10 km separated the joint units from the center of Hawija after the liberation of Rashad and dozens of villages



10 km separated the joint units from the center of Hawija after the liberation of Rashad and dozens of villages

 Baghdad / Wael Ne’ma

The joint forces began yesterday, a new military operation within the second phase to restore the province of Hawija from the control of the Dahesh organization.
The commander of the Hawija regiment, Abdul Amir Rashid Yaarallah, announced on Monday the start of the anti-terrorism forces and the popular crowd to carry out a large operation to free the Rashad area and villages and surrounding areas within the second page of the second phase of the liberation of Hawija.

During the past two days, the forces have recaptured the Abbasi area, about 10 km west of the Hawija center. It also imposed control of the hills of Hamrin in full, within the axis of eastern Tikrit, and liberated more than 70 villages there.
The operation helped isolate the Hawijah from Hamrin, which was an important passage for Al-Qaeda in its attacks on Saladin and Diyala.
The units will begin with a new plan to isolate al-Rashad, south of Hawija, from the town of Riyadh, which is closest to the center of the judiciary.

Isolation of Hawija
, according to informed military sources (range) that ” the forces will hand the process of isolating al – Rashad, Riyadh , which lies 10 kilometers from the center,” and stresses that ” the forces will begin editing Rashad, because it is almost free from the militants.”
Since the start of the Hawijah recovery operations on 19 September, the joint forces have liberated three towns: the Abbasid, the Zab and the left coast of Al-Kharbat and more than 200 villages.
The rapid intervention forces began operations on Thursday night by crossing the river north of Hawija and then erected bridges to secure the units heading to the Abbasi, about 10 kilometers west of the city.
According to a statement of the popular crowd at the time, the organization of a fan set fire to oil wells south of Hawija to stop the progress of government forces.
Hassan Turan, a deputy for Kirkuk, said that “Iraqi forces were exposed to resistance to improvised explosive devices and car bombs in the liberation of Hawija.”
According to field sources, the organization had previously taken a decision to return to the center of Hawija.
In an interview with Al-Mada yesterday, Tauran revealed “the existence of information to hand over some of the militants themselves to the Peshmerga forces.”
The Peshmerga forces have been controlling the northern and eastern sides of Hawija for three years, but have recently decided to limit their involvement in the battle to logistical support only.
“The liberation of the Rashad area will reopen the main road between Tikrit and Kirkuk, which has been closed since 2014,” he said.
Hawijah seized Hawija, 230 km from Baghdad, in June 2014 after taking control of Mosul, the second city of Iraq, which was restored by Iraqi forces earlier with the support of the international coalition aircraft. Later, the Operations Command said that it had recovered 45 villages in addition to liberating Al-Rashad area completely and controlling Al-Rashad Airport (hyenas) within the second page of the second phase of the Hawija liberation operations.

Liberation of Hamrin
To that, the combined forces of the Hamrin axis, east of Tikrit, managed to control the hills, which have been a source of concern for the provinces of Kirkuk, Salahuddin, and Diyala
since 3 years.
The last axis was launched in conjunction with the liberation of Hawija, where the forces that began two weeks ago began to liberate the Zarka area, south of Tikrit, with the units in Riyadh district, south of Hawija.
During that period, 73 villages were liberated on both sides of the Hamrin hills, and control of the Al-Malah airport was restored.
Marwan al-Jabara, a leader of the popular crowd in eastern Tikrit, said his forces were protecting the line from the Zarka to the opening, south of Hawija, since the liberation of Tikrit
in March 2015. The
distance stretches on a 70-km-long strip, The past two years.
“The military forces in support of the tribal and popular crowds have taken control of the hills of Hamrin in full, and is now approaching the final control of the area of ​​the opening.”
Al-Jabara pointed out that “the forces that liberated Hamrin merged with the units in the Abbasid and heading to the Riyadh area south of Hawija.”
In a related context, the Popular Forces announced on Monday, the discovery of a mass grave containing the remains of military and police associates in the village of Al-Turban near the area of ​​Fatah.
The crowd added in a press statement received by the (range), that “the oldest advocate of execution of these associates earlier,” asserting that “will be identified identities of the remains after the use of specialized teams.”



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