that the purpose of holding the referendum on September 25 was not to determine the fate of the Kurdish people,” pointing out that “our people pay the price of stubbornness.”

Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament warns
In the meantime, warned the President of the Parliament of Kurdistan, Yousef Mohammed of the formation of the Political Leadership Council of Kurdistan
“I propose the formation of a similar council of the House of Lords in the democratic countries, including members who have experience in the Kurdish liberation movement to benefit from their experiences,” Mohammed said in a press conference held in Erbil. “This council is formed according to the law and democratic mechanisms and limited powers Rather than forming a political leadership outside the legislative institutions. “
Mohammed stressed “the need to take decisions within the framework of legitimate institutions and away from the disruption of democratic practice,” warning “to increase decision centers outside the legitimate institutions in the Kurdistan region.”

Mr. Sistani’s initiative
The head of the list of “Alliance for Democracy and Justice,” Barham Saleh, stressed the need for dialogue with Baghdad in light of the “initiative” of the Supreme Religious Authority, Ali al-Sistani.
Saleh said in a statement on the occasion of the announcement of his electoral list: “It is better to realize that good and fair authority and good governance are tools for realizing the rights of the people of Kurdistan.
And future. “
Saleh said that “conducting dialogue with Baghdad in the light of Mr. Sistani’s initiative and responding to international calls is necessary to ensure the rights of the people of Kurdistan.”
“It is necessary to conduct a radical review to address the problems in the Iraqi regime and not to accept the continuation of chaos and keep it away from internal and regional conflicts,” he said.

Parliamentary elections and the presidency of the region
In the meantime, announced the Electoral Commission for the elections in Kurdistan on Tuesday, the completion of all preparations for holding parliamentary elections and the presidency of the region on the first of November
“We have completed all the preparations for the parliamentary elections and the presidency of the Kurdistan region, and we will set several times for the completion of our work,” the Kurdish news agency Radoudo reported.
He added that “the date of the formation of alliances between the parties began from yesterday until the sixth of this month, and parties that intend to alliance with each other to contest the election in a consolidated list to review the headquarters of the Commission before the end of the date
Specified “.

The popular crowd seeks to control the hole in Hawija


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (UPDF) said on Tuesday that the Popular Popular Forces were seeking to liberate al-Fathah area southeast of Hawija district in the province of Kirkuk.

A member of the Political Bureau of Asaib Ahl al-Haq Ahmed al-Kanani, said that “the popular mobilization forces are currently seeking to control the area of ​​the hole south-east of Hawija in order to facilitate the task on other axes.”

He added that “the anti-terrorism apparatus succeeded in liberating Al-Rashad area in full and the adjacent areas and defeating the organization calling for the terrorist,” noting that “the liberation of Hawijah is going on record time after it was hoped to continue more,” adding that “control of the hills of Hamrin Is an important victory and has a major role in accelerating the resolution of the battle of Hawija. ”


Four Iraqi proposals to pay Kuwaiti compensation


The Iraqi government has submitted four proposals to pay the remaining compensation for the losses of the invasion of Kuwait.
“Kuwait is determined to reach an agreement with the Iraqi government on the payment of the remaining compensation amounts of up to 6,” Khalid Al-Mudhaf, chairman of the General Authority for the Assessment of Compensation for the Losses of the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait, Khalid al-Mudhaf, said in a speech to the 83rd session of the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva. 4 billion dollars. ”
“The decision of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for the Evaluation of Compensation 274 for the year 2016 extended the postponement of the payment of compensation payments incurred by Iraq until 2018,” added Almodaf.
Al-Mudhaf revealed an Iraqi letter addressed to Kuwait in August, which included four alternatives for future options to pay the remaining amount, “explaining that” proposals for alternatives provided by Baghdad, including the purchase of Iraqi gas at the agreed price between the parties and negotiate to reduce the percentage of Iraq’s imports of oil and its derivatives ” .
“The third alternative is to reduce the remaining amount of compensation in accordance with the rules of understanding of Paris Vimet. The fourth alternative provides for the transfer of the remaining amount of compensation to bilateral debts between the two countries,” he said. “The United Nations encourages Kuwait and Iraq to cooperate to explore future options. To pay the remaining amounts, including the holding of bilateral meetings and the formation of specialized technical committees to discuss the proposals submitted by the parties.
He stressed that Kuwait is always working to brief the General Secretariat of the Committee on all discussions in accordance with the principle of transparency, stressing the importance of continuing the role entrusted to the United Nations Compensation Commission and stressing cooperation with it to accomplish its international obligations.


France: Abadi’s visit to Paris will strengthen political and economic relations



From 2017-10-03 at 19:42 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The French Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that Paris wants to give the relationship with Iraq new momentum in all sectors and seek to develop cooperation and economic relations and political dialogue, stressing that the visit of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the country will be in this goal.

In a statement today (October 3, 2017), the Foreign Ministry added that the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi to the country will focus on bilateral relations and the fight against extremism and terrorism. The statement did not mention anything about the territory Kurdistan and the referendum.

During a press briefing from McCron’s office before the visit, senior officials repeatedly avoided answering questions about the Kurdish crisis, saying that “the visit is important to strengthen bilateral relations and assess the battle against an organization that advocates and discusses reconciliation in general in Iraq.”

Abadi is scheduled to arrive in Paris on Wednesday for a two-day visit. Although the invitation was given to Abadi before the independence referendum held by the Kurdistan region last month, the office of French President Emmanuel Macaron issued a statement on Friday (September 29, 2017) In easing tension between Baghdad and the region.

In the isolation imposed by the regional powers Turkey and Iran on the Kurdistan region and the tight stance taken by the United States last month, Paris, which has good relations with Baghdad and Erbil, had a chance to try to play the role of mediator.

The Kurdistan region held a referendum on the independence of the province and secession from the Iraqi state on 25 September 2017, while faced pressure and a strong international rejection of its failure, and the Iraqi government began to take decisions and actions against the referendum of the region and its implications, and asked the Iraqi parliament to Abadi to impose federal authorities in the Kurdistan region . Ending 29/34


The Cabinet renews its rejection of the referendum and discusses the budget and the Kuwaiti grant


Release Date: 2017/10/3 20:03 • 13 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Council of Ministers during its meeting on Tuesday, chaired by Haider al-Abbadi, the President of the Council on his firm position to reject the referendum and proceed with the measures that were voted at the previous meeting.
According to a statement issued by his office, the agency received a copy of it today, “It was during the meeting to provide a full presentation of the military operations to liberate Hawija in addition to the security situation and training of security forces, and the Council of Ministers procedures for the illegal referendum in the Kurdistan region, On the firm position of the Council to reject it and proceed with the measures voted at the previous session. “
“The budget was discussed in 2018 as the Council of Ministers explained that it had prepared it early to submit it to the House of Representatives for a vote. A vote was also taken to amend the memorandum of understanding on the exploitation of the grant allocated by the Government of Kuwait to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraqi areas affected by terrorism , A Kuwaiti grant of $ 100 million will be allocated for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the health sector.
“The Council also voted to renew the contract with the Geological Survey Agency, and also voted to exclude projects of the Ministry of Health from the Council of Ministers Decision No. 347 of 2015 on the mechanism of payment of the term, and treatment of ongoing investment projects, has been approved to exclude projects of the Ministry of Health, The project of establishing a training and development center in Maysan, the construction of units of the coordinator of the fuel in Maysan, completion of the construction of the General Hospital of Chabaish and the hospital of laboratories in Baghdad. “
He pointed out that “the vote also to allocate a sum of emergency budget for the maintenance of Salah al-Din highway for rapid transit, in addition to allocating the amount of emergency reserves to the distribution projects in the Ministry of Electricity and the implementation of the removal and removal of sediments from the sites of Dam Al-Shehabi and Sad Badra in Wasit province.”
He added that “the Council of Ministers also voted on a memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity with the German company Siemens and the Egyptian company Bijsco, and the protection of the product pottery bricks.”

Abadi policy warns the Kurdistan Region of the mobilization in Kirkuk and proposes a joint administration of the disputed


Abadi warns the Kurdistan Region of the mobilization in Kirkuk and proposes a joint administration of the disputed
 Twilight News    
 53 minutes ago

The Prime Minister Haidar Abadi on Tuesday, what he called the military mobilization of the Kurdistan Region in the province of Kirkuk, calling for joint security management between Baghdad and Erbil on the disputed areas.

Abadi said in his weekly conference, which is held after his meeting with his government ministers, that “humanitarian flights continue to the Kurdistan Region.”

“Beware of the region’s actions of military mobilization in Kirkuk because it is dangerous,” he said, adding that “imposing the status quo in the disputed areas by force is unacceptable.”

Abadi called for joint administration between Baghdad and Arbil of the disputed areas provided that the leadership of the federal government.

He continued that “the Constitution reference to negotiate with the Kurdistan Region,” stressing that “the conditions of dialogue is to abide by the Constitution and cancel the results of the referendum.”

Iraqi Central Bank suspends sales and transfers of dollars to Kurdish banks


Iraqi Central Bank suspends sales and transfers of dollars to Kurdish banks
Central Bank of Iraq

Direct: The Central Bank of Iraq has informed the Kurdistan Regional Government to stop the sale and transfer of foreign currency to the main Kurdish banks and the number of 4 banks, according to Reuters.

According to the agency, Iraqi banking and government sources said the central bank will also stop selling and remittances in foreign currency to the autonomous region.

The central notification came after the vote of the Iraqi Council of Representatives in its meeting on Tuesday , to stop all financial and banking transactions with the Kurdistan region, while preserving the rights of Kurdish citizens.


Kurdish blocs hold a meeting “crucial and important” with the infallible in Baghdad

Kurdish blocs hold a meeting "crucial and important" with the infallible in Baghdad
 30 minutes ago

“The Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi Council of Representatives will meet with President Fuad Masum this evening to discuss the latest repercussions, and the punitive decisions that the Council is trying to take against the representatives of the Kurds against the background of the referendum that was held recently in the Kurdistan Region Independence from Iraq.

Amin said that the decisions taken by the House of Representatives through which he tries to punish the Kurdish deputies on the background of their participation in the referendum on the right of self-determination, saying that our entry to the Council or not to enter is not decided even the Speaker of the House itself, we are elected by the people.

He added that we are Iraqis and still true that we support independence but Kurdistan is still part of Iraq, adding that the Kurdish blocs will meet today with the President of the Republic to discuss and discuss the measures that the Council is trying to take against us.

He stressed that the Kurdish deputies are all agreed and gathered on the right of self-determination, and proceed with the results of the referendum for independence.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives in the meeting held today to address the Federal Court to inquire about the Kurdish deputies participating in the referendum as they did not explicitly declare their commitment to the position of the Iraqi government rejects.

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